Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hoosier Pride!

There has always been some bias against Hoosiers. Many Hoosiers claim to be born that way, but conservatives and liberals insist that it is a lifestyle choice. In fact, there are “recovering Hoosiers” in 49 states. The federal government requires Hoosiers to carry ID cards that identify ourselves as such when we try to board a plane. But you don’t see Muslims having to carry Muslim ID cards or Christians having to carry Christian ID cards. It’s like we are being singled out.

There are many stereotypes about Hoosiers. Outsiders think we all wear plaid or Ed Hardy shirts. They think we all work on farms, or at least use that as a cover story when we try to buy anhydrous ammonia and a suitcase full of pseudoephedrine. They think of Hoosiers as people who put Confederate flags on their Ford pickup trucks even though Indiana is a northern state and everyone knows that General Lee and Jeff Davis were diehard Chevy owners.

There are many subcultures within Hoosier subculture. There are folks up in Noble County who “warsh” their dishes. There is Harrison County where people talk like Dukes of Hazzard characters. And there is Lake County, a foul abomination that should be given back to the British. I happen to be a “metro-Hoosier”. I can usually pass for a non-Hoosier while on the East Coast unless I slip up and try to order a pop at a restaurant.

Hoosiers are very spiritually diverse. We worship deities like Jesus, Yahweh, and He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Yet many of us have concerns about RFRA. Specifically, many of us are concerned that Bill Belichick might claim that his Sith religious beliefs are protected when he chokes people to death from 10 feet away in Lucas Oil Stadium. (The NFL needs to start testing for midichloridians. And there is good in you yet, Tom Brady. I can feel it.)

This may be Indiana, but it’s still America. And I hope that everyone else will accept us for who we are. At least we deserve more tolerance than what George Takei has for theTwilight Series. And when I think of rednecks and homophobes, I think of Kid Rock and Eminem. And those guys are from Michigan. So there.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Official Statement by Dan Drexler​ the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana​:

Pence’s “Pelosi” Moment Gives Cause for RFRA Repeal

(Indianapolis, Indiana) When a state’s governor goes on national television and explains that a bill he just signed into law needs clarification, you know the bill is a troubled piece of legislation.

When state legislative leaders from that same governor’s party hold a press conference to explain that the legislation they just recently passed needs to be revisited and clarified, you know the bill is a troubled piece of legislation.

Reminiscent of former U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” moment, efforts by Governor Mike Pence, Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President David Long to deflect criticism to their passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act come off eerily similar to Pelosi’s ill-chosen words. Simply put, in their haste to pass legislation that appeases their far right wing through subtle changes in the bill’s language, they pushed through a bad piece of legislation that will undoubtedly carry unintended economic, political and social consequences — consequences proponents and opponents alike will come to regret.

This law needs to be repealed.

This legislation had the potential of building a coalition of support not seen since its resounding federal passage in 1993.   At that time, the federal bill passed the U.S. House unanimously and the U.S. Senate in a 97-3 vote.  It brought together religious fundamentalists and civil libertarians alike.  Everyone seemed to like the concept of protecting our rights to religious freedoms and underscoring the importance of our nation’s 1st Amendment.  Regardless of the polarizing rhetoric we are hearing today, the concept of respect for differing religious (and non-religious) beliefs is still embraced by a strong majority.

Unfortunately, Indiana’s GOP legislative majority authored a bill that slants the “two-way tolerance” Governor Pence sought solidly in one direction.  In doing so, they jeopardized what otherwise could have been a bill celebrated by all.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Religious Freedoms Restoration Act

Several thoughts:

1. There should never be religious exemptions for any law. Laws against murder are great laws, and there are no religious exemptions for those laws. Even if you believe that consuming the hearts of your enemies will cause you to absorb their strength and courage, you still aren't allowed to kill a person and cut open their chest for that purpose. Good laws shouldn't have religious exemptions, and bad laws should just be repealed entirely. If it's ok for Indian tribes to take peyote, anybody should be allowed to take peyote.

2. The First Amendment already guarantees your right to believe whatever you want. But certain beliefs will hold you back from pursuing certain careers. If you are Amish, you probably can't work in IT. If you believe that killing animals is wrong, you can't work in a slaughterhouse. If you are a pacifist, then you can't be a US Marine. And if your beliefs prevent you from providing service to an entire group of customers, then your beliefs will prevent you from succeeding in the retail industry. I do wish all of the above groups the best of luck in finding gainful employment, but they just won't have the same options as the rest of us.

3. Real business owners don't want to discriminate. They don't want to turn down paying customers. And they really don't want paying customers to be under any impression at all that they would be discriminated against in their stores. This is why most business leaders don't lobby against anti-discrimination laws. Anti-discrimination laws ultimately protect businesses because with such laws in place, people know that they are welcome in any store. Governor Pence is going out of his way to protect a very small number of businesses that are doomed to fail anyway.

