Monday, December 23, 2013

Why even elected officials need to be worried about domestic spying.

Here's a hypothetical scenario: It's 2019, and the 45th President of the United States already has re-election on his or her mind. Somewhere inside NSA headquarters, there is an analyst who believes in his work, and sincerely believes that he has the nation's best interests at heart. This analyst thinks that some of 45POTUS's policies are leading the nation to disaster.

He can't wiretap the White House's phones, because that would just send up too many red flags. But he might be able to access cell phone records and browsing histories of the President's supporters, business associates, donors, that guy with dreadlocks whom the President knew in college, etc. And that analyst could potential find information that may not be incriminating, but it's still embarrassing.

You think a government employee won't try to blackmail the President? It not only can happen, it has happened before. Pick the worst President you can think of, and that's still not as bad as an unelected bureaucrat who doesn't have to worry about being fired or arrested.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Regarding recent handshakes

How the hell do you make an entire news story out of just one handshake? That is something that world leaders are expected to do on a regular basis. If you really are worried about human rights in Cuba, there are other measures that the US government can take. 1. End the embargo and allow US grown food and consumer goods into Cuba. People tend to be a lot less radical while holding an electronic device on a full stomach. 2. End the travel ban. Let idiot college students see first hand just what it is that they are in favor of. They might even appreciate the irony that the cars on the streets of Havana have more capitalist origins than most cars currently produced in the US. 3. Close the prison in Gitmo. Raul Castro cannot be blamed for every human rights violation in his own country. Someday soon, natural causes will succeed where the CIA failed and the Castro dynasty will come to an end. We can influence what happens next by setting a good example and leaving the Cold War in the past.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cracking the knuckles to buckle down in 2014 Midterm General Elections. Are you ready to make the difference in politics as usual?

Ken Heare is one potential candidate in 2014 for the Libertarian Party of Indiana in the Third Congressional District currently held by Republican Congressman Marlin Stutzman.

Please be reminded that no candidacy is official until the person is selected by the State or County Party respectively, typically during the Annual Convention, held in the Spring. The Annual State and County Conventions are yet to be announced but that doesnt stop you from finding out what is required ahead of time. If you also wish to consider running for any office in 2014, please contact either our 3rd District Central Committee Coordinator and Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana Chairman, Douglas Horner at 260-704-4698, or our State Party Chair, Dan Drexler, or Executive Director, by calling 317-920-1994.

For more information please visit:

Securing The Blessings Of Liberty,

Kenneth White Jnr,
Vice Chair, LPAC 

How much is the Congress Member in the Window; I wonder if they are for sale? Congressional Pay: Does 30 dollars an hour sound fair to you?

Congress works a third to a half less then our kids are forced to be in school.

So $174,000 divided by 12 months is $14,500 Does Congress need a paycut? ..... I think so.
That is $14,500 per month per all 537 Member of Congress minimum. Even pulling 15 hour days times the typical twelve days per month scheduled next year plus and extra 3 days per two week intervals for constituent (that is you the voter) issues and travel time to and from their Congressional District (18 rd days =6.5+12), means that each member of Congress earns at least $805.55r for every minimum working and traveling day and if you go by per diem (each day of the month avg. 30.5) they received a stipend from your tax dollars of $475.41ru. So based on those two numbers $805 and $475 per day divided by 15 hours, each member of Congress at minimum receives an hourly wage of $53.66 per hour or $31.66 per hour.

Even going off the basic work schedule of 113 days the per diem would set at an astonishing $1,539.82 and that is without modifiers and allotments provided. Let us force them to drop their hourly rate by Statute and Amendment to twice the level of the minimum wage but still tagged to inflation and see how fast they raise it for everyone else now.

Chuga Chuga Woohoo!! Is passenger rail a Legacy we can afford or sustain in Fort Wayne?

I know that I would love to take a day trip to Chicago or Indy: museums, movies, plays, shopping, etc. and not have to worry about driving back home after all that walking, with all those packages, after eating a really really big meal, and partying/drinking up at Boystown or Gregs respectfully. Having a Red Light Shuttle back to Fort Wayne would be amazeballs and I could sleep and sober up on the way back get in my car and drive home too.

The other problem I have is the area surrounding the old train station is already log jammed with CitiLink, Parkview Field/Harrison Square, and Greyhound Bus Service. The Businesses around there and especially Powers Hamburgers, all at the same intersection and not enough inexpensive short term or long term parking to make it feasible for development that will actually be used. And God forbid it if they try to close down After Dark Nightclub (Dont piss off the Drag Queens!) or St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to provide more parking or eliminate one more bar from their site plans for that area or turn it over to one of their cronies at a profit.

