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Kelty Campaign Press Release

Press Contact:
Jonathan Taylor, Communications Director
Kelty for Mayor 2007 Campaign
The Lincoln Tower
116 Berry Street, Suite 807
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
(260) 422-3049 Phone
(260) 422-2001 Fax
Tom Blee, Honorary Chairman
Bill Bandor, Treasurer
John Popp, Finance Committee
John Tippmann, Finance Committee
Glenna Jehl, Campaign Manager

November 1, 2007

Poll Shows Kelty Driving the Debate and Leading on Issues

Campaign surging ahead in closing days
Fort Wayne, IN., November 1, 2007 – After a second vigorous public debate, Fort Wayne Republican Mayoral Candidate Matt Kelty today released results from a poll received October 10th showing the vast majority of likely Fort Wayne voters agree with his policies and approaches on the issues of the campaign. The results of the poll from Zogby International commissioned by the campaign included the responses from over 400 Fort Wayne voters likely to vote in the November general election. 31% of the respondents were self identified Democrats, 42% Republicans and 27% self identified Independents. The poll has a margin of error is +/- 5.0 percentage points.

“I think the results of the poll are consistent with what I hear from voters every day”, said Kelty. “We are leading on the issues important to the people of Fort Wayne. While others talk about cakes, out-of-town consultants, and blue-ribbon committees, I am putting real plans and solutions in front of the voters, and they are responding.”

The report stated, “Large majorities are in favor of all the measures listed, with the strongest support for an audit of the city’s economic developments accounts (90%) and cleaning the rivers before developing the riverfront (87%). The least support goes toward private sector development over public finding as the primary resource for large projects in the city (65%).”

When asked the question, “Do you support or oppose the city leading the effort to partner with the neighborhoods and the school corporation to raise test scores and improve graduations rates?”, nearly eight in ten (76%) supports the idea of the mayor leading the effort to partner with neighborhoods and schools to improve local education.

City Partners with Neighborhoods and Schools

Support - 76
Oppose - 12
Not sure - 12

“I am encouraged that the people see the value in my approach to lead from the front on education, tie the schools to the neighborhoods, and nurture and expand the programs that have delivered results. I’ll do this by working with the school corporation, the individual schools and the neighborhoods, doing what the Mayor and City can do to help, not by micro-managing”, said Kelty. “It will be more of a pull from the neighborhoods and schools than a push from the Mayor’s office, but I will provide the leadership necessary to move forward.”

When asked the question, “Do you support or oppose the city improving Emergency Medical Services by consolidating dispatch services and co-locating ambulances at fire stations throughout the City?”

Over eight in ten (81%) said they supported consolidation of dispatch services and locating ambulances at fire stations throughout the city.

Consolidating Dispatches, Locating Ambulances at Fire Stations

Support - 81
Oppose - 6
Not sure - 13

“Voters overwhelmingly support my proposal to improve dispatching and emergency medical services”, said Kelty. “This is a common sense proposal supported by law enforcement, firefighters and the people. The details still need to be worked out, but I have demonstrated both the plan and the political will to do the right thing.”

When asked the question, “If you knew the Harrison Square downtown development project was primarily funded with public/private money would you support or oppose it?”

Harrison Square Development Project

With private funding
Support - 58
Oppose - 35
Not sure - 7

With public funding
Support - 25
Oppose - 68
Not Sure - 7

About six in ten (58%) would support the Harrison Square downtown development project if it was primarily funded privately, but only a quarter (25%) would do so if it were paid for with public money.

Similarly, when asked the question, “Do you support or oppose the City of Fort Wayne developing the North River area (the Omni Source property) if it is primarily funded with public/private money?”

North River Area Development

With private funding
Support - 66
Oppose - 14
Not sure - 21

With public funding
Support - 37
Oppose - 37
Not sure - 25

Two-thirds (66%) would support the city development of the North River Omni Source property if it was primarily funded by private money, but only about two-fifths (37%) would do so if it were funded publicly.

When asked, “Do you support or oppose private sector economic development as the primary resource for large projects in Fort Wayne over public funding?”

About seven in ten (65%) supported private sector economic development as the primary resource for large projects.