4. People make up new religions all the time. And who is to say which new faiths are sincere? I'm sure the Heaven's Gate cult members were sincere about their new faith when they all poisoned themselves. So if someone starts the High Church Of Tall Grass And Smoking Crack, will the City of Fort Wayne intervene by forcing HCOTGASC members to stop smoking crack and start mowing their yards?

5. If you are going to open a business that doesn't serve gay people because of your religious beliefs, why not just call your business a church and claim tax exempt status? Heck, if the law sticks then I wonder what would happen if a burning bush told me to stop paying Indiana taxes?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mandatory Voting?

This issue comes up from time to time. People will bring up the issue to sound interesting, but mandatory voting is ultimately a dead issue in this country. It should not happen, and it's highly unlikely that it will happen.

Voting shouldn't be mandatory, because voting is ultimately about choice. Requiring people to vote ultimately denies them of the choice of not voting. Right now, a majority of eligible voters sit out any given election. Can we really expect who are too apathetic to vote on their own initiative to make intelligent and informed decisions for the rest of us?

Maybe so. I suspect that people who are involuntarily voting for the first time might be strongly motivated to support candidates who promise to repeal mandatory voting. In a three way race between a Democrat and a Republican who support mandatory voting, and a Libertarian who opposes it, then the Libertarian could win with a clear majority of involuntary votes.

So Libertarians oppose mandatory voting on moral grounds, while Democrats and Republicans would likely do the math and oppose it on political grounds. The only scenario that I can imagine mandatory voting coming to pass is if the President and Congress see the country collapsing after the next election, and they want Libertarians to get elected to office and absorb the blame.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Letting our chickens come home to roost in the Summit City?

Jacques DuBois of St Paul MN feeding his flock
via Twin Cities circa 2012
Its a fowl request of which if allowed to hatch would only begin to resolve the roost of sustainability practices throughout the Summit City. And while my response is feathered with caution as this does peck at certain sanitation concerns it is still worth scratching across the interwebs for you to flock together and season the grass of possible success.

presents: The Pros & Cons
and Tools For Newbies

I should take this moment of calm, to let you know that this initiative is being spearheaded by Michele Berkes-Adams, who is also one of the Co Founders of Food Not Lawns Fort Wayne Chapter, but securing this modification to City Code will benefit more than just one organization, it will go towards an overall long game establishing food security and economic sustainable practices within urban farming environments, which will increase sustainable entrepreneurial and economic opportunities here in the Summit City. Currently they have just over two hundred signatures and they are looking for a thousand before presenting the ordinance to City Council.


Urban chickens (backyard chickens) are chickens that are raised within city limits for their eggs, companionship, and other important roles in the urban landscape. Raising urban chickens is associated with sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and the local-food movement -- which emphasizes participating in home-grown foods and food security. Proponents of the urban chicken movement cite many benefits.

First, advocates claim home-raised livestock helps minimize the fuel use and carbon emissions that result from transporting food to markets. Second, urban chickens give owners control over how the chickens are treated and what they are fed. This is important to some owners because research has shown that chickens that have access to the outdoors produce more nutritious eggs than chickens raised indoors. Third, chicken droppings are good fertilizer and can be used in compost piles. Finally, chickens will eat garden pests and thus they provide a chemical free pest solution.

Urban Coop Company
Round Top Chicken Coop
Many municipalities have recently drafted and/or passed ordinances regarding chickens within their city limits. This particular proposal drafted for Fort Wayne includes recommendations that are influenced by what other cities have found useful.

2. Recommendations for legislation

There should be a limit of 6 birds kept on each lot, although, since they are social birds, there should never be less than two or three together. No roosters will be permitted. Hens must be kept in a suitable enclosure such as a hen house or chicken coop with at least 2 square feet available for each chicken.

Enclosure must be located at least 10 feet from any property line, and at least 20 feet from any neighboring dwelling. Enclosure should be at least 35 feet from any stream or river. Enclosures must be kept clean and feed kept in a airtight container. There must be at least 10 square feet of permeable space on the lot for each bird. No slaughtering for meat, breeding animals for sale, or selling eggs will be permitted.

And we'll never be Royals ..... OUTRIGHT LIBERTARIANS get heckled for challenging Bush and Paul at CPAC

There is a 2016 Election meme catching flack that was put out by OUTRIGHT LIBERTARIANS, the GLBT Libertarian Caucus Group, in response to the that Mike Shipley wrote a defense of the meme which you can read at your leisure here.

