Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This SHOULD tell us something

Please read this story from Indiana News Center:

This story reveals that the City of Fort Wayne has "Declined to Turn Over Testing Results From Old OmniSource Property."

Is anyone surprised?

Does anyone think we should purchase this property without knowing the results of the environmental testing?

Mike Sylvester


J Q Taxpayer said...


Here is my fear....

Remember property being purchased without City Council approval for Harrison Square? Why could it not happen again? The Mayor already told the state audit group to take a hike and it looks like they may have.

Even the Mayor's attorney told NewsCenter that she was unsure of the Mayor would even share the report with Council.

Hell, the Mayor has long shown the law is not something his office follows. I wonder if they have sent in the demanded conflicts of interest forms that the state has demanded?

I just wonder how much Matt Kelty and Tom Henry support this? Is this how they vision things will be done when one of them becomes Mayor?

When I learned of this report early this afternoon I honestly believe my leg was being pulled. I thought someone, who knew I was greatly concerned about the condiiton of the property, said it just to get me going.

I am still dumbfounded and still can not figure out why the Mayor would pull this. Is he the Mayor of Fort Wayne or a tool of the Rifkin family?

barranda said...

I was listening to WOWO yesterday when they quoted Kelty who criticized the city, stating that this should be a "transparent process."

Oh, the irony.

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