Private Sector Economic Development

Support - 65
Oppose - 17
Not sure - 18

“My message of market based economic development is well understood by the voters”, remarked Kelty. “I believe Fort Wayne has value as a market, and we should be leveraging that and the City’s other assets as an investment in business deals with an anticipated return, not give-away’s for short term activity and a long-term liability.” Kelty went on to say, “The public subsidized Kitty Hawk heavily, and now, the people will be forced to pay for it with higher taxes. The current administration has signed contracts obligating the public to once again heavily subsidize private sector companies with Harrison Square. As Mayor, I will use every skill I possess as an architect to make sure it is on-time and within budget. And as a businessman, I will never enter into a deal like this, ever. Nor will I skirt the laws or ignore the will of the people just to leave my thumbprint behind on the city.”

When asked the question, “The City of Fort Wayne dumps raw sewage into the 3-rivers downtown over 102-105 days a year. Do you support or oppose cleaning the rivers first, before developing the riverfront?”

Nearly nine of ten (87%) of respondents supported cleaning the rivers first before developing the riverfront.

Clean Rivers before Developing Riverfront

Support - 87
Oppose - 8
Not sure - 5

“The North River Area holds much promise for the City, with a project driven by the private sector—not the public”, Noted Kelty. “But I can’t honestly see how any project could practically survive operating in a sewer. I think it’s good the City has an option on the property to preserve a position to play, but I think there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to clean up the rivers, and insure we don’t take on an unmanageable liability building on a dump site.”

When asked the question, “Do you support or oppose the audit of the City of Fort Wayne’s economic developments accounts to insure they are being used legally and properly?”

Nine of ten (90%) of the poll respondents support the audit of the City’s economic development accounts.

Audit City Economic Development Accounts

Support - 90
Oppose - 4
Not sure - 6

“My call to audit the City’s economic development accounts and the activities of commissions with taxing and spending authority headed by unelected officials is resounding loudly with the voters of Fort Wayne”, said Kelty. “Although papered over by the current administration and disingenuously reported by the local media, the recent State Board of Accounts Audit of the City clearly identified extremely questionable activities and transactions involving taxpayers dollars to fund Harrison Square. With all the scrutiny I have come under over the simple filing of a form, it is shocking to me that with shell corporations, circumvention of proper authority, and misappropriation of millions of taxpayer dollars, there has not been equal interest in investigating these transaction in the interest of the public trust. I think we can do better.”

The poll confirmed the WANE-TV/News-Sentinel poll that showed Kelty trailing his opponent, but both polls are were executed after Henry had TV commercials running for several weeks, and before two widely viewed public debates. In addition, the two polls were taken in the midst of controversies surrounding a birthday cake at a Kelty Birthday Party and the endorsement of Matt Kelty by Congressman Mark Souder. Also significant, a 36-page motion to dismiss all charges against Kelty was filed on Monday, October 22, the week after the most recent poll.

“Many who are afraid of change continue to beat the indictment drum, selling fear and doubt. The last time I checked, a man is innocent until proven guilty in America, and to distort an election with frequently repeated unjust charges is a disservice to the public”, said Kelty. “I will continue to communicate my confidence in the future of a Fort Wayne built on the rock-solid foundation of intrepid small business owners and on the strength of our families and neighborhoods. People must ask themselves: ‘Is my family better off today than we were eight years ago? Is our position as a City stronger or weaker?’ And if we want things to improve, shouldn’t we do things differently? Our campaign presents solid hope for reclaiming economic prosperity with new energy and new ideas!”

About the Kelty for Mayor 2007 Campaign

Matt Kelty, 43, is the President of Kelty Tappy Design, Inc., a commercial architectural and urban design firm located in downtown Fort Wayne in the Lincoln Tower. A 1988 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Matt has also served as both the Indiana State Director of the International Masonry Institute (IMI), and as its Deputy National Director (Marketing/Technical Services). Matt has also served as the President of the American Institute of Architects and of the Construction Specifications Institute chapters in Fort Wayne. In 2005, Governor Mitch Daniels appointed Kelty to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency for Architects and Landscape Architects.

Kelty served as a U.S. Senate Joint-Staff Regional Director for both Indiana U.S. Senators Richard Lugar and Dan Coats. Kelty ran against 2-term Fort Wayne Mayor and 5-term incumbent Indiana State Representative Winfield Moses to represent the 81st District losing by only 63 votes.

Matt has been married to the former Tami Thomas of Kendallville, IN for 17 years. They have four children: Lauren (16), John (12), Allison (12) and David (10). Additional information about the Kelty for Mayor 2007 Campaign can be found at .
Copyright Kelty for Mayor 2007 © Tom Blee, Chairman, Bill Bandor, Treasurer


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm.....Where are the Kelty/Henry race numbers?

Anonymous said...


They failed to release the results to the primary reason the poll was most likely commissioned... "Who are you voting for?"

