Monday, September 28, 2020

Trump's taxes

There are 4 possible Libertarian takes to have with the news of Trump's taxes being released. You can use as many of these as you like.

1. "Taxation is theft, and Trump was smart to cheat on his taxes and get away with it. However, if he can get away with it, then as long as he is President he should pardon everyone else accused of tax fraud."

2. Taxation is the price we pay for a strong, civilized nation. Trump broke the law by cheating on his taxes and belongs in prison.

3. Trump did not cheat on his taxes at all. He is just so incompetent at business that he really had no income to report.

4. Trump's companies took advantage of overseas tax shelters. The tax code should be reformed so that businesses can't use this loophole.

Friday, September 25, 2020

The lockdowns weren't going to work.

 Have you all noticed that the more the COVID-19 virus spreads, the fewer restrictions are in place? When less than 100 people in the entire state were infected, all the schools, bars, and restaurants were shut down. Only essential workers were allowed to commute, everyone else was only allowed out to buy food.

Now there are over 100,000 cases in Indiana and the restaurants that haven’t gone out of business are allowed to operate at full capacity.

The lockdowns were never going to work. There were loopholes that some businesses were able to exploit, and there were individuals who just didn’t take the threat seriously. If AIDS couldn’t scare young people into celibacy, COVID-19 wasn’t going to stop college students from partying either. Almost every elected official has been to college, so you’d expect them to know how a frat brother’s brain works (it often doesn’t work at all). Any policy that requires 100% public compliance to succeed is doomed to failure.

We all knew, or should have known, that the pandemic was going to be a marathon and not a sprint. If staying at home for 14 days was all it took to stop the virus, we would have moved on by now. In hindsight, a governor had two choices: A)wreck the economy and fail to stop the spread of the virus or B) not wreck the economy but keep the public warned about the threat that the virus poses. The virus is going to spread in either scenario. Many politicians are tempted to choose Option A because it makes it look like they are taking harsh measures to stop the threat. But if the threat can’t be stopped, the harsh measures only make things worse.

In times of crisis when nobody is sure what to do, governments should err on the side of freedom and individuals should err on the side of caution. You probably shouldn’t go out tonight, and you know this. But if you need to go out for supplies, or even if sitting around the house all week has taken a toll on your mental health, the government shouldn’t try to stop you from going out.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

More nonsense about wasted votes.

 Both Democrats and Repubilcans will act like you are wasting your vote if you vote Libertarian. It seems that Progressives have been exceptionally vocal about this recently. Some might think it’s because they lost two very close elections within the past 20 years. I suspect that many Progressives would rather that I vote for Donald Trump than Jo Jorgensen. They could be going after US citizens who never vote, but instead they are coming after me. The reason is that Libertarians don’t quite fit into their Manichean narrative. If I can’t be on their side, they want me on Trump’s side. For the Democrats to be the heroes, they need Trump to be the villain. Without that villain, what reason would we have to support them? A cult fears skeptics more than they fear Satan. If you don’t buy into their fairytail, it starts to unravel. To be sure, at least some Republicans have stopped pretending to be the good guys. But Progressives would rather live under Trump for another 4 years than have a Libertarian elected to any state or local office. They want to ignore us but they can’t stop talking about us.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

The COVID-19 vaccine

Some thoughts.

I'm pretty sure that the vaccine will be safe. Healthcare workers and the US military will be required to get the vaccine before I even have the option. If, God forbid, the vaccine turns out to be a deadly trap, then China will be able to walk in and Winnie the Pooh will be the next US President. But as long as I don't see Chinese troops on the streets, I'll know the vaccine is safe.

It's ironic that Trump seems to have the most anti-vax supporters. Some think that if the vaccine is released before the election, it will have an impact on the election. Conventional wisdom holds that when bad things happen to the country, that helps the challenger. Good things supposedly help the incumbent. 

A COVID-19 vaccine is very good news, but is it going to change the minds of many voters? My guess is that Trump might gain some pro-vax support and lose some anti-vax support. I'm terrible with predictions though. I'm glad the vaccine is coming out, regardless of its impact on the election.