It would be better to use the midsize buses or full size vans on an isolated path road (like I dont know an interstate or state/federal highway) and become more diverse in both travel destinations and fuel economy. Rail for passengers outside of Chicago, Indy, Columbus or Toledo, and Lansing, anything outside of a two hour window, then I would consider it necessary. However, Fort Wayne is also a central location for all of those Cities mentioned above and that is where you achieve the rub of two competing interest groups: travel from the Summit City and commerce coming to the Summit City. Where we need transportation service isnt just to and from the larger Cities it is the small towns within an hour or two or three from here like Columbia City or Syracuse or Defiance, etc. and that is where the CitiLink Service buses could be best used, out on the open highway saving the smaller buses and full size vans for in City and small town driving.

The other obvious objection would be to the use of $200,000 dollars of Legacy Funds, that expense should be covered from the surrounding businesses that will be affected by the expanded tourist dollars and travel lodgers first, and then paid by all the tax revenue that Harrison Square is allowed by law to retain under Special Zoning for maintenance and development, not the rest of the City for a project that by its own record wouldnt even consider turning a profit let alone be self sustaining until at least 2030 by its own speculations.

Besides there is always something else to waste $200,000 on like non supported QR technology (via Dan Turkette's Angry White Boy, October 2013) on street signs. (Really, City of Fort Wayne? Get with the times! You dont even have full wifi blanket across downtown and you want to use something that is three years out of date.) Maybe we could start by actually hiring a consultant that knows what they are talking about for a change? I suggest we start with rotating groups of students in college and/or high school whom have the latest technical knowledge in a particularly given field and pay them a thousand to five thousand bucks each (in scholarship grants partially), depending on the scope of the project and detail to which they are responsible to put together the proposal, action plans, and finally oversee implementation, even if it does or doesnt require a professional directly in charge of the project fruition. They will get it done a lot quicker and for a lot less money and it will last because they will want to show it to their grandchildren.

For more information read this article:

Friday, October 18, 2013

What you SHOULD have learned from the shutdown

The more government is involved in your life, the more politics is going to play a role. Which might work out great for you for about 8 to 12 years, and then things come undone when a new administration is inaugurated or a new Congress is elected. Ask any government employee what that's like, and then ask yourself just how much you want the federal involved in your healthcare.

You might be thinking "The Republicans will not win the White House in the foreseeable future." Remember that a lot of people said the same thing in 1999. The foreseeable future in politics is only a few months. Suppose you woke up one day to find Michele Bachmann is the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. Would you like having her decide what treatments you will be eligible for and what's bad for your health?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hoping Obama evolves some more

When a politician changes his stance on a issue and you disagree with the new stance, you might call that "flipflopping". But when you agree with the stance, you could call it "evolving". I'm hoping that the President evolves on Syria and doesn't launch airstrikes. I'm hoping that he realizes that this isn't the way to restore America's reputation. I'm hoping that even if people remember what he said about a red line being crossed, he realizes it's better to lose a little face than lose a lot of lives and property. I hope that he realizes that you cannot bring about peace nor can you win a war just by dropping bombs. I'm hoping that he realizes that neither the Assad regime nor the Syrian rebels are worthy of being our allies. Assad's chief redeeming quality is that he wants to kill the type of people who record themselves dismembering corpses and eating pieces of them. The rebels' chief redeeming quality is that they want to kill Assad. That really doesn't give us much to work with here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The value and limitations of individual privacy and government secrets

We all have something to hide. For the most part, we have legitimate reasons for hiding personal information. The government doesn't want civilians to know ICBM launch codes, and neither do I. Movie producers don't want you to know how their films in production are going to end. While I love spoilers, but many people understandably dislike them.

Common people have legitimate reasons for concealing things about themselves. For example, I am 34 years old, and I have never been married. From that statement, you may logically conclude one of three possibilities: 1) I have engaged in premarital sex that some people might judge to be sinful 2) I am a 34 year virgin, and some people would ridicule me if they believed that 3) I've just lied to you about having never married. I believe that if the truth about my private nocturnal activities were widely known, I would be treated unfairly in my personal life and professional life. (No, I'm not gay. But unless you want to sleep with me, why should you care?)

I also don't want people to know my comings and goings, and what sort of stuff I have at my home. Maybe all I have is a 10 year old computer and an analog TV, and I'm embarrassed by my home's lack of amenities. Maybe I have all sorts of cool gadgets and I don't want people to know that because they might try to steal my stuff.

What we don't have a right to do is cover up the activities that we didn't have a right to do in the first place. A con artist doesn't have a right to wipe his computer if the police are on their way to arrest him for ripping off pensioners. And the government does not have a right to cover up its own misdeeds or the misdeeds of others.

Often it isn't the scandal that ruins a politician's career, but the cover up. Nixon was forced out of office because he tried to cover up the Watergate burglary. On the other hand, the public largely forgave Bill Clinton after he admitted to having sex with a subordinate. The current administration would be wise to learn from these two examples.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Why move the Anthony Wayne statue?

The most compelling argument that I've heard for moving the equestrian statue of General Anthony Wayne came from Mayor Tom Henry. He said
"I've talked to residents who do not even know where this statue is."