However the issues of Nobility and Dynastic Presidencies have always salt and peppered our political landscape. I think every Libertarian has reserved concerns between familial power versus individuals experience and merit, and I have concerns about aristocracy, especially another Bush or for that matter Clinton; but this Country has, from its Constitutional foundation, always flirted with Dynasties (Adams/Quincy Adams 2nd and 6th Presidents) while at the same time opposed Titles of Nobility directly in the Constitution:
"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state." (A1S9C8; See also A1S10C1)
But it is not just about the Presidency, any review also needs to be considerate of Congress as well. In 1848, for example, more than 16 percent of congressional seats were filled by someone whose relative had previously held the position [source: Kieley]. Moreover, a 2006 study found that Congress members who serve more than one term have a 40 percent chance of someone in their family later ending up in Congress [source: Alexander]. That doesn't imply that these family trees are full of rotten apples, but they may cultivate relationships and connections that can help siblings, cousins and in-laws win elections as with any successful business operation. (SOURCE: HOW STUFF WORKS)

In 1810, Democratic–Republican Senator Philip Reed of Maryland,[13] introduced a Constitutional amendment modifying the Title of Nobility Clause. Under the terms of this amendment any United States citizen who accepted, claimed, received or retained any title of nobility from a foreign government would be stripped of their U. S. citizenship. After being approved by the Senate on April 27, 1810, by a vote of 19–5[14] and the House of Representatives on May 1, 1810, by a vote of 87–3,[15] the amendment, titled "Article Thirteen", was sent to the state legislatures for ratification. On two occasions between 1812 and 1816 it was within two states of the number needed to become a valid part of the Constitution.[16] As Congress did not set a time limit for its ratification, the amendment is still technically pending before the states. Currently, ratification by an additional 26 states would be necessary for this amendment to be adopted. (SOURCE: WIKI)


Which yes, means if 26 States ratified the Amendment between now and next week, we could end up with Joe Biden as President until 2017! President Obama has violated this portion of the Constitution twice, the first being the Nobel Peace Prize; the second being a medal for the bejeweled Collar of the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, Saudi Arabia's highest honor in January 2008.  (SOURCE: WASHINGTON POST)

Here everyone was crying about a valid Birth Certificate, when all you had to do was finish amending the Constitution. Kenya would be mighty happy to have him. Say It Aint So Joe gets to laugh at everyone publicly! Meanwhile Donald Trump is getting his head ferret shaved in shame wondering why he didnt think of that first.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


It is that time once again when the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana will be hosting its Annual Convention at Golden Corral Buffet and Grill on Lima Road/SR3 north of West Coliseum Blvd / State Road 930 and south of the 311 Interchange with Interstate 69 in Fort Wayne, Indiana on the 13th of April 2015 from 6-9 pm.

Prices for Dinner is Adults $16 Kids 12 and under $ 7. Please RSVP via our EVENT PAGE so that we may have a more accurate number to provide the Restaurant's Management.

There will be a brief Business Meeting which will then transition into our Nominating Convention where we will begin to discern candidates to run for office on the November General Election Ballot. This year in Allen County there are 38 Positions available for Voters to change the way Government operates in Cities and Towns across this Metro area. All four Offices of the Party are up for Election as well. Nominations will be accepted at this time during the Convention. Do you want to run for City Council or Mayor? This is the year to do that. If you can serve on a jury, you can serve on City Council. Send a PM to LPAC Chair Robert Enders (via our Facebook Page) for more details.

You must become a member of the local Party (which is free) at a minimum to vote and may do so during the Convention. You are encouraged to join the State or National Party for $25 annually and forms will also be available for your convenience.

Monday, February 09, 2015

James McCoy: No more Bones to hide with Indiana GOP

James A "Jim" McCoy Jr.​ Local Accountant and current Teacher over in China decides to leave the Republican Party and join the Libertarian Party.

So people ask me: why are you suddenly against the GOP?

As I said, I did not leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me and my Reagan Era Conservative values, which in the words of Reagan are based upon Libertarianism.

For 25+ years, I supported candidates, voted Republican and worked for the party. Then I moved off of the coasts (after having lived in CA and the east Coast) and made the mistake of thinking that in Indiana I was joining a Conservative "American" Party.

That is where I learned that Nixon was a Communist and Barry Goldwater (the Father of Modern Conservatism) was a Liberal. That is where I was told that my fiscal conservatism, ideas for small and unobtrusive (or as little intrusion as possible), fair and the lowest possible tax rates for all, equal rights, and especially "freedom of religion" were equated with "progressivism" and "communism". I'm stilled baffled by that, but it seems that anyone that does not attend a proper Republican endorsed church is a "commie".

That is where I encountered the single most corrupt political party I have ever seen, and I work here for the CPC (Editors Note: Communist Party of China).