Friday, June 19, 2020


Today is Juneteenth. It commemorates the day in 1865 that the Emancipation Proclamation was finally put into effect in Texas and the last slaves of the fallen Confederacy were liberated by the Union Army.

The Civil War was mostly over by then. Robert E. Lee surrendered in April 1865. Jefferson Davis was captured in May 1865. But Texas was not complying with the Emancipation Proclamation. It took some encouragement from a bunch of guys in blue uniforms for Texas to finally do the right thing and let their slaves free.

The moral of the story is that even good laws require force to be upheld. Otherwise, they are only suggestions. So before you support a law, ask yourself if you would be willing to send a bunch of guys in blue uniforms to someone's house to enforce it.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Don't break quarantine just to protest

Fellow lovers of liberty

Please do not leave your homes for the purposes of protesting the quarantine. You can totally protest it from home.

The way I see it, the virus is either real or a hoax, and it is either dangerous or no worse than the flu. We all can argue until we're blue in the face about the unknown unknowns.

If the virus is real and as dangerous as advertised, staying home is the common sense thing to do. If something can hurt or kill you, and you can't kill it, then you avoid it. That is common sense. Even if you plan on wearing masks and social distancing at your event, there is the risk that someone will be involved in an accident and require treatment at the ER. This puts that person at risk of catching a disease at the hospital. Officials will be highly tempted to blame any increase in deaths on the protest. If the Deep State is as evil as you think they are, then they WANT you to protest the quarantine. They want the liberty movement to look like dangerous idiots. They want an excuse to arrest you or even shoot you in front of dozens of cameras, and make you look like a terrorist when they do it.
State governments will have to reopen the economy soon anyway. This is what most of you want anyway, so sit tight. If state governments don't reopen the economy, they'll run out of tax revenue, go bankrupt, and we'll see a massive society collapse. That is what some of you want anyway, so sit tight.
Once again, if the virus threat is real, then the right thing to do is to stay home, in spite of what the government has ordered. If the virus threat turns out to be exaggerated, that could be an interesting discovery during an election year. In either case, please stay home, stay safe, and stay woke. Stock up on canned goods in case the grid goes down, learn to code in case the grid stays up.

Monday, January 06, 2020

War with Iran

So I see a lot of people saying that killing Qasem Suleiman was the right thing to do because he is a bad man who killed US troops. Here are some things that need to be considered:
1. There are lots of bad men in the world. If the US government kills them, then there could be severe consequences. Killing Kim Jung Un could lead to an invasion of South Korea. Killing Xi Jinping could lead to nuclear war. Killing Vladimir Putin could lead to Hillary Clinton getting elected this year. We are about to find out the consequences of killing General Suleiman.
2. General Suleiman would not have been able to kill any US troops if they had not been sent to Iraq. Our troops are there to protect the Iraqi government, the same government that probably allowed General Suleiman to get all the way to the airport in Baghdad without arresting him or notifying the US military. If Iraq is inviting Iranian officers into their country, maybe Iraq doesn't need, want, or deserve US protection anymore.
3. A war against Iran will make the Iraq war look like the tutorial level of wars. Iran is bigger, has more people, and just now pull out of a nuclear treaty so maybe they really might have WMD's pretty soon. During the Iran-Iraq war, they used child soldiers and didn't care about casualties at all. Last time the US fought a nation this fanatical, President Truman felt the need to resort to nukes. War with Iran might mean the US running out of money before Iran runs out of bodies. Or Trump might take the Truman route, only the world would turn it's back on us as a result.
4. Iran could have been an ally during the War on Terror. They hate the Taliban, they hate Al Qaeda, they hate ISIS, and they really hated Saddam Hussein. They hate Israel but so does the rest of the Middle East. Iran is run by bloodthirsty Islamic theocratic despots but so is Saudi Arabia. If we can be friends with Saudi Arabia, we can be friends with Iran. Or we can just pull out and let these assholes kill each other.

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Trump's taxes

There are 4 possible Libertarian takes to have with the news of Trump's taxes being released. You can use as many of these as you like. ...

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