You can share this with your friends and show them where the lovely statue is. I just saved the city $75K.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tweet of the year.

I could say something here, but I'll let my readers do it for me. Have at it.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Service Members and State's Rights Salute The Timely Demise Of DOMA & PROP 8!?! Gay Lesbian BiSexual TransGendered Americans Can Finally Begin To Celebrate Equality Almost!!

via Fort Wayne Equality

On the tenth anniversary of the decision of Lawrence v. Texas (2003), which began the restoration process of Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, and TransGendered or InterSexed, (GLBTI) Citizens, as full and equal members of this American Civil Society, by repealing certain laws which did not allow for GLBT persons the freedom to associate freely, and engage in private romantic activities, amongst many other things, including adding a extra classification for JUDICIAL SCRUTINY and placing 'indelible characteristics which cannot be muted' into a Title IX compliance issue, The Supreme Court of the United States took Marriage Equality (which already exists in 13 States or 33% and up to ten Sovereign Tribal Territories) five steps further to a full reality today by repealing the third section of the 1996 Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) and ordered the lower Ninth Circuit Court to dismiss based on grounds of STANDING and lack of JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT AUTHORITY, the attempt to secure Proposition 8 (PROP 8) as the Constitutional force of the People in California, when the right to marry previously existed by order of the Courts interpreting the State Constitution, and again was repealed by the Courts, because of the trichotomy of Statuses caused by the several different Statuses caused in the impending legal wranglings and pandering by interest groups, leaving well established families to clean up the whirlwind around them and the effect that it had on their children within social peer settings.

However as much todays decisions were five steps forward for Marriage Equality it has taken States Rights into a whole new universal reality. Through a casual skimming of the documents and later analysis, what the Court did today was anything short of expected, they in essence, established the STATE as a Corporate Personhood, the head of that being the Person of the Governor in Office and other Officers of the State in subsequent authority rather than even dealing directly with the individuals involved they issued to the State as a Corporate Person the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment Guarantees and therefore was then able to fry the cord on both the People of California trying to defend PROP 8 (which banned gay marriage) by saying they had no authority to overstep their Governor/Secretary of State/Attorney General etc.decision to not appeal and with DOMA Section 3 repealled, told the Federal Government to get their hands of the throat of the State and her citizens whom the State says can lawfully marry because it has and always will be a State sanctioned action, the Church doesnt even come in second place in this ruling.

The decision in DOMA helped facilitate the decision in PROP 8 (as cited by Chief Justice Roberts dissent). Below you will find links to the rulings and other analysis, and I would encourage you, as even I still am doing so, to diligently read thru them not just make off the cuff remarks about the intrinsic results that will and have now forever changed the conversation not just on Marriage Equality but State's Rights and the issue of Corporate Personhood as well.

Lastly there are several things that have immeadiately come about full circle in light of these two rulings:

1.) All GLBT Service Members (All Seven Branches of the Military and Civil Defense) and Federal Employees whom were married in a State that acknowledges Marriage Equality, even if they no longer reside in that State, can now begin to receive partner benefits, as well as file joint income tax returns next year, along with all the other 1,000 federal benefits and protections. Dont Ask Dont Tell (DADT) has finally been killed off completely, ironically by friendly fire!!

2.) Edie Windsor. Remeber that name. 42 years of together forever love was enough to bring down hate; but it took one 84 year old woman to tell the Courts who where and how, when it comes to Marriage Equality. Dont ever say one voice cant change the world forever, because today, one voice did just that!

3.) Marriage is still defined by the State not the Federal Government nor the Church. The Courts reaffirmed that right to the State indefinitely. They also did not challenge the legitimacy of either PROP 8 or Marriage Equality in California or in the Federal DOMA Statute. They simply stated that the People of California and of the other 13 States attempting to override their dually elected officials did not have the right to usurp the States interest in choosing not to defend the amendment to the State Constitution or act of the State Legislature; therefore in all cases the legitimacy of Marriage Equality itself was not challenged, just the application of it to federal law and benefits.

4.) The Libertarian Party since its founation in 1971 has held that, Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no impact on the government's treatment of individuals, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws. Government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships. Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships. Furthermore the LP National Committee and the LP Allen County applaud yesterday's decision to strikedown DOMA.

Dan Drexler, The State Chair of The Libertarian Party of Indiana also had the following commentary to provide regarding the decision and the forth coming sanctimonious outrage by Governor Mike Pence and others within the Republican controlled General Assembly:
“Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is clearly an historic move toward marriage equality consistent with the long-held libertarian belief that government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships. Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships.”
“We encourage Republican leaders in the Indiana Statehouse to heed this ruling and abandon their ongoing efforts to build discrimination into Indiana’s own state constitution in this year’s legislative session.”

