Monday, November 05, 2007

Indiana Driver's Licenses

The Indiana BMV recently cross-checked information reported by Indiana Drivers with information on file by the Social Security Administration.

They found that about 206,000 people had discrepancies. These discrepancies include name, gender, birthday, sex, and typo's.

The Indiana BMV has sent out letters and is giving those people with discrepancies 8 weeks to fix the discrepancies...

Indiana is the 48th State to cross-check this information.

What do you think of this?

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I do not believe you HAVE to give your social security number to anyone but the FEDS.

So why is the BMV scanning against that database?

Tim Zank said...

The BMV won't have access to your social security # and you aren't required to give your SS# to the bureau for your drivers license or the FEDS (unless you want benefits). They are using name & address info to cross reference from the SS database because it is the most complete compilation of citizens available. Virtually every normal citizen will be in that database.

Relax Anon, contrary to popular belief, they won't soon be "etching" your SS# into your forearm for identification.

gadfly said...

So ...if the states can crosscheck names against the Social Security files, what is preventing the govenment from requiring employers to make the same comparison against employee information files?

William Larsen said...

The Social Security Act of 1935 and its subsequent amendments never required anyone apply for a social security number. Publication SSA 5-10023 states applying for a social security number is voluntary.

26 USC 6109 Identifying Numbers, (c) Requirement of Information states the Secretary of the IRS is to assign an identifying number to any person. Section (d) states if you have social security number, this is your identifying number.

The Social Security Administration reported that there could be as many as 40 million SSN’s out there that are duplicates or for illegal purposes.

So the question is why use a social security number at all? What is used to obtain a SSN, birth certificate, unless you are over age 12? Then it takes a Drivers license, State issued ID, W2, bank account statement showing address, Medicare card, Passport or adoption decree.

To get a driver’s license, state issued ID, passport or Medicare card, you need a SSN. Is this a catch 22? To get a W2 or bank account you need a TIN. However the IRS will not issue a TIN as required per 26 USC 6109 (c) to those eligible for a SSN. Another catch 22?

The fastest growing ID theft is among those ages 0 – 16. These ages are most prone to ID theft because they will not even find out until they go to obtain a driver’s license, work or open a bank account that their identity has been stolen, at which time it is too late. The largest source of the SSN of these young people are public schools and health insurance/health providers. Even the state of Indiana cannot determine the person is who they say they are with a SSN. It only can confirm if the SSN is valid and active

So the question once again is why rely on a SSN to prove identity? It is a false sense of security.

B. said...

I'm going through it right now. Went to the local (half an hour away) SSA office to get my name cleared up, since my name changed when I got married. Was told that my marriage certificate bearing the court seal was invalid and unacceptable.

I'm pretty much insane with rage right now. Now I'm waiting for the Marion County Clerk to send me copies of my marriage license and certificate, and hoping they can do that before my INDL is invalidated.

Yay BMV/SSA. If only everyone had the privilege of proving their identities to thee.

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