Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Glenn Greenwald has a post you absolutely must read

It is a post about Ron Paul and it hits the nail on the head.

You owe it to yourself to watch the below youtube video if you believe in the Constitution of this County. Many Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians SHOULD vote for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul:
Is for smaller Government
Is for States rights
Is pro-life
Is against the Patriot Act
Is against the Iraq war

The list goes on. He has appeal to a lot of people. The only people who should NEVER support Ron Paul are those who believe in:
An interventionist foregn policy
Those who think we should have invaded Iraq
Larger Government

There are a few things I disagree with Ron Paul on; however, I agree with almost all of his message.

You owe it to yourself to watch this Youtube video, it is well worth 8 minutes of your life:


Mike Sylvester


Kody Tinnel said...


I love that you made a post about Ron Paul. I have made several recently and plan on posting more and more between now and the Republican National Convention.

He really is a great candidate. I am glad more people are starting to take notice of him and donate money.

I think if the "revolution" continues at the current pace he has a very good chance of being a surprise hit in the primaries.

Vote Ron Paul in 2008!

steve said...

I'm very much excited by the prospect the Paul could be a force of directional change for a Republican party that is out-of-touch, purposefully.

Supporting Paul, though, does little for the general election. He's little different that Gravel and Kucinich in the Democratic race, but with less presidential credentials.

It would have been best for someone like Chuck Hagel- someone who actually matters more nationally- to run.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul will be long out of the race before the Republican National Convention.

gadfly said...

Ron Paul supporters are not doing him any good on the internet. Constant spamming of right wing blogs is not a way to make friends and influence people. Redstate and Little Green Footballs have already clamped down or banned them.

On-line polls are being taken over and manipulated by Paulites ...while national polls get him about 1% of the vote.

Conservatives have some deep concerns about the Ron Paul as noted here:



Bartleby said...

I did him some good on the internet just last evening, chucking my $100 into the pot. I hope that doesn't annoy you too much, Mssrs. Fly, Anonymous, and Steve.

On second thought, I should admit that I don't care at all whether anything annoys you. Carry on, War Socialists.

Parson said...

Did you see the story about Ron Paul raising something like 4 million dollars on Nov. 5th? They were doing some type of Guy Fawks fund raiser. If I find the story I will link it.