5.) Take the time to read the decisions for yourself dont just base your opinions on what other people assert find out why the Justices delivered a three tier punch and a roundhouse kick to the Federal Government and the People of California. Your going to be shocked at some of their reasons, dismayed even, but it will challenge your heart and mind for the sake of our Nation, where to one day, we can all be EQUAL in the sight of God and mankind, but most especially first, in the eyes of the law!

United States v. Windsor (DOMA) | Hollingsworth v. Perry (PROP 8)

In other words, how many millions of dollars did Congress waste trying to Defend DOMA?

7.) Will the Federal Full Faith And Credit Clause force States that do not recognize gay marriage to recognize a marriage that was legal in another state? A different section of DOMA says that States do not have to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. That provision was not challenged in today's decision. So the constitutionality of that provision remains an open question.

8.) A Couple Excerpts from SOCTUSBLOG from todays DOMA/WINDSOR ruling:
Unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment. "DOMA singles out a class of persons deemed by a State entitled ot recognition and protection to enhance their own liberty." The opinion and its holding are confined to those lawful marriages.

page 20: There is a "careful consideration" standard: In determining whether a law is motivated by improper animus or purpose, discriminations of an unusual character especially require careful consideration. DOMA cannot survive under these principles. 

Bottom of 25-26: The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity. By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I don't understand about Snowden and PRISM

I value my own privacy, and I understand the importance of government secrecy. We can argue about what should be private or secret in another blog post. If maintaining the secrecy of the PRISM program was so important, why not just lie about it? If I were Obama, I'd brush this off by saying it's another conspiracy theory. I'd say something sarcastic like "So this guy has evidence of a secret spying program? Does he also have my real birth certificate?" The White House press core would laugh, and the nation would go back to talking about Honey Boo Boo and Justin Bieber. But by prosecuting Snowden, the government is admitting that PRISM exists. Why is putting this man in jail more important than protecting the secrecy of the program?

Monday, June 10, 2013

PRISM and Privacy

Here's why you should be worried about this.
1. A lot of Americans break the law, but very few actually get arrested for it. You probably think that you have nothing to hide, right? Remember that stuff that you bought online but didn't pay the sales tax on? Remember writing $0 when your IT-40 asked you to calculate the sales tax for these purchases? PRISM remembers what you bought online, and the Indiana Department of Revenue remembers what you reported.
2. But maybe you are 100% in compliance with all federal and state laws. Maybe you're utterly confident that the government has bigger fish to fry, like terrorists, drug lords, and conservative activists. You still should be worried about data collected on you. If the government can't keep PRISM a secret, it can't keep collected data a secret either.
3. This isn't going to make us safer. There are always going to be ways to send messages that can't be traced. Mail a letter with the wrong return address. Post a cat video with a hidden code. ("Calico if by land. Tabby if by sea") And do you think all those spam messages are really trying to sell you something?
4. Private citizen who volunteer information are law enforcement's best resource for gathering information on dangerous criminals. Anything the government does to antagonize citizens makes them less of a resource.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hoosiers are being fooled as the General Assembly is consistantly trying to stifle home rule advantages and selections; and yet Governor Pence panders for home rule, only to trump the voter, rather than the principled stand he took during the election and previously .... You want to talk about quid pro quo? .... Congrats Indiana, this Governor is fighting you rather than for you!!!

As a Libertarian, I feel that anything that strips both home rule and proper checks and balances within local government, especially without the consent or consultation of those governed, by an outside jurisdiction or officer, should be scorned scrutinized and immediately vetoed, and the people responsible should be voted out of office as quickly as the electoral process and legislation repealed or injuncted as soon as judicial review allows. The fact that this is an obvious slight of hand to remove a validly elected and dually sworn City County Council Member whom happens to be gay is vile in the worst degree of Hoosier politics and just not the way we roll here in Fort Wayne and Allen County. Please call Governor Pence and ask him to VETO this bill SB621 and any others like it. 
What would happen if they tried this in Fort Wayne or Evansville etc.?  
The short answer is there would be a riot at the State House.
According to Zach Adamson, the Councilman directly targeted and one of four affected by the now passed and signed legislation, Allen Countys bill is coming to a head fast as of the 8th of May the General Assembly had sent Allen County's Local Government Reform bill to Study Committee. We are next on the list for having our local representation stripped from us without even a wink or a nod as to what we citizens want. Contact your local Legislator today and tell them to stop the process and talk to the people here in Allen County first. And if they dont listen, vote them out of their jobs, finally, next year.
Sorry Governor Pence, you dont get to excuse your clear violation of "your own 'philosophy'" for the sake of allowing the General Assembly Republicans their dues and kickbacks of power, to run roughshod over the validly elected and dually sworn members of the City and or County Council, and any other branch of local government.
On his last day  to either approve or veto bills, Indiana Governor Mike Pence went ahead today and signed SEA 621, legislation which will change the way Marion County Government operates.  
SEA 621, among other things, gives the Mayor of Indianapolis more control over the budget and it eliminates the four at-large City-County Council positions.  It also creates a central count for absentee ballots, puts IMPD permanently under the Mayor and reduces the residency requirement for an individual to run for Mayor. 
Republicans and 621 supporters have said the legislation was necessary to keep spending under control, while Democrats and opponents had called it a power grab.  Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and Sheriff John Layton went so far as to say the legislation would hinder their ability to fight crime.

