Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fort Wayne now grants a Subway a tax abatement

Jeff Pruitt over at Fort Wayne Left, has a post and commentary that you just have to read about the most recent actions of our City Council:

Our City Council does NOT understand Economic Development.

A couple of decades ago Fort Wayne residents enjoyed a wage that was just over the average National wage.

Today the average wage in this region is 80% of the national wage.

And for the second time in the last few weeks our City Council has granted a tax abatement to a fast food restaurant.

This will transfer $450,000 of taxes from Subway to other businesses in Fort Wayne.

Is there ANYONE who reads this blog that thinks the City of Fort Wayne should have granted a tax abatement to Subway?

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

The funny part is that the fact that our below average wages is often cited as the reason for futher "economic development", making the problem worse and causing a vicious cycle.

ROACH said...

Heres a good one-
now hooters, showgirls, stewies, shangrila, centerfold, brandies, budoir noir, visual excitement, and the rest of the local adult entertainment business are all going to receive tax abatements due to all the out-of town travelers, and interstate truckers money that these places generate in tax dollars. not to mention providing all the amateurs, milfs, cougars, women with children, and bunny wanabes with jobs that pay well into the GM/UAW pay scale.
think of all the welfare, food stamp, and unemployment monies these places save for the state, by these hard working women, and staff.
And these busniess improvements woill help the dwindling local tax base, as well.
Now if these Service industry workers would start receiving group rate health insurance, and benefits, such as in Las Vegas- culinary workers, and SEIU workers unions, then maybe we would be on to something. Besides, we have a $99 direct airpipeline between Vegas, and Fort Wayne, thanks to
Now if we could just sell Fort Wayne as somewhere that Nevadans would ever possibly want to come see and visit, maybe we would be on to something? Imagine the possibilities- room to grow, and wide open, too!
nahh. never happen- too many kool-aid drinkers.
buddy- can you spare a dime for an unemployed veteran?

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