Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Which LIbertarian did you like the most?

I received the fewest votes of any candidate, Libertarian or otherwise. But still, I wonder how many people would have voted for me if they had been able to. So I posted a poll. We already know that Doug placed first among our at-large candidates, so I limited this poll to the district candidates.


Anonymous said...

I thought Byron Peters was an interesting candidate. Small business owner, father. And I noticed a lot of his neighbors had signs up for him. That says a lot, particularly since I bet not many (none?) of them had voted libertarian before.

barranda said...

Byron was the most impressive L candidate at YLNI's Candidate's Night. I think I would have voted for him if he was an at-large.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is the best, ... wait, am I missing something? She has not been a candidate yet?

Why so? She would have won the race.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

That was more than kind.

I am not sure Fort Wayne would be ready for me as a candidate...

Anonymous said...

Byron Peters, I agree, was an impressive candidate. It would be interesting to see him as an at-large candidate in the future.

I tip my hat to Jonathan Bartels on election night.

Karen Goldner said...

I have to say Doug Horner, and this is why: Doug and I were stalking voters at the Picasso's polling place on Election Day when a lady approached and said she hadn't voted for many years because of a bad experience. Apparently she had not been quick enough in the booth and an election worker, or someone, had called her "stupid" and "slow." This year she was ready to try again, but became more and more frightened as she approached the door. She started crying. So Doug kept her talking while I got the attention of a pollworker who could hold her hand through the process. Success! The lady was very proud when she came out, having re-enfranchised herself.

It's great to win - even by 13 votes - but that moment was the highlight of my election day. Thank you, Doug. Perhaps anyone else would have done the same thing, but Doug was the guy who was there so he will always be the nice Libertarian in this story.

And OF COURSE thank you to Jonathan.

J Q Taxpayer said...

I am going to tick off all of you. I vote for everyone of you. Each of you did yourself proud and made Fort Wayne just a little better place to live.

I voted for two Libertarians and coupled with others did make a change in Fort Wayne.

I did a post on my sight about what I thought about the Libs in this election so I am not going to repeat myself.

One thing I have not said but it is offered as food for thought. Mr. Shine said the Libs took votes away from some republicans. But he never addressed Kenny N., Hawks, or Talarico taking votes away.

Besides no one took the first vote away from anyone. The voters just found someone more acceptable to their beliefs. I think that is called earning the vote.

Anonymous said...

SYLVESTER!!! is the best candidate by far. He needs to run for Mayor or Congress. Seriously, his ideas are the best. When will he run again? Please tell me soon.

Anonymous said...

I think Byron Peters and Doug Horner were the best candidates. Each was great at campaigning, had clear goals, and based views on commone sense and principle.

I hope I get a chance to vote for them again in the future.

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