Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Journal Gazette "spin machine" continues

The Journal Gazette has always been a liberal newspaper with a big government slant. Everyone in Fort Wayne understands that. Many individual Republican politicians are proud of the fact that the JG has never endorsed them as a candidate.

The last tag line in the below story is amazingly "tone deaf."

Check this out:

The last line tells it all; "No Libertarian candidate took more than 10 percent of the vote."

This last line is true; however, this should be considered a good thing. A Party that ran zero candidates in the 2003 City Elections garnered an average of six percent of the vote and had an effect on at least two of the City Council races. The Libertarians did all this while raising very little money!

I am so glad that I cancelled my subscription to the JG...

They are not a newspaper that reports facts; they are a "spin machine."

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

SYLVESTER!!!, who won the bet between you and Sam T. ?

barranda said...
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barranda said...

They are not a newspaper that reports facts; they are a "spin machine."

Mike, if you cite this particular story to support the statement above, you are way off. In this case, they did report the facts. You are the one that wants the JG to spin it into a positive.

Sure, they could have spun it that way. They could have said, "the growth of the Libertarian party was reflected in their candidates receiving more votes than ever before." On the other hand, they could have said, as Schmidt pointed out, "the addition of Libertarian candidates ironically ousted one of the most fiscally conservative city council incumbents in favor of Democratic challenger, Karen Goldner." They did neither, they just reported the facts.

I'm no JG apologist. I think you are just off-base here. The fact is, the day after one of the more heated elections in recent history, the Libertarian party was not the story to report.

You will be a story if you can maintain your political presence after only securing 6% of the vote in races that were decided by much less than that. That voters would continue to support Libertarian candidates, even if it means sacrificing votes for other qualified candidates more likely to win, is a story.

BTW, perhaps Byron should run At-large next time. I thought he was a very intriguing candidate.

Sheri said...

Good point! Precisely my thoughts. The JG did report the facts. Just because they didn't spin it your way you're irritated. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Mike, facts are facts. How did you want the story reported?

Anonymous said...


I agree with your comments that hte Journal is a liberal newspaper with a big government slant. They may have sounded the death knell on Crawford by supporting him. However, the article you linked to is 100% factual.

Rachel said...

Apparently as media consumers we have gotten so accustomed to political puffery and posturing that straight reporting of facts is now "spin."

Jen said...

Don't let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

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