I'm sure if it were favorable to Kelty, it would've been included first.

Anonymous said...

"The poll confirmed the WANE-TV/News-Sentinel poll that showed Kelty trailing his opponent"

Anonymous said...

Yes, it confirmed it- but rumour on the street is that Kelty's own poll showed him down 25 points.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...why didn't he release the head-to-head numbers against Henry?

Fr. Fozy Bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fr. Fozy Bear said...

"Matt Kelty today released results from a poll received October 10th showing the vast..."

Okay besides the fact that I am numerically dyslexic and don't do well with stats does anybody else find it slightly stupid that they are releasing twenty one day old data to try to prop up their campaign? Three weeks worth of drama and other crap; seriously, give us some real current stats please!

Anonymous said...

if I ever saw worse use of an email, press release, or this blog space it would be this post, no offense intended.

Robert Enders said...

Who people plan to vote for will change more often than their stances on the issues. A voter might support Kelty in September and Henry in October, but his thoughts about Harrison Square and the smoking ban will still be the same. Three week old data on the thoughts of voters on issues will still be mostly accurate. However, as events progress, people may change their opinions on the candidates themselves.

Anonymous said...

this release is ridiculous on so many levels, I am not sure where to begin. "the consituents support ME on all of the issues, they just dont support ME"

Anonymous said...

Oct. 10??

Oh Lord, that's ancient news, right?

Didn't the Kelty campaign complain that the Wane TV/News Sentinel poll was old???

It is more recent than this!

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Matt's views are reflective of a large segment of the community, mine included. However, I still cannot vote for him.

Jeff Pruitt said...

It's ridiculous to release the results of a poll except for the one question that shows you getting your clock cleaned...

Taxbuster said...

To translate.. people like Matt's ideas, they just don't like Matt. How could they possibly think this would help them? It only amplifies people's mistrust of him.

Anonymous said...

To translate the translation: People like Matt's ideas but have been totally rabbit trailed by a screwed up local Political Patronage system that needs to be redone.

Rachel said...

I have often thought this was Matt's campaign to loose, and it seems like he's doing a job of it. Kelty's message of less government and lower taxes is very appealing to the broad conservative voter base (but probably not so much to "those people").

It's been kind of amazing that Tom Henry could very well win the race by just saying he's an honest guy who wants to continue with the positive direction the city is headed.

If this were an election based exclusively on the issues, I think Matt would win. However we vote for people, not ideas. Matt's errors in judgment will probably be unexcusable to voters Nov. 6.

J Q Taxpayer said...


You are right on. It was Matt's to loose. He seems to carry the message the majority support.

Now the issue is with what information that has come out, his debates, his stands on recent events, and not shooting be shot in the feet any longer by himself or his supporters has he turned it around?

My guess, the race is a great deal tighter then the WANE TV poll showed in October. Has he closed to striking distance? I have no clue.

It looks like the weather is going to be pretty rotten on Tuesday. Rain, windy, and cold... May be a few white flakes in the air. Which means it will be even more difficult to get the voters out.

I guess I am prepared for anything from a Henry win by 8% or larger, real tight finish that will not be decided until Wed. morning, to Kelty pulling it out by 3%.

I just want people to get off their rears and vote for the person they believe will serve this community well for the next four years.

The only thing that will really upset me is if only 30% of the people vote. Now that will tick me off!

Kevin said...


"The only thing that will really upset me is if only 30% of the people vote. Now that will tick me off!"

It ticks me off too- but get ready for it.

The problem is NOT just voter apathy. When I first registered to vote, I had to go down to the election board, raise my right hand, etc.

It took effort to register, and if you made that effort you were more likely to vote.

Now, you can register darn near everywhere, with little or no effort. While I applaud this move, which makes it easier to participate in the process, the reality is that many folks register because it is easy and really have no desire to actually get involved and vote.

Taxbuster said...

I think a low turnout is good for Kelty... the avg voter might not make it out, and the avg voter doesn't like Kelty (per the polls). But Kelty's supporters will go out regardless and vote for him.

He has the Ron Paul syndrome in that the people who want him in office really want him in office, look at the internet polls, he won that by the News Sentinel. Reason being people had to actively find that poll. For the phone polls it was getting the opinion of people who were probably less active.

I think it'll be very close if there is a low turnout. We'll get the voters from the parties who always vote, and the Kelty supporters. Then we'll be stuck with a mayor who seems to not know anything about the law, or anything about what people in his campaign are doing. Assuming he makes it through the felony charges that is.

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