Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anonymous comments

After consulting with Mike, I have decided to ban anonymous comments. In the past I have allowed them because there were readers who had well thought out comments to post, but for whatever reason did not know how to set up a Blogger account. From now on, if you have something to say in this forum, feel free to email me with "Reader Mail" in the subject line. I will post these comments myself if I think that they are worthy of posting. I hope to have "Reader Mail" as a regular feature since that means less content that I have to write myself.

We try to maintain a standard of decorum on this forum. At the same time, if you trolls aren't allowed to post your drivel, you'll just go out and deface a bathroom stall. So as an outlet for your creativity, I will continue to allow anonymous comments on "Blog of the Enders". I posted an open thread there just now, so knock yourselves out!


Tim Zank said...

That's probably a good move Robert,
If it's important enough to say, it's important enough to sign your name.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Bad form, Robert.

The whole "bad apple spoils the bunch" bit has been the enemy of Libertarian philosophy for years.

Punish the individual for being a dickhead, don't force the group to sacrifice their liberties due to the individual dickhead's actions.

It's textbook stuff. There are many people who want and/or need to remain anonymous for a variety of reasons. Now they won't come here, and whatever insight or commentary they have will not likely see the light of day (thanks to an added level of hoops through which to jump).

Damn, Enders...you would have fit right in on city council (or in congress for that matter).

Robert Enders said...

I love it when non-libertarians lecture me on a philosophy that they are just starting to grasp.

We welcome all criticism, we are just requiring that you use a Blogger handle. You do not even have to use your real name! "Deepthroat", "Kilroy", I do not care what name you use as long as we know what to call you. I suspect that there are a lot of people who have multiple handles.

This blog is a free service provided to us by Google. Anyone reading this can get their own blog free of charge.

If someone has something important to say but doesn't want to bother with creating an account, they can simply email me. If what they have to say is not important, they can post it at Blog of the Enders.

Tim Zank said...

I don't think it has anything thing to do with party affiliation whatsoever, it has to do with having enough nads to be accountable for your beliefs and your comments. Fort Wayne just doesn't have that many super secret spys that need to protect their identities, in my opinion.
An anonymous comment has about as much value as a check without a signature.

gadfly said...

As a non-Libertarian, I will add the critcism that you really needed to define "anonymous comments" in the original post.

I had to read your answer to Andrew Kaduk that my posts would not be considered "anonymous".

Andrew Kaduk said...

So, I'm not a Libertarian because the all-powerful and all-knowing Bobby Enders says so?


Or is it just that I've never voted in a Libertarian primary? Oh that's right, Libertarians don't really have those yet, do they?

Ok Enders, here it is for you as plainly as I can possibly muster:

Every one of the twenty or so times I have taken one of the "political tests," it has pegged me dead-nuts between Libertarian and Anarchist....none of this sissy "Reagan Conservative" BS, I've never been confused with a socialist, no one's ever called me an "authoritarian" or a "totalitarian" or even a Republican for that matter. I've referred to myself as a Republican before (years ago), but my hatred for Nancy Pelosi and Mark Souder are pretty much equal. Mike Pence and Ted Kennedy? Yup. I hate them all. I was first called a "Libertarian" by a Poli-Sci teacher about the time I got my driver's license, which would have been about the time you were in middle school, as close as I can tell...so frankly I'm the one who should be a little offended by your tone and not vice-versa.

Perhaps I haven't gotten my cutesy little Libertarian "merit badge" or gold star or whatever, but that's hardly your call to make, tough guy.

Someday, when you prove that you can win an argument based in sound political philosophy without reverting to your typical modus operandi (responding to criticism and questions with snide, impertinent and usually completely anecdotal comments), I'll take your criticism in stride and maybe even concede to you and your tremendous ego.

I really question the likelihood of that happening, though.

Stay cool.

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