Friday, November 16, 2007

Troll comment of the week

Conventional wisdom holds that it is best to ignore troll posts. But where's the fun in that? My words are in red.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The "Karen" who posted this is not Councilwoman-elect Karen Goldner.

Karen comments on "Libertarians At Large Tomorrow":

I watched the show on channel 57 yesterday evening. I have to ask in the world do you expect to win much of anything, when you bring people on your show that don't exhibit the self respect to wear appropriate attire. For the two of you that tried to wear a suit, it appears that you "got" (I hesitate to use the word buy here) the (for lack of a better word) suit, at some goodwill store and never tried to make the clothes fit.

Many politicians do not always wear suits. Have you ever been to a candidate forum? In 2006 I attended a candidate forum and I was the only candidate wearing a suit.
Also, there is nothing wrong with secondhand clothes. It saves natural resourses to buy used instead of new.

And that Horner guy....geeze what a flake's hard to take you seriously when you have inflated ego that has no substance.

To say that a politician has an inflated ego is like saying that a wheel is round. A wheel needs to be round in order for it to fufill its function. A politician needs an inflated ego in order to make policies that impact the lives of thousands of people.

For god sakes get hair cut, or at least even up both sides.'s hard to take you seriously when you look like a clown...that goes for all of you....Especially the junkie looking guy,Fuller.

Mr. Fuller is visually impaired. He is unable to drive a car because of this impairment, and his eyes do not always face in the same direction. His appearance is not due to substance abuse.

No matter what you think you're trying to do are not doing anything but making it worse. Please try and clean yourselves up.. Take pride in your appearance if you honestly expect to represent anyone other than your cat. Then maybe once you get to the point where you're not offensive to look upon, someone may want to try and listen to what you have to say. But from what I've seen...I doubt it.

Ever since the Kennedy-Nixon debates, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the physical appearance of candidates. To this day, I wonder if the fate of this nation and the world at large is going to hinge on a qualified presidential candidate having a bad hair day. Many voters place style over substance. Perhaps we should start nominating fashion models?


Karen Goldner said...

I just want to clarify that I am NOT the Karen who posted this.

J Q Taxpayer said...

1- I would never guess Karn Goldner would do such. I may not agree with her on issues but I believe she holds herself way above this stuff.

2- I wonder why someone would watch the entire program and then to rip it apart. My guess it is someone who considers the Lib party to be a threat.

3- I find it interesting in our world today that either a person is too polished or too unpolished. No middle ground.

I enjoyed the program from understanding of getting to know the three fellows. That they also represent a mix within the party.

The program was not what I thought it would be but I enjoyed it. I was thinking it would be more about just the party views and how it applied to Fort Wayne/Allen County. But that is just a belief I had in my mind before the program started.

Sadly, I think people have come use to the polished pro look that parties often offer. So anything representing the average mix of people just does not fit into our thought process.

What I would like to see future shows is covering issues that is currently going on or even recent issues (not Harrison Square). Explaining how the Lib Party would have looked at the issue and why.

Those are my thoughts.

Again, I just could not believe someone like Karen Goldner. I just hope there is no one out there that may believe it is her, without some real proof.

Overall, good start guys.

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

Karen Goldner, I knew it wasn't you. Having met and spoken with you now on several occasions I know that although we may disagree politically you would never write anything of that caliber.

JQ, I would like to invite you and everyone to join my next broadcast on Thursday, December 20th at 7PM and ask anything you would like. I appreciate hearing from people and trying to clarify my opinion of our goals. Of course my guests may disagree with me and they will share their views as well.

I will post separately on the Public Access programs to better clarify my goals and agenda for their use.


Doug Horner (L)
Secretary, LPAC

Dan said...

Why even let this troll's comments see the light of day?

Jonathan Bartels said...

I hate to feed the trolls but I'm not running for office at the moment so I can speak a little more freely.

First and foremost, thank you. If you're going to watch enough of Doug's show to call us out on wearing lower-end suits and buisness casual instead of full-on hard-core political uber-suits and only having haircuts with one zero in the price instead of two and then take the time to rant about it on the blog, then you are a dedicated person. I really do appreciate constructive criticism.

Where is the balance? Given that Libertarians are reaching out to people that no one else wants to touch such as young voters, strippers, smokers, and the non-voting we have to adapt our approach constantly. I have people such as our Troll-of-the-week rail on me for dressing down a bit and others who spend a good 15 minutes telling me not to wear a suit and "be real".

What about modern standards? I've been wearing my Cons over my dress shoes for some time now, even with a suit. It drives my fashonista friends up the wall, but I've also gotten a lot of compliments.

What other failings should I be addressing in my appearance? I've been told the the side-burns look a little to 70's, that the beard makes me look academic (good), that the beard makes me look academic (bad), that being clean shaven makes me look to young (good and bad).

So, Karen, what should the LP be doing to dress for success? Would you like to sign on and become the LPAC makeup artist? My ass could use some lipstick and I can't think of a better person to apply it than our Troll of the Week!

Robert Enders said...

First of all, the election is over and I am bored. The only thing I can do about HS now is say "I told you so" when downtown becomes deader than it is now.

Secondly, I figure that if I squish one troll publicly, it will deter others.

Third, it makes this blog that much more interesting.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

You know Jonathan at the post election roundup over at the Thirsty Camel it reminded me of how cute and young you were without the beard, *omg!* but the Converse are always a nice touch as long as they are clean, and yours always are. Nothing says this professional white male is still in opposition to the establishment like a pair of Converse and a beat up olde navy rust blue Benz station wagon!

Robert originally when I read the head of this post I was getting ready to ride you a new one for calling this bitch a troll, my apologies, let the wench have it.

Anyone who has the inability, even through a television set, to see that Robert Fuller is visually impaired is either blind or a just plain incompetent. But what pisses me off the more is that she would label this father of three beautiful children a "junkie looking guy", what a nit. Like Jonathan pointed out, everyone is unwinding from a hard fought election cycle.

The fact that we pulled eleven thousand six hundred and some votes just in the At Large race alone means that we pulled one in five across the board by just comparing the At Large and Mayoral numbers that doesn't even begin to factor in the District or the Absentee votes. I would say by those numbers alone (one in five) we are getting our message out there and campaigning to more than your cat,

Doug as an additional request, it would be nice if we could get a podcast or a You Tube like player version of each show for those of us that don't have cable access, please.

On a side note both my cat and my dog are registered to vote in Chicago and they vote Libertarian!

Andrew Kaduk said...

Robt, Doug et al,

What is the chance you guys could start posting your show to the web for us lowly Dish subscribers who don't get to access "public access?"

I'd watch, but alas I cannot.

Anonymous said...

I will agree with Andrew that some sort of youtube page type idea would be a great way to popularize your show and expand the people who can watch it.

Robert Fuller said...

I just happend to see this. Im use to the cracks about me. Im naturaly thin so people always get wrong idea. I am visually impaired so when I am filmed or a picture is taken my eyes dont always do what I want them to. If this could be fixed it would have been done already. I do find this a little offensive. Karen you are wrong I have 3 little ones and i worry everyday if im going to be able to see them grow up. Which i hope my vision does last.

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