Friday, November 02, 2007

So you want to write a blog?

Well check out this post first to see if you would lose your job over it...

From Leo Morris' blog:

"Indianapolis Star editorial writer RiShawn Biddle has been fired. For something he wrote on a blog. Double ouch. It’s been tricky to get specifics on it — it’s one of those things where the offensive post was removed and the Star’s editor, Dennis Ryerson, vaguely described the post as “racially offensive.” But here’s a pretty good summary " .


fairplaybeach said...

You should retitle your post: "So you want to write a non-anonymous blog?"

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

lol.. ya... very true...

Robert Enders said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Enders said...

Biddle got Imused! The Indy Star was right to fire this guy. The First Amendment only serves to keep you out of jail for what you say. It does not, nor should it, keep you out of the unemployment line if what you say places your company and coworkers' livelyhoods in peril.

Anonymous said...

Then you got to fire anyone for saying anything someone else does not like. Where do you draw a line Bob?

I might for that matter find your double posting offensive as I got to read the same opinion that I do not like twice. Are your comments be now forbidden?


Robert Enders said...

Ultimately whether or not a person gets fired is up to their employer. The Indy Star could have decided to just place Biddle on suspension, or refrain from taking any action at all. If they had not fired him, they could have lost many subcribers and advertisers. That would have meant layoffs. Somebody would have ended up losing their job because of this.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the type of the emlpoyer.
For example, a security guard could be fired for a security breach.
However the major newspaper is supposed to publish opinions that differ. It seems to me that this reprimand constitutes a violation of the freedom to publish an opinion in supposedly free press.


gadfly said...

Last time I checked, Indiana Law permits employers to end employment for any, all or no reason ...unless there is a written employment contract. So why are we having this discusssion?

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