That is where I really learned to understand the term xenophobia, the irrational fear of foreigners. The primary fear is of brown-skinned foreigners (mainly Mexicans). They love to use cheap Mexican labor on the farms where they burn their crosses, but they resist allowing them to become citizens. It's not just non-white foreigners that are met with the phobia; it's anyone from out of town.

If you move there from another state, even if you are a Republican, you're likely to be greeted by some Al Capone wannabees, assorted Klansman, the cast of deliverance, the offspring of some kissing cousins who left their condoms back at the trailer park when they went off behind the barn at the church picnic, and a few extras from Smoky and the Bandit saying "you ain't from these parts".

After witnessing first-hand the extreme corruption, which is more harmful to the economy than anything else that is going on, and saw the state of the education system (the least educated state in America), and Republican resources being applied to elect Democrats; I had no choice but to resign.

With an AA in accounting, a BA in International Business (with a minor in Economics) and now an MA in International Relations (with essentially three languages), this party which rules over the least educated state, and where 65% do not believe in science, considers my background to be "uneducated". Again, I'm baffled; but I give up trying to figure that out.

This is a party that thinks that Moses was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and that the First Amendment to the US Constitution declares the US to be not just a "Christian only" nation, but one of a new Republican only Christian denomination that was created in the 1970s and revised when they invented a new version of Jesus on 9/11.

Even with a world-class education, solid Conservative values, business experience and an international resume, there's just no room at the Kornfield Kounty Kristian Inn; so I parked myself with the Libertarians until I decide what to do.

Although not guilty by reason of insanity, there is just not much of anything for anyone in the IN GOP; my last home before returning to the real world.

In the meantime, the main argument in the GOP is "who will be a better President: Hillary or JEB?”
While that is going on, no one seems to see the significance in the fact that Herbert Hoover (1929–1933) was the last Republican elected to the White House without Nixon or a member of the Bush family on the ticket. This still stuns me. The GOP gene pool has become a *shot glass, and some of those genes (well, see the kissing cousins comment above). (NOTE: *original source text was modified after this posting)

Perhaps someday I will return to the national GOP; in the meantime, there needs to be major changes.

DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE: Homelessness versus Economic Redevelopment along our Three Rivers - Part One Current History

Homeless In The City Of Churches Event Photo 20150208
Photo and Food Credit Food Not Bombs Fort Wayne
Over the last several months there have been many a discussion across multiple platforms and meeting halls about what to do to resolve certain capacity and service issues regarding those whom lack a secure permanent dwelling space in Fort Wayne, Indiana, right before the next round of Mayoral and City Council elections this year. As incumbent politicians and community activist jockey for coverage of their positions or their posteriors, and some community activists have also decide to enter the fret of politics as well to extend their messages and core cause issues, by doing so, tend to overwhelm the voters when  trying to communicate their campaign issues versus the history over the surrounding issues that they advocate for daily. Everything came to a head this past Sunday, at the roundtable discussion Homeless In The City of Churches held at the Wunderkammer Company on Fairfield Avenue in the old Casa's Restaurant Building.


Whom is responsible for the Homeless in our midst?

Until 1987 there was not a Federal Care Provision mandate until the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act was passed by Congress and signed by then President Ronald Regan. The McKinney Act originally had fifteen programs providing a spectrum of services to homeless people, including the Continuum of Care Programs: the Supportive Housing Program, the Shelter Plus Care Program, and the Single Room Occupancy Program, as well as the Emergency Shelter Grant Program. The McKinney Act is a conditional funding act which means that the federal government gives grants to states and, in return, the grantee states are bound by the terms of the act. If a state chooses not to accept federal funds for these purposes, it does not have to implement the act. (WIKI)

So the Federal Government leaves it to the States to deal with as it was historically within the boundaries of the State's primary jurisdiction to secure their own People. Indiana has the given primary care of the Indigent and Homeless to the jurisdiction of the Township Trustee, of which six of the twenty Townships within Allen County are encompassed either all or in part by the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana: Wayne, Washington, Saint Joseph, Aboite, Perry, and Adams. While the City is not the primary Government Agency responsible for poor relief and sheltering the homeless, the ones whom are responsible for such benevolence are not doing their job efficiently either, and that goes for both Wayne and Washington Township Trustees. I havent had a recent encounter with any of the other four but they should also be challenged to improve their response to these surrounding Community issues as well, Indigent Care is under their wheelhouse.

Why are we just now starting to talk about this? 

