Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Libertarians At Large Tomorrow

To All,

This is just a reminder that our television program will be airing tomorrow evening from 7PM - 8PM on Cable Chanel #57.

My guests will be Jon Bartels and Robert Fuller, both candidates in the last city council race.

We will be discussing our own campaigns and our own personal plans for future campaigns.

Call In and join us!!!


Doug Horner (L)
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Allen County

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Karen said...

I watched the show on channel 57 yesterday evening. I have to ask in the world do you expect to win much of anything, when you bring people on your show that don't exhibit the self respect to wear appropriate attire. For the two of you that tried to wear a suit, it appears that you "got" (I hesitate to use the word buy here) the (for lack of a better word) suit, at some goodwill store and never tried to make the clothes fit. And that Horner guy....geeze what a flake's hard to take you seriously when you have inflated ego that has no substance.
For god sakes get hair cut, or at least even up both sides.'s hard to take you seriously when you look like a clown...that goes for all of you....Especially the junkie looking guy,Fuller.

No matter what you think you're trying to do are not doing anything but making it worse. Please try and clean yourselves up.. Take pride in your appearance if you honestly expect to represent anyone other than your cat.

Then maybe once you get to the point where you're not offensive to look upon, someone may want to try and listen to what you have to say. But from what I've seen...I doubt it.

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