Saturday, November 17, 2007

LPAC Public Access Programs

To All,

I would like to share with everyone a brief history of our Public Access programming here in Fort Wayne. It is important for everyone who is interested in politics and may want to learn more about the Libertarian Party.

Several months after the Libertarian Party was reformed in Allen County I was skimming channels when I saw a gentleman doing his own program on Public Access. I mentioned this at a meeting and thought it was something I could do. As many folks who have met me know I can talk for hours and have more than my karmic share of hot air. Jeannette Jaquish had done some public access work in another city and was happy to help.

We investigated how the process works in Allen County and the two of us began co-producing "The Libertarian Perspective". This was and remains a half-hour program. My criteria for topics was, and still is, anything of political or social importance. I determine what that is exactly, but I am open to suggestions and try to be reasonable with the topics. When the show first aired we were successful at airing it weekly. As time passed I began to fall behind trying to line up programs.

Elizabeth Lord, who works for Public Access, gently put forward the idea that we go to a bi-weekly program. After seeing how hard it was to do a weekly program I readily agreed.

Somewhere in here I became interested in doing a live show. I wanted to do something that would allow us to interact with the public and try to respond to questions and clarify positions. We then began airing "Libertarians at Large" on the third Thursday of every month from 7PM - 8PM.

Jeannette had to drop out when she began the Firehouse Theater on State Street. She does an excellent job with that.

On the "Libertarians at Large" program I keep my guests to Libertarian party members. I do this because I want the public to understand the Libertarian view on issues as the public asks questions.

Over the last several years we have won the Philo T Farnsworth award for political, informative, non-professional programming. We have covered such topics as: the Fair Tax plan, AIDs, stem cell research, property taxes and how they are determined, Harrison Square, eduction, sheriffs candidates, and many more.

I know I can always improve. I am learning every time I go to shoot a program. I also need to put in a plug for the great volunteers who man the cameras, adjust the audio, direct, answer the phone, and many other services they provide. Without the volunteers Public Access would not work.

If anyone would care to suggest a guest or topic I would be more than happy to hear from you. Lord knows I can use all the help I can get.

I hope to continually improve the program. It has been an outreach tool that has helped to share our message with people who may not fully understand who Libertarians are and what we stand for (and what we stand against).

Feel free to ask any questions you want and stay tuned!


Doug Horner (L)

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