Now that the bill has passed, Democrats and City officials held a press conference to urge Gov. Pence to veto the bill. Zach Adamson stated:
It strips the Council's ability to serve as a balance to the now unchecked power of the Mayor, the very balance the voters clearly and decisively demanded when they elected us. It also drastically alters the makeup of the City-County Council by eliminating the four At-Large councillors without a shred of input from the people of Marion County in a purely partisan move that attacks the people's ability to self-govern.
Indiana’s Republican muscle was in full flex Saturday when Gov. Mike Pence signed a measure to reshuffle Marion County government and eliminate four Democratic-held council seats.
Supporters insist the changes in Senate Bill 621 promote good government, but one longtime political observer disagrees.
“If it’s good government for Indianapolis, why isn’t (Pence) doing it for all the major cities?” asked Brian Vargus, an Indianapolis political consultant and former political science professor. “The elimination of at-large seats is such a blatant power grab, you’d have to be a kindergartner to buy that.”
The measure eliminates the four at-large seats on the City-County Council, grants the mayor-appointed controller more authority over county officeholder budgets and grants the mayor the right to appoint five of nine members to the Metropolitan Development Commission — a majority, compared to the four members he currently appoints.
Vargus said Pence, a conservative who had recently expressed reservations about the measure, signed the bill to appease Indiana’s established Republican leaders.
“It runs against a lot of (Pence’s) philosophy, where the central government, the state in this case, doesn’t tell a city or a town what to do,” Vargus said. “He’s got to keep the powers-that-be in the party happy because they really don’t get along with him.”
Pence issued a statement Saturday that acknowledged he signed the bill despite “misgivings” over the elimination of the at-large seats.
“I am signing this legislation,” Pence said, “because it serves the public interest by granting to the current mayor of Indianapolis — and any future mayor of either political party — the authority to manage the city’s finances in a manner that protects taxpayers and encourages economic development and job creation.”
Reaction was swift and predictable, with Republicans cheering and Democrats grousing

Senator John McCain attempts to garner his maverickness back; I wonder what or whom pissed him off this time?

I have advocated for this at length a few times. A close friend, who once upon a time - for several years - was a 'caged monkey' for Comcast/Xfinity, and I had a lengthy discussion about this very issue. Its actually called 'Single Profile Masking'. Here is more information via CNET

Cable Companies have been able to do SPM for years but they dont want to because actual consumer having purchase control would affect their marketability and financial equity severely. You would almost be placed into the position of having to nationalize the system to keep it up and running, while the infrastructure is updated and caught up to specs to handle the service load and security issues that they don't want anyone to know exist currently.

While this provision by law is a long time coming, and with the above ramifications listed, Im scared to know that it is actually John McCain introducing it SCH13204

The SPM provision, while EPIC in itself, probably wont pass this Congress at all; so therefore this is probably yet again John McCain, grandstanding to make himself look important and as 'a fighter for the people', which probably means he is up for reelection in the next two Senatorial cycles or he is getting ready to run for President in 2016 again too and he got miffed by somebody for campaign donations so this is retaliation on his part.

John McCain lost his 'Maverick' status a while ago by his own doing. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds thru the legislative process. I personally feel it is a red herring and am not holding my breathe but I will advocate that everyone pay attention to this bill SCH13204 and ask your Senators and Representatives to allow it to proceed for a full vote by both Houses of Congress.


Finally was able to confirm with ACPL after playing phone tag with Josette all month, sorry for the delay.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana will be meeting in the Business and Technology Room of the Allen County Public Library (instead of the Globe Room) from 2-5 pm or 14:00 to 17:00 on the fourth Saturday of the month in May (25th), July (27th), September (28th), and eventually (only able to confirm 3 meetings at a time) November (23rd *tentative due to Thanksgiving holiday). Stay tuned for further details and other opportunities to meet your local Libertarian Party and as always we extend a welcome invitation to all of our new members their friends and acquaintances.

Also keep in mind that per our bylaws at this meeting the new Officers will be taking over. They are Douglas Horner, Chair; Jeannette Jaquish, is returning as Vice Chair; Robert Enders, Treasurer; and I, Kenneth White Jnr, am returning to my prior position as Secretary. A big thank you goes out to Elizabeth Lemmon Sepponen whom has served as the Secretary for the last three years.

