Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

Veterans Day has always had a special significance for me.

My father was in the US Army at the end of World War Two and was discharged in 1953.

I had five Uncles when I was growing up (All are gone now) and four of the five served in the US military.

I have a total of four first cousins. Of those four; three served in the US military (One is still serving and will most likely make a career of it).

I spent six years on active duty myself.

When I go to family re-unions well over 80% of the men at those re-unions are military veterans and we often discuss where we served and what branch we were in. I was in the navy; most of my family served in the army...

I always reflect on the history of this country and the importance of its military on Veterans Day.

Since Viet-Nam, this nation has been divided on many, many topics. Prior to the Viet-Nam conflict this Country pulled together; since Viet-Nam conflicts have tore us apart.

I support the US military, I always have, and I always will. I feel that our military is one of the main reasons that our Country is free and I feel that our military has helped make the world a better place.

I do not like some of the conflicts this Country has engaged in and I do not like the current conflict in Iraq at all. I feel that we need to either "take the gloves off" and let our military fight like we have in past wars or that we need to pull out relatively quickly.

Unfortunately I think that we will stay in Iraq and that we will not "take the gloves off."

I am disappointed that our political (and sometimes military) leadership has fought this conflict poorly and I am disappointed in the political rhetoric that has been bantered back and forth between the Republicans and Democrats to "score political points" with the voters.

I hope that our men and women in uniform are safe from harm and I hope that our military is given the respect that it deserves.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Amen to those that serve.

Curse to those that make money on those that serve (the industrial war complex and current share holders of oil companies).


Tim Zank said...

Amen to those that serve, but casting a pox on folks that have mutual funds or stocks tied to energy companies is just a fuzz ridiculous isn't it?

Sounds like a "truth to power" moment...

James Fitch said...

I agree

Luke said...

I served for 7 years and invested every dime of my TSA into energy, and emerging market funds. What does that say? (That's a serious question, I really haven't thought about it much.)

Tim Zank said...

Well Luke, to me, what you did was smart, to anon above, that means you're a bushitler halliburton chimpy fascist in cahoots with the north american union, and you support the totalitarian regime in which we live!

You are a skalliwag sir!

Luke said...

Well put tim. Thanks for the clarification. I feel so much better about my service vs. investment dilemma. I am cursed yet receive an amen. I guess I’ll have to live with that. Happy belated Veteran’s Day.

Tim Zank said...

And to you as well.

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