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Please note that other meetings will be announced but these are the remainder of the Official Business Meetings as scheduled per our current bylaws in order to facilitate better planning and coordination with our members and advocacy with the general public.

15th of September  18:00-21:00 or 6-9p.m.
Kroger Marketplace Village of Coventry
Liberty Mills Road at West Jefferson/US 24 and I69 @Exit 302. 
Food is available for individuals to purchase at their leisure from the food court until 7p.m.
RSVP on our FACEBOOK Event Page Here pretty please and thank you. 

17th of November 18:00-21:00 or 6-9p.m.
Richards Restaurant Inc in New Haven, Indiana
11155 Isabelle Drive next to Lincoln Highway (US 24/SR 14 East) 
between I469 Exit 19 and Minnich Road on the south side.
Food is moderately priced and available for purchase at your leisure.
RSVP on our FACEBOOK Event Page Here pretty please and thank you.

19th of January, 2015 18:00-21:00 or 6-9p.m.
Kroger Marketplace Village of Coventry
Liberty Mills Road at West Jefferson/US 24 and I69 @Exit 302. 
Food is available for individuals to purchase at their leisure from the food court until 7p.m.
RSVP on our FACEBOOK Event Page Here pretty please and thank you.

THE PRIVILEGE OF INCUMBENCY: Ethics Violations Or Laziness While In Office?

The query you should be asking yourself is: 
"Why arent these seven State Elected Officials subject to the same rules that govern their employees?"

Then again, I do understand that running a campaign while holding that position can become a ethics quandary all on its own: EXAMPLE: "This post is for my job, but its also good news for my campaign. Why cant I do a quick copy paste share from one account to another even if it is on a Government Office Computer and Internet signal?"

The other query comes into play when Elected Officials (not naming names yet) should be in their office working and instead are standing on top of a bank building taking pictures of Downtown Fort Wayne, but I digress.

What about having the issue of their personal laptop using the Government issued WiFi signal while working late in their office one night, does their personal laptop now become Government property?

The overall issue is that our ethics and information tech laws need modified for the times but they do not need to be weakened to accommodate laziness of our Elected Officials while in Office!!

Article excerpt via NWTIMES

Indiana Inspector General David Thomas determined that during (Dr. Tony) Bennett's 2012 re-election bid, he held joint staff meetings between Department of Education employees and his campaign team in Bennett's Statehouse office.

Bennett also used state-owned and maintained calendar software to track official and campaign events on a consolidated calendar, as well as received and responded to political emails from his state account, according to the inspector general's report.

In addition, Bennett directed DOE staff following his defeat to compile a personal contact list that he could use in his new job as Florida Education Commissioner. The final list included contacts from three campaign lists "The 5000," "The Big Hitter List" and the "Red Meat List" that were stored on a state server, the report said.

Thomas found those uses of state property violated a DOE policy Bennett signed upon taking office in 2009 expressly prohibiting any user from employing department equipment for political activity.

But Thomas noted that Bennett could have avoided an ethics violation by not signing that policy statement and instead authorizing himself to use state property as he wished.

That's because the seven state officers — the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state auditor, state treasurer and state superintendent — are not subject to prohibitions on state employees engaging in political activity on state time, Thomas said.

Monday, July 07, 2014


This next meeting will be an informal planning session for the Party on Sunday the 13th of June from 15:00-18:00 or 3:00-6:00 p.m. at Kroger Marketplace on DuPont Road near Coldwater Rd/State Route 327 in their Bistro on the west side of the building facing DuPont Rd. Food is available for individuals to purchase at their leisure from the food court. Please RSVP to our event page please and thank you.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Independance Day

These videos are great, in my humble opinion. If you have kids in the room, you should be spending the holiday with them instead of watching videos on the Internet. If you're offended by this kind of stuff, notify your monarch...oh wait that's right. Yeah, just don't watch this.


Well that was a wierd ass dream .... proving once again, I really shouldnt listen to WOWO's Pat Miller on my drive home from a certain intense medical procedure ..... but given the political punditry climate on the most recent immigration issues, this would become a feasible and definitely problematic solution to the current Immigration debate (if it hasnt happened already), once realized and exposed and tried to be dealt with legally.

What happens when our kids start selling off their American birthright to the highest bidder for a quick thousand dollars or more and a letter of dissolution of Parental Rights which wouldnt be enforceable here thereby making them liable anyway for their offspring? What should our Country's response be when dealing with shipwrecked babies versus anchor babies in the on going Immigration debate?

Now you are probably thinking to yourself,
"I know what an Anchor Baby is but what is a Shipwreck Baby?"