Securing the Blessings of Liberty,
Kenneth White, Jnr.
Vice Chair, LPAC

Please use this event posting on Facebook to share with your friends and family and to RSVP. Thanks.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The recent IRS scandal

1. I really doubt anyone is going to jail over this. Some people have already lost their jobs. I suspect that other IRS employees are already getting their resumes in order, creating Linkedin profiles, and keeping an eye on the "help wanted" section of the classified section. But the burden of proof to convict a person is much higher than the proof required to fire a person. A competent defense attorney could convince a jury that it was reasonable for a defendant to suspect that anti-tax groups were created for the purpose of tax-evasion. After all, how many cops actually go to jail for unlawful searches? 2. This is exactly why the federal government needs to reduce spending. The more the government spends, the more it will depend on the IRS to ensure compliance. The more pressure the IRS is under to enforce the tax code, the more likely you are to get an audit.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Closing Guantanamo

Obama says he wants to close Gitmo, but insists that Congress won't let him. But does he even need permission from Congress? The answer to that boils down to this: Is the detention facility under the jurisdiction of the Cuban government or the US government? Legally, Cuba maintains sovereignty over the bay, but the Cuban-American Treaty of 1903 gives the US the power to lease Guantanamo in perpetuity. The Castro regime wants the US to leave and insists that they have the right to terminate the lease and evict the US Navy. If the State Department decides to recognize that Cuba has jurisdiction, Obama can close the base on the grounds that we don't have permission to stay. On the other hand, if the United States has jurisdiction over the bay, then everybody there is protected by the Bill of Rights. The President can and should place the Constitution over the wishes of Congress in this matter.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday, someone set off a couple of bombs at the Boston Marathon. At the time of this writing, we cannot be sure of a motive. But I strongly suspect that the perpetrator just felt like hurting people. Whatever cause that monster claims to support, he will be forever defined by the actual monstrosity of his actions and not his motives. He might claim to be a better person than common street thugs, but he is not. Yesterday was Patriot's Day in the home of the original Tea Party. It was also Tax Day, and the Libertarian Party of Allen County commemorated the day in the usual customary manner, through peaceful, nonviolent protest.

While I am glad that my tax dollars help pay for the FBI investigation of yesterday's bombing, there are a lot of federal programs that do nothing to make us safer or improve our lives.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Annual Tax Protest on Monday

The Allen County Libertarian Party will have a tax protest north of the downtown Main Post Office between 5pm and whenever crowds thin, April 15, 2013. We will hold up signs and hand out a flyers showing each US citizen's share, and each taxpayer's share, of the national debt and obligations -- each a shocking amount. LPAC Chair Doug Horner will be available for quotes or interview.

Monday, April 01, 2013

UNCOVERED Secret Anarchist Plans For Collapse of Federal Government

The best conspiracies can't be proven, because competent conspirators are good at maintaining plausible deniability. Yet this conspiracy is so large, that a majority of the US population is either in the loop or have been duped have into furthering the anarchist agenda. But it's quite simple really. Smart anarchists know better than to resort to violence. Take the government head on, and you'll just end up dead or in prison. But by causing the government to attack other countries and factions, these anarchists can get these people to do their dirty work for them. Another strategy is to get the government to go as far into debt as possible. Once the government defaults, nobody will want to loan it money anymore. How will we bailout our patriotic banks and oil companies when that happens, let alone maintain public order?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Make the kill list public

There has been a lot of talk and concern about drones. Some states are even considering legislation against these machines. Drones might seem scary, but the military has been using unmanned aircraft against targets since World War II. Drones are not the deadliest weapons in the US arsenal. I am no more anti-drone than I am anti-gun. I don't object to weapons, but I do object to the manner in which they are used. There is no moral difference between sending a drone to kill someone, sending a stealth plane to drop a smart bomb on them, or sending a special ops team to shoot them.

 What we need is the US government to declare publicly who it plans on killing and why. To be sure, Osama Bin Laden knew he was wanted for murder. He was given ample opportunity to turn himself in. Ultimately he got what he deserved. All people accused of murder should be extended the same courtesy of being given the chance to surrender. If our government thinks someone is a threat, that leaves two possibilities: (1) That person is very dangerous and the whole world needs to know that. (2)There is some horrible misunderstanding, and that person needs to get this unfortunate matter cleared up.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pocket knives aboard airplanes

This is a millimeter-sized step in the right direction. The repealing of this rule has a few people hot and bothered. I've read a number of comments in articles where people pointed out that knives and boxcutters were used to hijack airplanes on 9/11. But the practical reality is that pretty much all airline passengers and crew now know that anyone who is trying to force his way into the cockpit isn't doing so to give the pilot directions on how find LAX. Today, a terrorist who wants to fly an airplane into a building would have to kill every able-bodied non-pacifist adult on board before he can sit at the controls. That is not a feat that can be accomplished with a pocketknife.

Monday, February 18, 2013

FWPD has automatic license plate readers now.

