Friday, November 23, 2007

Politicians and past drug use

Barack Obama has admitted to using drugs as a teenager. I appreciate his honesty, assuming he did in fact use drugs as a teenager. Its only a matter of time before a politician is accused of fabricating drug use. ("He wasn't at Jezebel's party that night we all smoked that bowl," alleged the chairman of Potheads For Truth. "He was at home, STUDYING! How can a square like him be president?")

Seriously, I have never used illegal drugs, and I would advise everyone else from using illegal drugs as well. I also advise you all to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. I do not think that past drug use or lack of a fire extinguisher disqualifies you from ever becoming president. You cannot make it to the age of 35 without making some mistakes along the way.


Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...


I will admit to having smoked marijuana. However, in so doing I do NOT admit to breaking the law.

When I stopped in Amsterdam three (3) years ago I tried marijuana twice, once with a roommate at the youth hostel and once in a coffee house. This was the first time I had ever used a drug that was illegal in the United States.

While in the hostel the gentleman mixed the pot w/ tobacco. This is apparently the standard operating procedure in Europe.

In the coffee house event I tried "a mild blend" straight up. Someone had to help me roll my own joint.

The coffee house event burned my throat so bad I drank six (6) coca-colas to soothe the pain. I honestly don't know if I became more wired from the marijuana or the sugar in the coca-cola. I didn't feel much of anything.

I do know this. I was never concerned for my safety while in Amsterdam. I believe we need to review our priorities regarding legislation in this area.


Doug Horner (L)

Robert Enders said...

I highly doubt that any politician will admit to drug use within US jurisdiction unless the statute of limitations expired.

It is my understanding that marijuana usage is illegal in Holland, but the laws are simply not enforced. For that matter, many people arrested in Fort Wayne for simple possession can walk away with a clean record if they agree to the pretrial deferment program.

ROACH said...

I have smoked more marijuana than cheech and chong combined. My total combustion of cannibis is the sole reason Reagan declared war on drugs- too many bales were coming to fort wayne to me. I personally am responsible for global warming- all of it. all the dope I smoked has raised the co2 levels in the atmosphere, that we are no in peril. If It wasnt for my smoking so much marijuana, we would have no need for ozone action smog alerts in Indiana.
Marijuana is the greatest substance that god created in chapeter 1 of genesis, when it speaks of "herbs". what else do you think it was.
God has blessed man with marijuana to bring mankind together, in a brotherhood of peace. how many persons do you know who get crazy from smoking pot, as compared to alcohol.? Hey, dude- sit down- quit messing around. you're messing up my karma.
Its illegal due to the fact the "Man" cant tax it, license it regulate, control it. Its one aspect of many that they will never have total control over our lives, or livelehoods.
drug testing is not only unconstitutional( 4th amendment)but also an insult- how many high ranking govt officials get high? and dont have to submit to random hiar follicle and urine screening? In fact, all lawyers, as officers of the court, all cops, judges, civil servants in the city county building, and everybody else should be drug tesated, as I'm their boss, and I think all illegal drug use by my employees should be forbidden( notice the double standard, irony?)Maybe then they will change their tune. what we do on our own time, on our own property, and keep from minors- dont the cops, and the "man " have more , substantial things to worry about? And the other reasons I smoke pot is because that is why I am a veteran- to protect the freedom of ingestion. I served to protect your rights. to smoke, to drink, to frolic, etc. I do it as a principled act of civil disobedience, like ghandi, martin luther king jr. david thoreau, buddhist mionks, whatever. I smoke grass to thumb my nose at the Nazis in govt who are making laws to controll, and tax evcery aspect of human existence, to fund their war machine. perhaps if we smoked cannabis with our enemies, the world would be a more peaceful place. Does Mamoud own a "happy hookah?" I smoke pot, because if for no other reason, it makes me happy- a silly, happy grin on my face, as I go about daily life.its safe, cheap, not controlled by the pharmaceutical industry

We only live once on this planet- so far as I personally know.I'm sick and tired of the government, and institutions, and authority having any control over my freedoms, and liberties.
There are plenty of local prominent figures, and national ones who are stoners. not to mention how many times have you read something from our govt, or watched c-span, and wondered "WTF are they smoking? are they high or what? " and they are stone cold sober, just stupid.
So light up everybody. raise a joint in one hand, and raise a finger in the other. celebrate your freedom, and liberty, and inalienable right to pursuit of happiness. sorry about the length of this post.

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