Tuesday, November 06, 2007

News from one of the polling places in Fort Wayne

I talked to one of the poll workers at one of the polls today and they said that they were at 50% turnout at their polling place. I am VERY encouraged to hear that. His polling place has a lot of older voters and they always have more tunrout then the average... 50% at 1:40 PM is a good sign!

He also told me a funny story:

Early this morning one of the voters called one of the poll workers over and asked why the John Crawford light did not come on when they pushed the button. The poll worker looked into it and determined that the machine was broken. You could vote for ANYONE EXCEPT John Crawford. So they took that voting machine out of service and the Allen County Election Board delivered a new machine.

Note, the voter who could not vote for Councilman Crawford was able to vote for Councilman Crawford, they just had to use another machine.

All is well that ends well...

Machines will occasionally function incorrectly, I am impressed that the Allen COunty Election Board was able to quickly replace the broken machine!

Mike Sylvester

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J Q Taxpayer said...

Mike, this is honest to goodness the truth.

Back about four years ago the company that deliver the machines to the correct buildings failed to do so.

The place I was working was going over the machines the night before. However, we could not open the machines with the keys they gave us.

We called downtown and in an hour they had found our machines located at the place we had the machines for.

They got us the correct machines and we went home happy, the night before the election.

However, the people at the other polling place never showed up the night before to check everything out. They never knew they had the wrong machines.

That is one good reason to go to your poll and check out everything the night before. It sure would have made a mess if we had not.

The system works, but may not be perfect.

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