Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What is wrong with a few Democrats and a few Republicans in Fort Wayne?

People need to lighten up. I am passionate about politics; however, I am not rude to those who I oppose. Local Democrat and Republican blogs are posting stories about members of the other Party being rude at the polls.

There is no reason to be rude or negative. I understand being passionate; however, we need to pull together and not take things so personally!

I will start with Jeff Pruitt's post:

You can read it in full at:

Jeff Pruitt reports that "I almost forgot. The guy working the poll for Kelty wouldn't say anything to any African Americans. He told me "most blacks are Democrats because they like the government handouts" - unbelievable. Vote Tom Henry, a mayor for ALL the people..."

I would think that any person working the polls in favor of a candidate would uniformly handout literature to anyone walking in who was interested in their literature.

I know Jeff Pruitt and I am certain that he is reporting the facts...

Next is a post over at Fort Wayne News:

In this post Dan reports that he was asked to remove his Kelty pin and Kelty jacket when voting. Note that he SHOULD have been asked to remove these items as that is the law. However, one of the other poll workers immediately spoke up and pointed out that the poll worker who just asked Dan to remove his pin had just let a person with a Henry pin come in and vote and did not ask them to remove their pin.

I am also certain that Dan is providing accurate reporting...

What is good for the goose is good for the gander... The law should be enforced equally.

In the comment section of the above post is the following comment:

Kyle Kerley Says: November 6th, 2007 at 2:29 pm
There have been widespread reports of Henry volunteers verbally accosting Kelty supporters at polling places today. Calls have actually been flooding the GOP HQ’s (means Kelty people are voting) There has even been a recorded instance in one polling place in Fort Wayne where a precinct inspector asked a Kelty volunteer to stand outside the building (in line with election law) but later let two Henry volunteers stand inside the door because they thought it was to windy and cold outside. This precinct has been marked and a complaint against the Inspector has been filed with David Wright and the election board.

Once again, this is completely wrong and the rules need to be uniformly enforced...

I know that supporters of both Kelty and Henry have a lot of passion; however, the election law is clear on all of these items and the law needs to be enforced evenly.

These stories should make you want to vote LIBERTARIAN...

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

How you behave as a campaign volunteer can reflect negatively on the person you are trying to help. So be nice. It is always a good idea to be polite to everyone you meet in politics, even and especially adversaries. You never know who you will need help from in the future.

At the same time, candidates cannot be always be held responsible for the actions of their supporters. Just because someone stole your yard sign does not mean that it happened on direct orders from the opposing campaign.

Anonymous said...

I generally always get along with others handing out literature. I look forward to meeting people with opposing viewpoints. If nothing else it makes it a more enjoyable time to stand outside for hours, especially when turnout is low.

I think it is pretty pathetic that some people act childish and get rude with others who are backing opponents.

I will be honest, I encountered a gentleman working for one of the mayoral candidates earlier today. He clearly wan't the most logical person I have met, and he was somewhat of a tool, but we were still civil to each other. He was also littering, after making negative comments about "treehuggers" of course. But I am not going to let his actions or words change my view of the candidate he was supporting.

Parson said...

My voting went really smooth. I did vote for libertarian Doug Horner.

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