This has been brought to my attention. 1. I hope that this isn't used to track the movements of law abiding citizens. If this gadget records and saves every license plate it ever sees, that could be potentially used for abuse. An officer could potentially used such a database to say, learn his estranged wife's daily routine. So license plates that police are not actively searching for should not be recorded by this device. 2. This could reduce the potential for mistaken identity, although police still need to apply common sense and caution when the device says it has a match. Maybe snow and road grime can make a "1" look like an "I" to HAL 9000. Or maybe a fugitive who drives the same make and model as I do decided he likes my license plate more than the one the BMV gave him. (Now that has occurred to me, I'm going to start checking my own plate every time I go out.)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Upcoming Events!!

So since not a lot of people were at the last meeting due to my screw up on the calendar I wanted to give you a basic run down of our schedule for the next couple of months so everyone can be at least aware of our tentative planning:

February Social Meetup Bowling
(This is still being planned out because of drastic cost regarding reserving lanes and event turnout etc. at our initial preferred locations)

March 23rd LPAC Convention ACPL Main in the Globe Room from 2-5pm

April 15th Tax Day Protest @Main Post Office from 4-8p (depending on weather conditions)

April 19th-21st is @LPIN State Convention in Columbus, Indiana

The Clarion Hotel and Convention Center is providing LPIN convention attendees with their choice of a Double Queen or King bedded tower room at the nightly rate of $89.00. As an added bonus up to two breakfast buffets are included per room! Reservations must be confirmed before March 19th to receive the group benefits. Please call as soon as possible 812-372-1541 and ask for the Libertarian Party rate. All reservations will be confirmed with a credit card and allow for cancellation without penalty until 6Pm EST day of arrival.
(delegates will be picked in March at LPAC Convention)

No Social Meetup for the month of April will have a Joint Business Meeting 

and Social Meetup in the first part of May.

Jeanette Jaquish is working on getting us a website in addition to our blog and our facebook page.

Our old facebook page will be eliminated today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sometimes you Wade other times you Roe ... Unfortunately we keep sinking the boat before we make it to dry land. How long can we tread water?

Father with Child (source and cite unknown)

Regarding the March For Life this Saturday I would like to provide both a libertarian and personal commentary as we approach the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Courts decision in Roe vs. Wade which legalized a woman's equal access to terminate their unborn child. 
~Kenneth White, Jnr.

Even the Early Church Fathers and St Augustine and Jerome (both contemporaries and Doctors of the Church) considered Aristotle's theories of a gradual intellect being formed up to 40 Days after Conception as the child being non human or not having been ensouled yet; the Greek Septuagint (LXX) translation of the Hebrew text, a pre-Christian translation that the early Christians used, introduced a distinction between a formed and an unformed fetus and treated destruction of the former as murder. (wiki: Ensoulment) Certain readings of Sacred Text would limit the definition of "Life Being Present" to the sixth month mark (John The Baptist in his Mother's womb danced), or when the baby takes its first breathe and "Breathes in the Spirit", or the reverse from Jeremiah's perspective is held true as well: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you. ~Jeremiah 1:5 (NABRE, USCCB.ORG)" etc., which asserts preconception knowledge not just post conception awareness. All are equally valid arguments based on particular interpretations of the same over all Sacred Volume of Texts. 

Unfortunately for those holding to which ever position they so choose, and citing which ever passage they prefer, the Courts cannot legislate morality from Scripture or Philosophy only justice from law and Supreme Laws. Those same limitations which allow one to hold any of those if not more positions, are countermanded by the the same protections which prevent the Courts from viewing this mandate from an authentically questionable alternative source and restore permission back to the individual to terminate a pregnancy without  any other scrutiny then a legal or scientific viewpointe.  

Scientifically speaking the modern very basic definition of life at least exists from the ninth month all the way back to the first week after Conception. I, as most rational thinkers also, have a problem with people taking the assumption then that the basic definition of life is still defined scientifically within the first week, as no evidence still exist nor can it be measured. So for lack of a better phrase, it would be scientifically heresy to make that leap of seven days prior in defining life as sacred, from the very moment of conception; and therefore a logical fallacy to do so within legal definitions as well, even taking it back to two weeks prior to conception for certain birth control legislation, as profoundly ridiculous, let alone unconstitutional to the hilt.

Being Pro Life or Pro Choice?

And that is where the rubber fell to the floorboards. The scientific definition while a little more stable than the religious interpretation and philosophical exercise that this debate has turned into is also not definitive when it comes to a Court of Laws. The Law has four main documents that it can look at: The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (Under the United States Code as part of the "Organic Laws") and of course primarily the Constitution of the United States as well as any International Treaty which also has the ability with Constitutional force to override any law at the state or federal level. The Courts are bound by what we wrote down so many years ago whom we considered a life and alive.

