Thursday, November 08, 2007

A story that SHOULD be the main story at the JG

Please read it online:

The reported national debt has officially exceeded 9 trillion dollars.

I hope that most of you realize that our Government "cooks the books" and they keep multiple sets of books under multiple accounting methods.

If the Federal Government were forced to track the national debt by the same rules they force American (Publicly listed) companies to use (accrual accounting) the national debt would be around 75 trillion dollars...

Do not expect that story to be highlighted in the Journal Gazette, instead expect continued front page stories about Matt Kelty...

I think I will start posting stories that the JG should be reporting...

Mike Sylvester

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steve said...

Sure the JG has a poor sense of newsworthiness. They do cover some shit national stories (celebrity news and such): but the national debt? They could run some AP story. But what are they really going to cover.

You really want to lament their coverage of Kelty, right? Don't pretend the paper has some higher informational purpose. The paper's only legitimate coverage is local. If you want other news read Reuters or AlJazera-- their better than AP.