The facts of the matter remains that, as the Fort Wayne Police Department is questionably harassing Homeless people encamped along side our Riverbanks in tents and makeshift shelters, and Citizen Advocates are crying foul, while the City Council starts choking on its own spit to avoid the Citizen backlash, only to have the Mayor pop up and act aloof and ignorant of what our Police Department is doing, and as the Citizen Advocates dig deep and start counting names and taking numbers and issuing challengers to City Council incumbents, only to get a run around by the previously aloof Mayor about a new Indiana Regional Homeless Triage Project (IRHTP) that wont even begin until (Commentary Part 1 of 3 by Ed Rose on the TOOL/PILOT Program) (Part 2 and Part 3, for further reference) after April, is that while everyone has been playing offense and defense of their respective positions and niches of service within the Community, by the City doing anything for or against the Homeless population they are both usurping jurisdiction from another Government Agency and Tax Finances that could be used more beneficently then they way they are being distributed right now, from both Government funded Agencies and Private and Religious Foundations, to scratch preferred backs and favours rather than the organizations that have the capacity but lack the capital investment to implement newer more fiscally responsible programs.

Economic Redevelopment versus Homeless Shelters/Encampments

This isnt a new debate either, we have been back pedaling how to deal with Homeless in our midst even as far back as 2009 when the new location for Charis House was built on Wells Street northwest of the Superior Street Bridge. Back then current Third District Council Member Thomas Didier was livid to think that all of that previously undesired, now Prime River Front, was now isolated from further Economic Development.

Third district City Council member, Tom Didier's, district is across the street from the controversial land. He says he isn't against helping the homeless but doesn't like the proposed Well's Street location.
"This particular project is something that probably could go somewhere else. You know it's not like it has to go here! They own the property so for them they actually could make out in the long run if some developer would want to come along and purchase that property.”
Didier called Mayor Henry today and suggested the city purchase the property and help Charis House officials find other land. 

(Source: Homeless Shelter Ready To Expand, Neighbors Say "Not So Fast" by Laura Donaldson,  
25 February Updated 04 March 2009, The Networks of Indiana News Center)

And then when challenged by Citizen Activists recently his response was even more disingenuous:
(disingenuous - adjective, not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.)
City Councilman Tom Didier said he takes the challenge from Landis seriously, but says he plans on challenging himself in a different way.
"I already know that it's freezing cold and the last thing I would want to do is I would want to be in the shoes they are in how do you develop a plan or program to have them realize that themselves that is a question that even Pastor Donovan says we're here to help," said Didier.
Didier said there is room in the Rescue Mission. The problem is getting men to agree to their rules, and really want to change.
"I think it's there, the need to help is there it's whether the person that's wanting to help and he wants to take that opportunity for the help," said Didier.
(Source: Councilmen Say 'No' to Homeless for a Week Challenge
by Isabella Moller, 27th of January, 2015, Fort Wayne Home Page / WFFT FOX 55 NEWS)

Which was then directly contradicted by the Person whom he cited from the Rescue Mission while discussing the new TOOL/PILOT program announced by the Mayor:

While Donovan Coley with the Rescue Mission sees this as a step in the right direction, he said the pilot program doesn’t currently address real solutions.

“The problem is still that we don’t have enough beds. So we can identify the persons, but where are we going to put them?” he asked.

Then to top all of this off the Riverfront Study Group released their long term planning strategy, which begins right smack dab in the middle of two Homeless Shelters and several independent encampments.

In 2013, the city hired SWA Group from Houston to complete a riverfront study. The consultants revealed their final recommendations at a meeting Wednesday night at the Grand Wayne Center, saying the first phase should involve a waterfront promenade. It could extend along both the south and north banks of the St. Marys River beginning at the Historic Wells Street Bridge and stretching east toward Harrison Street. 

(Source: Promenade recommended as first phase of riverfront development 
by Staff Reports Published: 4th of February, 2015, WANE NEWS CHANNEL 15)

In closing this historical review of recent activities, I think it would be fitting to quote Pastor Donovan Coley from earlier last year during Hunger and Homeless Week which ironically happened only a few days after the first evictions of homeless people from the Riverfront by the Police Department:

Donovan Coley, CEO of the Rescue Mission, amplified his concerns with the city’s eviction notice tactic during a press conference about the awareness week.

“I pray Fort Wayne, that we will offer true compassion by not asking individuals just to move their stuff, but that we will help them to pick up their lives,” Coley said on the Allen County courthouse green. “I pray that we will not lose our individual and community conscience in the pursuit of economic and riverfront development.”
In August, Coley first told 15 Finds Out about his concerns for the future of the homeless in a revitalizing downtown in the investigative series “Down and Out in Downtown.” Monday morning, he expanded on solutions to eradicate homelessness in Fort Wayne.

“I pray that we will come together as a community with real resources and real solutions to develop a comprehensive plan for a welcome center, for a day center, medical detox with therapeutic treatment, and other tools to address this issue in our beloved community,” Coley said.
(Source: Concerns, solutions voiced for homelessness awareness week.
by Adam Widener, 17th of November, 2014, WANE NEWS CHANNEL 15)


Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Should parents have a choice on whether or not to vaccinate their kids? Should parents have a choice on whether or not to feed their kids? Should parents have a right to right to decide whether or not to let their kids out of the basement?