The question the Court must ask, pertaining to the Constitution is not, "Whom is a Life"; it is, "Whom is a 'Person'?"
"Persons" are one of the two main classes which are the subject of rights, powers, and duties, the other being "citizens". Persons may be "natural" or "corporate". "Citizens" are a subclass of "natural persons". Only persons have standing as parties under due process. Each government has the power to define what is and is not a "person" within its jurisdiction, subject to certain restrictions of Common Law and the Constitution, the 15th Amendment to which requires that it not exclude anyone based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Under Common Law existing at the time of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, "natural personhood" was considered to begin at natural birth and end with the cessation of the heartbeat. But technology has created a new situation, opening the way for statute or court decision to extend this definition and set the conditions under which personhood begins and ends. (
I think both arguments limit the discussion to the pointe of fierce contention rather than conversation. While I do have my concerns over multiple theological, scientific, and legal, definitions of life, and I also know that while life is sacred, the question of when life begins and whom has rights over that life need to be examined without shouting and propagating misinformation and vilifying another fully formed mature conscious equal human beings right to have any opinion or Society to evolve in its consensus regarding the issue.

If you want to claim Pro Life ... Be Pro Life!

I also hold that we have a twisted moral and legal compass when it comes to assuring life within this Country. For instance, were you aware that, right now in the State of Indiana, a Father has no legal rights over a child, unless a DNA test is performed and validated by the Courts. I believe that Fathers deserve at least a 25% stake in the legal remedies for their offspring. This would prevent so many children from being left in a quasi abusive or neglectful maternal living situation overnight, and give fathers one leg to stand on with surrogacy and adoption issues too. Please note with all emphasis that, just because your name is on the kids birth certification doesn't mean jack squat when dealing with Police, DCS, or the Courts until a DNA test has been certified!!

Like I said many times before that if we truly treasure life we would compensate mothers and or fathers with a moderate stipend around ($14-20,000), housing allowance, and reduced cost technical training, for the first two years so that they can focus on raising their child without having to worry about when their next meal comes in, or where they lay their head at night, and what they are going to do for the next twenty years to support and raise their children, because it is in our best interest as a Civil Society. As a Society bound together by our Sacred Honour to "Secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity" to say with one voice we want you to not just pursuit happiness but achieve it and succeed to make this Nation better for all of us .... Plus if we help in the beginning we wont have as big of a mess to clean up afterwards when they become teenagers or grown up into adults.

There is a big difference between being an Activist and being an Active Participant In Society! 

Both are necessary but the later will make this one of the most beautiful Cities and Counties in America bar none!! That is the true libertarian message we look out for each other and dont just rely on government to do everything and anything for everyone and take care of one another rather than sticking them in a program that doesnt even begin to meet their needs without making them jump threw twenty hoops to get a loaf of bread, a two dollar pound of bologna, and maybe a couple squirts of mayo on the side if they are lucky in some cases. Fortunately though Allen County has several great food bank network that serves at least a 25,000 households per week; but like any network or agency, they can always use some tweaking and oversight.

So instead of marching, I am going to assist a single father I've known for fifteen years in securing him and his three sons housing by writing a letter of recommendation and sponsoring his application process so that they can actually begin to excel in life around our three rivers not just exist. I will also donate my limited resources to Charis House, and many other charities that help fledgling and struggling families get thru another week a little less stressed than they were before. 

If you do choose to parade around the Courthouse and threw the streets this time though look down the alley and invite the person raiding the trash can behind the restaurant or grocery store to feed his family of five something other than mac n cheese or an item from a fast food chains value menu over for a wonderful homemade dinner and show them what Hoosier Hospitality is all about. You could also volunteer to take someone to Miss Virginia's or any of the other food banks throughout the week so they and their children will be able to eat better frequently.  

No matter the circumstances, Cherish and Nourish Life! and please don't forget about Liberty either!

Please check out these websites for more information to form your own opinion:

Andrew Horning would like you to join him in a protest assembly outside of a gun show in Indy on the 19th


I believe that balancing the Constitutional view and thoughts and practices by 
the Congress and Executive Branch is specifically what the Supreme Court is for 


What we need to consider in my honest opinion is Amendding the 22nd or 25th Amendment 
and the Third Article of the Constitution to:

1. Add term limits of twenty five years for the Supreme Court 
    with possibly an exception for the Chief Justice 
   (while we're at it lets slap a 25 year term limit on Congress too.)

2. Rotate the position of Chief Justice for five to ten year terms 

    based on seniority with a primary deliberation privilege cap at about 70

3. Increase the amount of Justices from 9 to at least 11 if not 15

   This will gain a true consensus body of the Common Sense interpretation 
   mixed with a diversified American experience not just a body of lawyers 
   trying to preserve their own agenda.


.... The Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937, frequently called the court-packing plan, was a legislative initiative to add more justices to the Supreme Court proposed by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt shortly after his victory in the 1936 presidential election. Although the bill aimed generally to overhaul and modernize all of the federal court system, its central and most controversial provision would have granted the President power to appoint an additional Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court for every sitting member over the age of 70½, up to a maximum of six ....


I wonder how many Conservatives are going to bitch about it being an FDR idea, lol?

Sunday, January 06, 2013


13th of January, 2013 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
at Little Turtle Branch of the Allen County Public Library
off West State Blvd 1 block south on Sherman Blvd.

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