Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Modern Modest Proposal

All this talk of universal healthcare is small potatoes. Let's get back to basics. Americans spend more per capita on healthcare than any other country, but they spend even more money on something even more important: food! Let's nationalize the food and beverage industry. The government should be completely responsible for all food production AND preparation. Consider:
  • Economies of Scale: It would far more efficient for a government meal hall to provide food for 1000 people than it is for those 1000 people to provide for themselves.
  • Public Health: All you fat Americans are clearly ill equipped to make your own nutritional choices. Plus you could stand to get some exercise working on a collective farm.
  • Cost: Why spent $200 buying food at the grocery store when for just $50 extra in taxes, you could be eating what everyone else is eating!
  • Advertising: The restaurant industry spends billions on advertising, yet this programs sells itself! No more annoying McDonald's commercials! The Taco Bell dog is an enemy of the people!

For those who do not get the literary reference, click here.


jon said...

Could we eat children too!!!

LP Mike Sylvester said...

This is an absolutely brilliant post Robert...

Mike Sylvester

MichaelK said...

Of course Jon, but not just children!

That's what Soylent Green Tuesday is all about!

gadfly said...

Uncle Sam could be our most benevolent favorite relative by forming food cooperatives, nationalizing property, eliminating taxes, and saving us from ourselves. Without those awful capitalistic and consumeristic tendencies brought about by access to money beyond our immediate need, we will no longer have to be in debt.

Just think about the return to yesteryear when we did without automobiles, made our own clothes, cooked our own food, read by candlelight, and worried nary a wit about global warming.

Simplicity will once again be blooming and we will do without landscapers, restaurants, carpet cleaners and the rest of the service industry.

Uncle will tell us where, what, when and how we will work. Doctors will barter their services or Uncle will insist that medical care will be provided universally for free!

We can have all this and more by acceding to the wishes of our friends among the liberal left.

Socialism! Yeah, thats the ticket.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

I am digressing into juvenile laughter on this one.

A true capitalistic worker co-op is actually a good thing though and can change the world for the better. When the employees hold the investment as well as the production and distribution in their hands a better service is typically provided for and received.

*cracks several Monty Python jokes in back of brain*

Bartleby said...

Yes, Mr. Fly, socialism is indeed a Bad Thing, where the provision of food or medical care are concerned. I'm right with you, that far. I have to wonder, though: why are virtually all of today's "conservatives" quick to see that, but still insistent that war socialism is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

I should note, in the interest of fairness, that lots of big-L "libertarians" share this insistence ...

Robert Enders said...

It's simple, Bartleby. Having the government fight a war for me saves me time and energy. Can you imagine a world where we have to slice our own bread and kill our own terrorists?

gadfly said...

Bartleby, Robert ...

Where in my post did you find mention of war?

But since you bring up the subject, is it not true that "Big L" Libertarians believe that one of government's acceptable purposes is to provide for common defense and order? It seems to me that common defense could bring about war.

Please ...no lectures that I do not intellectually understand the concept.

Robert Enders said...

Gadfly, you are correct. A government without a military or a police force is like an ocean without water. Without provisions for enforcement, laws are just suggestions. Bartleby spents a lot of time finding difference with us rather than seeking common ground, hence my flippant response.

Bartleby said...

Believe me, Mr. Enders, very little time is needed to find differences with the LP-type "libertarians" around these parts. I'll venture an alternative to your simile: a government without military/police is like a plague without swelling, bloating, stinking, rotting bodies piling up in the streets. What good is it, anyway, right?

Mr. Fly, it is true that you did not express your war enthusiasms in the particular comment to which I responded. But I've read your writings in other places and at other times, you know ...

William Larsen said...

Healthcare is like an all you can eat buffet. You want your monies worth. You paid for it, might as well use it. Every year about this time I hear commercials about people who have not used up all their dental benefits. They try and convince people to go to the dentist, use that last $100 of coverage and get something done, they most likely would not have.

Are there really big bad healht insurance companies? The truth is 90% of all companies with health insurance are self insured. If you want to get made at your insurance costs, speak to your company.

The company highers an adminstrator to manage a plan the company creates. The company decides the deductible, coverage, out of pocket costs and everything else. The adminstrator just assembles a team of people to go over submited bills and pay the providers according to the companies plan. At the end of the month, the adminstrator sends the company a bill for the costs plus a fee.

The number one reason for increased costs in healthcare is insurance. We pay people to pay our bills. It is called adminstrative fee and costs about $10 to $15 per submitted bill.

The other major cost of healthcare is due to cost shifting from Medicare to everyone else. Get rid of Medicare and the cost of healthcare drops dramaticaly.

Want to reduce your cost, pay cash and submit your own bill to the doctor. Paying cash normally will save you 20%.

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