Once you decide to take an infant home from the hospital, you have an obligation to provide for that child's needs. You have to provide them with food, shelter, and see to it that they receive medical care. If you can't or won't do this, put the child up for adoption. Nothing I've said in this paragraph should be controversial. If there are kids in your house right now, make sure they are vaccinated or send them home.

To be sure, kids have an amazing ability to trigger irrational emotions in their parents. This can lead to parents making unfortunate decisions that make the news. If your emotions or beliefs are keeping you from providing adequate medical care for your kids, please put them up for adoption.

Should parents have a choice on whether or not to vaccinate their kids? Parents have an obligation to protect their children from communicable diseases. One way to do this is to vaccinate your kids. Another way is to take your kids to a GMO-free, gluten-free utopia in the middle of nowhere. I'm open to hearing other suggestions in the comments section.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Libertarians To The Editor: WILLIAM LARSEN: Education has gotten too far from basics

K-12 education is critically important to our economy and freedom. Over the past five decades I have been exposed to many educational experiments. In my five decades I have researched these experiments and found that they were implemented without ever being validated. In short, did they improve education?

Many question why test scores are low, yet I believe these good people are missing the basics of learning and how the brain processes and retains information.

We all learn differently. I learn best by hearing, writing and seeing a presentation and least by reading. I find that reading from a hard copy is far superior to a monitor. I also learn best when I must explain myself instead of multiple choice. In fact, the item I grew up disliking the most, writing, turns out to be the most efficient means of learning for me.  I also learned a great deal when I looked up a word in a dictionary, seeing many other words spelled correctly before I found the one I was looking for. I learned that an outline reduced mistakes, organized my thoughts, reduced time I spent actually writing and improved my retention of the material.

The purpose of K-12 is what? To me it is to teach me the basics so that by grade 12 I know how to teach myself. However, today’s K-12 presentation of material does not utilize repetition nor use multiple senses at the same time.

I have always questioned school systems’ use of calculators and computers in K-12. The material we learned before these great tools was no less than that taught today. I took the same high math without the high-tech tools.  I grew up without using a calculator and computer, yet when I used one for the first time in 1984,  it took very little time to learn the software, I had a true appreciation for its power.

Before one can run, one must learn to stand, crawl and walk. Skipping the basics is not really learning.


Fort Wayne

EDITORS NOTE: Published in Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 20150203.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beyond the Veil: First Spouses represent our Ideals and Ethics to the World.

So the First Lady accompanied President Obama to Saudi Arabia, in an Official Diplomatic Status, and didnt wear a "head scarf" while paying respects to the late King Abdullah. (Washington Post) This of course has been blown up on news and blogging sites and trending on Twitter and Facebook both for the last couple of days. There are some whom are stipulating that it is an affront to the people of Saudi Arabia and a schlep of others crying that it was a broad political statement made by Michelle Obama, if not ironic that both her prior two predecessors made the same decision in dress and took it three steps further:

Brian Harris via Vocal Progressives
"Freedom, especially freedom for women, is more than the absence of oppression. It's the right to speak and vote and worship freely. Human rights require the rights of women. And human rights are empty promises without human liberty."
~ Laura Bush,
at World Economic Forum in Jordan in 2005

"Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights."
~ Hillary Rodham Clinton
at U.N. Women's Conference in Beijing, 1995

One key thing to remember is, that while the First Spouse is not elected, they traditionally are still an Appointed Diplomat with certain historical duties, privileges, and challenges; they should represent to the World Stage the strongest, bravest, and sincerious, version of whom an American Person was, is, and will become, not in disrespect of another culture but in the most inclusive representation of our culture and ethics to the World.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Straight ticket voting.

I'll admit up front that I'm a yellow dog Libertarian. I vote straight ticket Libertarian in every election, and I vote for Democrats and Republicans in races in which no Libertarian is running. If you really believe in your own party and what it stands for, then the straight ticket button in the voting booth makes the process quicker for you and the people standing in line behind you.

Opponents of the straight ticket option want voters to research the individual candidates instead of just blindly voting the party line. If that is the goal, then party labels should be removed from the ballot altogether. A lot of people will still vote for their preferred party's candidates, but at least we can make them research ahead of time who their party actually nominated.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My response to Obama's SOTU

One great thing about being a second-term President is that one can say things with worrying about re-election. (One still might have to worry about criminal charges; there are places that George W. Bush can no longer travel to without fear of arrest.)

Obama was correct to end the embargo against Cuba. But he should have closed the base and prison at Guantanamo Bay six years ago. There is no reason to maintain a military base in a country that is not our ally nor a wartime enemy. The prison was built there to promote the legal fiction that the detainees are neither POW's nor criminal suspects. As commander in chief during wartime, (are we still at war? I've lost track.) he has the authority to order Marines and sailors to withdraw from a position.

