Friday, June 26, 2015

Confederate flags and other useless symbols

Some symbols are useful, because they convey a clear message. Stop signs present a clear message, and I know what to do when I see one. I don't need to ask the fellow who put up the sign what he means by that.

Some symbols provide a more vague message. Che Guevara was a Communist guerrilla who hated black people and wanted to outlaw rock music. His face appears on t-shirts which are worn by people who don't seem to know this. I would imagine Che would be mortified that his face is used to make a quick buck, as if I would care what he things. The t-shirts are marketed as a symbol of rebellion. What the wearers of the shirts are rebelling against isn't always clear.

The same goes for Guy Fawkes masks. Guy Fawkes Day is a holiday in the UK that commemorates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot. Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliment and establish a Catholic theocracy. Even his fellow Catholics opposed his plan, and he was caught and hanged. Today, Guy Fawkes masks licensed by Warner Brothers are popular among radicals with both feet firmly planted in the air. I'm going to guess that Guy Fawkes and Anonymous have opposing views on separation of church and state. But again, Guy Fawkes is a symbol of rebellion.

When someone displays a Confederate flag, they might be trying to say that they are from the South, that they support states' rights (even though the CSA Constitution required states to allow slavery), or that their ancestors fought for the CSA, (hopefully their ancestors have accomplished other things in the past 150 years). Or they might be displaying that flag just to upset other people.

It is a waste of resources for state and local governments to display a defunct symbol. And it is a waste of energy for me to get upset when that's the reaction that people seek when they display such a symbol.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Dennis Hastert Scandal: Why Individual Privacy Is Vital To National Security

There are folks who argue that it is worth it to give up privacy for the sake of national security. These people will then insist that they have nothing to hide. But privacy is actually vital for the security of a democracy.

First of all, let's just admit that we all have secrets. I'm not married, so one of my secrets is that either I have had premarital sex or I'm a virgin in my thirties. Dennis Hastert had a secret as well. He spent a lot of money and may have broken the law trying to keep that secret under wraps. It's normal and understandable for elected officials to want to hide their past, even though the methods used aren't always legal or ethical. The kind of people who get elected to office often lead very interesting lives, then turn around and pretend that their lives are as bland as possible in order to cause the least offense to voters. Still, politicians should have the same right of privacy regarding their personal lives as any other citizen.

If the 9/11 attacks were carried out in a different manner, Dennis Hastert might very well have become President. And his blackmailer could have had influence over public policy. The personal secrets of powerful men can be used to control them, and by extension the rest of the country. So consider that there are thousands of private citizens who may get elected to Congress or the White House in the next 20 to 50 years. I don't know who will be President in 2032, but the NSA is likely gathering data on him or her right now. And that data could fall into the wrong hands. Whatever your opinion of Edward Snowden is, he is still yet another example of how the US government is very bad at protecting vital information. So one way to ensure a safer future is to not try to gather people's personal data into one big honeypot.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Tabitha Dyck to represent the People of Fort Wayne #PlugTheHolesInExcessSpending

EDITORIAL NOTE: During our Annual Convention the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana nominated and certified Mrs. Tabitha Dyck to be slated as our representative on the Municipal Elections ballot in November unanimously.


Mrs. Tabitha Dyck
Fort Wayne City Council At Large

A graduate of Bishop Dwenger High School, Tabitha Dyck, is a current Nursing student, with the eventual goal of achieving her Master's Degree. She is a United States Naval Veteran who completed her service as a Naval Corpsman in an Expeditionary Medical Unit, and earned several Leadership positions during her career. In the the years following High School before joining the Navy, she worked various jobs while touring the Country. Some of these jobs were Server, Entertainment Promotions, Camp Ground Facilitator, and Cook.

In 2005, Tabitha made the decision to return to Fort Wayne and plant her roots in order to "flourish along our three rivers". She made this decision due to her family being here. There is also a low cost of living, and it is a comfortable, practical, City to settle down in. After her term with the Navy, she was reunited with the love of her life, Sam. They are both passionate about Urban Gardening and have proven its aide to sustainability in the past. Tabitha would like to share her experiences and learn more about others ideas regarding these topics.

Tabitha decided to run for Fort Wayne City Council At Large because she hopes to prevent excess spending in City finances. She wants to assist the local Community with Self Sustainability in a healthy and practical manner. She also wishes, most of all, to speak for those who feel they have no voice. You may contact Tabitha Dyck for more information or to schedule an interview by calling 260-415-5040 or leaving a message on her Campaign's Facebook Page.

NOTE FROM THE OFFICERS: We are openly seeking qualified candidates for the November ballot. If you are interested in running for Elected Office in any of the 40 Positions available in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Grabill, Woodburn, Leo-Cedarville, or Monroeville, please contact LPAC's Chair, Robert Enders, privately to schedule a sit down interview. Please also follow LPAC on FACEBOOK to keep up with current notices and information as well.

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