They used to be called War Babies! There are a lot of them in our history and even some currently. What happens when our kids, some whom dont serve in the Military and understand the privilege of our birthright or respect it for that matter, give it away for pennies on the dollar just to get by for a couple weeks, or to get out of jail down in Mexico for their indiscretions scott free? Traditionally, Shipwreck Babies are considered automatic (because our Citizen Birth Parent is viewed as being forced to abandon or chose to leave behind their offspring or because they didnt know they existed) Citizens of the United States, their Foreign Birth Parent (typically a mother) is not and then the Citizen Baby is used to bring them and any of the Citizen Baby's siblings here, to be naturalized.

But if the dream I had was any indication of what hasnt been exposed yet in the current debate, and Whiskey Rebellion/Tea Party Hate Mongering, is the fact that our younger generations dont necessarily give a flying donkeys pa-toot as to how or with whom they get laid, especially during Spring Break or Summer Vaca, and if there is a grand bonus check or a get out of jail free card involved, then that is just gravy. Theyre just spreading their wild oats, right? Which would also be one prime reason why safe sex needs to be taught in the Schools, but I digress.

So that brings me back to my original pointe of inquiry, because it already happens, everyday. The problem is we just havent got hit with it in waves like we are right now with these drive and drop offs of a thousands kids per facility. What happens when someone comes here and gets pregnant, or gets one of our daughters pregnant, or our sons get this really hot chica that he met pregnant with twins? The Shipwrecked Babies are technically by law and some would consider Constitutionally automatically United States Citizens by birthright (look at John McCain). There is no backdoor privilege being used here when it comes to Shipwrecked Babies, the Citizen Children are automatically conferred, the issue is their FBP and any other siblings.

So now how do we fix our Immigration situation when we could already be selling it off to the highest bidder without even realizing it? The Dream Act (for those whom were dragged here as kids by relatives without a choice) is beginning to look like a 5 pound bad of red potatoes when you factor in that there is at least the potential for an even larger wave of a 50 pound bag of Yukon Golds, Completely Legal American Children flooding our Social Services and Immigration Networks.

How much are you willing to sell off your birthright for?
A thousand dollars cash or a get out of jail free card?

In ten years time how are you going to explain to your husband and or wife and kids that you are now the proud Padre of Foreign Born Citizens that are as old as they are and they along with their other Parent and siblings are now coming to live with you all, no exceptions? Oh BTW, before you answer that last query with the following retort: "But I got I got a grand for my donation and a letter here that says I am not responsible for the child's well being!!" Guess what, that not notarized/certified and non registered document locally, doesnt apply in the United States of America, one because it would fall under like three felonies to start with and you would be considered under duress when making the transaction and pending agreement too.

So can we can we stop with all the pandering to your base and politics as usual and actually have discussion about Immigration issues and policy rather than spinning our wheels (meanwhile our kids are selling it off to the highest bidder or for their own freedom or even worse yet being violated of their birthright without even realizing that was happening, but the sex was great) and suffering the least among us to brunt the ironies that already exist in our American Law and collective Civil Morals?

Probably not, but it was worth asking the questions anyway!!

One unemployed protestor is angry she "can't get unemployment (video included) because there's so much money going towards the welfare."

The irony of course is that there are a lot of single and married GLBT Families ready willing and more than able to take some if not all of these kids into their homes, with half of the assistance dollars for refugees from the government. And a good portion of us are quasi multi lingual as well, so the adjustment phase will be less cumbersome for the youth as well.

You know what is pretty sad, the fact that were fighting about someone elses kids whom sent them to the USA for safe keeping. Now we have people playing politics with other peoples children. We used to not put children in the line of fire on political debates!

We have Whiskey Rebellion/Tea Party clowns blockading the border to keep them out. When in fact their blockading the busses to send them home. That was just brilliant! Then again look at the source of the outrage as well, Glenn Beck, Faux Noise, and Republicans in Congress running scared for their careers at tax payer expense.

The ones whom get lost in all of this are the least among us, foreigners in a strange land, the orphan, a child. And the last time I checked my BIBLE it said something along these lines:

Exodus 22: 20-23
20You shall not oppress or afflict a resident alien, for you were once aliens residing in the land of Egypt.f 21You shall not wrong any widow or orphan. 22If ever you wrong them and they cry out to me, I will surely listen to their cry. 23My wrath will flare up, and I will kill you with the sword; then your own wives will be widows, and your children orphans. 

Deuteronomy 10:16-20
16Circumcise therefore the foreskins of your hearts,* and be stiff-necked no longer. 17For the LORD, your God, is the God of gods, the Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who has no favorites, accepts no bribes,p 18who executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the resident alien, giving them food and clothing.q 19So you too should love the resident alien, for that is what you were in the land of Egypt.r 20The LORD, your God, shall you fear, and him shall you serve; to him hold fast and by his name shall you swear.

Both text are from the New American Bible Revised Edition, NABRE.
via the United States Conference of (Roman) Catholic Bishops.

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