Obama has proposed that the federal government should pay for community college and daycare. He knows that this won't happen when he is still president. These are meant to entice young people to volunteer their time for the Democratic Party. Young people should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that they will actually receive these perks in exchange for their efforts. Any benefit the government provides, the government can take away.

Arvin Vohra: presents the Libertarian Party response to the 2015 State of the Union.

For fair reference here is the full text of the Presidential Speech

Monday, January 19, 2015

Convincing FWCS to cut costs instead of bus rides.

At this evening's 6 pm LP meeting at the deli of Kroger of Coventry, I will be presenting my alternative school bus schedule plan for your helpful criticism and questions.

Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) is facing a $2.5 million shortfall in its Transportation budget and is dealing with it by cutting bus service to 4,000 to 6,000 former bus riders.  A No Transportation Zone (NTZ) of 1, 1.5 or 2 miles around elementary, middle and high schools will not get rides, even if they have morning babysitter outside the NTZ.

Parents who have to work at school start and stop times are wondering how they can stay employed and still get their kids to school.

I have figured out a solution.

Using the delivery patterns of city buses and airlines, I have devised a new pattern of pick-ups that is more efficient.  It should save money and give more kids rides. Now I have to convince the school administration and the board of trustees.

My Facebook page Save Bus Rides at FWCS will be back up tomorrow.
Please call me at 260 484-5946 to talk about it.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Do as I say not as I do: FWPD City Code Violations?

You do know that technically those Police vehicles sitting on the grass for a photo op actually violate City Code right?

Source and Cite unknown
Municipal code also prohibits parking vehicles (including cars, trucks, trailers, campers, boats, RVs, etc.) on any portion of residential property other than in a driveway, street or alley. Violators can receive tickets of $100 per day, per violation.

The Irony of Discriminating Life: "!GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!" I would rather have cake please, with rainbow sprinkles inside!!

So the Annual Right To Life March was held this weekend; there will be another Political Banquet later in the year as well as an Election Survey and possibly a Debate Scenario - even for City Government races. Unfortunately, not most but some realize that this event (The Burgess Candidate) is a Political dog show more than it is a concerned public speaking out; while they still have a right to march and all the ability in the world to speak, this is not a religious act of any degree, but political, and historically bigoted.

The corporate structure of the event (while individual intention be noble) the collective act is both political incumbent show ponies benefit before we really know whom all the Primary contenders are going to be for election and so misleading to the general public, that the history of the "outrage" needs to be explored and exposed, in order to clean up our Civil Discourse in the public arena, and for once begin to have an honest vociferous conversation about ideas rather than rhetoric that divides and demonizes, I think we have all had enough of that kind of politics and bullshit.

I have discussed at length before, last year even, the moral, scientific, theological, and legal issues surrounding Abortion/Infanticide, but my main goal here is communication of a concise historical record, so that way we can move forward in debating out the necessary resolutions to the idea of Abortion being a legal medical option that is rarely if ever used as originally intended by the Courts and not a spiritual anathema that is used to guilt and slander women in their most vulnerable moments.

Pro Life vs. Pro Choice, personally is the wrong statement or query. I think most of us can a agree that we are against the act every being necessary socially - as it is heinous; while at the same time, recognize that in some cases for medical (not just physical but also psychological), having the safe, medical procedure available to those whom need it, should have access to it, personally speaking, in a Hospital not a clinic - a fetus shouldnt be regarded with the same vitriol as a sprained ankle more treated like an appendix rupture, with care - before during and after the process if it is deemed necessary between a Patient and their Physician.

There is a major difference between which version of Pro Life you are trying to label someone with. Technically to be fully Pro Life you must be against Abortion, and the Death Penalty, and Contraception, and lets not even get started on the Prebondedforlife Coitial Activities conversation. This nation has never really been Pro Life, we have adapted that advocacy genre because the Religious Right (which is a political action) used it as a niche issue to elevate their cause and political strength thru the Churches because they were butt hurt over forced Racial Integration of our Schools and Society, the historical record is there, you just have to study it out and that is what I am presenting to you now as well as the prior analysis I have done below that.

Why I am bringing this all up is in concern not just for all the babies that we have lost, but all the ones that are born and we keep throwing away. The same vitriol that allows the above political actions with religious overtones to take hold in our Civil Society are the same that validate and promote the mendacity which permits people a Divine Authority to deny an inherit dignity to Gay and Lesbian and BiSexual and Transgender Youth and Young Adults to the pointe of bullying and suicide and attempts to abuse medical science in an effort to stabilize their crumbling World view.

More Info: Miracles and Mendacity explained by Randy Roberts Potts (grandson of Oral Roberts)

Religious Liberty Laws that are being considered to allow discrimination over public access to commercial endeavours, like Bakers, and Florists, are the same discriminatory Right To Refuse Service laws employed in the South and a few other places to deny a Black person the ability to sustain life or just enjoy a cold Root Beer on a hot summer day. Some will deny to their dying breath that the conversation on GLBT Civil Rights and Black Civil Rights are not the same, when if not in fact then at least in structure of the obstacles placed in the way of equal access, they are the same dog and pony show, just with the appearance of different rules and circumventing debates.

How that relates back to Abortion and the Right To Life Campaigns is three fold. Part of the inherited rhetoric of RTL is no sex outside of straight marriage, and no contraception, amongst others.

1. GLBT Marriage Equality challenges not just the less than a thousand year old Sacrament of Matrimony (Cannons 50-52, 4th Council of Lateran Basilica, 1215 AD) Marriage was not originally a Sacrament of the Church because it both prefigures and preordains the Church. Additionally the Ministers of the Sacrament is not the Priest or Clergy member but the People themselves getting married which forms the Covenant thru the act of sex, hence the phrase - consummate the marriage. There are several things required for a Covenant to be formed: tearing of the flesh, shedding of blood, and the mutual exchanging of privileges and rights - that is achieved during sex - the original Covenant bond - which also makes the Bible a Sex Manual in some peoples eyes, but I digress.

2. GLBT Marriage Equality also challenges the Religious Rights core Issue Statements; that if GLBT Persons are equal: then they can both choose to have sex, do so outside of or inside of marriage, and as a matter of necessity of health as well as courtesy to their partners have access to contraception unfettered, and "God forbid it", actually raise 'our' unwanted children or the children that they choose to conceive thru which ever means they choose to contract or facilitate.

3. GLBT Marriage Equality also means that Sexual Health and Education courses need to be all inclusive and actually educational rather than utilizing unproven, historically nonserviceable ideas, like Abstinence Only Education, as a political wedge issue.
Over the past 25 years, Congress has spent over $1.5 billion on abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, yet no study in a professional peer-reviewed journal has found these programs to be broadly effective. Scientific evidence simply does not support an abstinence-only-until-marriage approach. 
01. Federal Evaluation Finds Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs Ineffective
02. Abstinence-Only Programs Do Not Impact Teen Sexual Behavior 
03. Abstinence-Only Programs Do Not Affect Rates of HIV Infection or Sexual Behavior 
04. Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs Negatively Impact Young People’s Sexual Health
05. Numerous State Evaluations Fail to Find Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs Effective
In April 2007, a federally funded evaluation of Title V abstinence-only-until-marriage programs was released. The study, conducted by Mathematica Policy Research Inc. on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, found that abstinence-only-until-marriage programs are ineffective. Of the more than 700 federally funded abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, the evaluation looked at only four programs. These programs were handpicked to show positive results and they still failed.
Source: SIECUS ~Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (Oct. 2009)

My Final Thoughts 

If GLBT Persons are treated equally, under the Law, the Religious Right will loose more and more of its power base (as they are proven logically false, in their theological and rhetorical diatribes, people will naturally reevaluate the message of their leaders) over the minds and hearts of the People because they have become entrenched within the Church Theology as well as the historical Racial Political divide.

^ see theological and rhetorical diatribes^
CNN's Chris Cuomo Eviscerates Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
by John M. Becker c/o The Bilerico Project 20150212
VIDEO HERE via The Raw Story
UPDATED: They have become so entrenched in the Church Theology and the Racial Political Divide that even the State Supreme Court Chief Justice of Alabama attempted to cite the Bible as having Supremacy over the Constitution and by doing such (as exposed by JON STEWART on THE DAILY SHOW), violating their own State's Constitutional Amendment 1 (which prevented Foreign Laws from having Legal Standing) in order to avoid implementing a Federal ruling which over turned their ban on Same Sex Marriage because of 14th Amendment violations which turned into a political dog and pony show for a week and ruined a lot of people's Valentine's Day Celebrations, after this post was originally written. 

See also this Op Ed Too Much Prayer in Politics Republicans, the Religious Right and Evolution by Frank Bruni of the New York Times 20150214.

The Religious Rights only hope for retaining influence is to create "a political decent with religious overtones" and that is what allowing both the Right To Life historical movement to go unchecked is allowing the Racially biased Religious Right to promote even more divisiveness by claiming an old deed with a new name. Religious Liberty Laws - which are neither Religious, Liberty, nor Legal! They claim Constitutional authority to violate every principle of "forming a more perfect union"; in the land of the free, there is no bravery among those whom would call for such bias and discrimination, as "all are created equal" under the law is truly our creed.

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