Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Homeland Security is out of control

This post has been simmering for quite awhile...

There is a new sign down in the basement parking lot under the Fort Wayne Allen County Library downtown. It is a professional sign that the library was required to post by Homeland Security. It says:

"You have one half an hour past closing time to remove your vehicle from the garage or it will be towed."

This is absolutely incredible. This is a good example of what The Department of Homeland Security is spending taxpayer dollars on to protect this country.

This regulation appears to be in place to prevent "terrorists" from leaving a car loaded with explosives in the parking garage below the library and leave it in the parking lot past closing. What on Earth are these "people" at Homeland Security thinking?

I have a lot of problems with this:

1. First of all I have a hard time believing the downtown Fort Wayne Library is a terrorist target.
2. Second no cars are searched upon entering the parking garage. So there is nothing in place to prevent a "terrorist" from parking in the parking garage duing the day and blowing their car up while the library is full of people rather then at night after everyone has gone home.

I could just go on and on...

Homeland Security is wasting my tax dollars.

If Homeland Security wants to protect America they need to secure the borders of this country and document the 12 million illegal aliens living in this country.

Mike Sylvester


Templeton Peck said...


I appreciate your concerns but just imagine in the unlikely event that something did happen. The media would be all over them saying why didn't you tow any cars that were left after closing? They're really in a no win situation.

Phil Marx said...


Do they gate the garage off after closing? I thought I once heard someone say their car was locked in.

I don't know if this is true, but if so that would explain the sign.

Dave MacDonald said...


I saw the sign for the first time this weekend and found it odd as well.

While we're on the subject of "wasting tax dollars," here's another question. Why does the library require the additional step of getting a ticket validated for free parking? Wouldn't it be more cost-effective to have drivers scan their library card at the gates instead? No library card? No parking there! Homeland security concerns solved: they know which patrons parked there should we have an incident.

steve said...

Terrorist through the Mexican border... Did I just stumble on the Glenn Beck's blog.

Robert Enders said...

A lot of Homeland Security does is intended to make us feel safer, but does little to actually make us safe.
1. Confiscating nail clippers at the airport while failing to detect explosives isn't going to help matters. The focus of airport security should be to detect explosives and firearms. Metal detectors are sufficient for looking for guns, but special chemicals sensors will have to be purchased for every airport in the US. They cost roughly $100,000 each, we can pay for them by firing every TSA employee who gropes a passenger.
2.You can build a fence 100 miles high, but it would not have kept Ted Kazynski, Timothy McVeigh, Jose Padilla, or Robert E. Lee of of the country. During times of so-called "peace", it is domestic terrorists that we will have to worry about.

Tim Zank said...

Wow, the old saying "opinions and suggestions are kind of like sphyncters, cuz it seems everybody has one" would apply here.

Did it ever occur to anyone, it's just plain unsafe to be walking around downtown at night in a deserted parking garage looking for your car? Maybe the $100 spent for the sign was a waste of money, maybe not, but it's a pretty simple way to get the message across that they don't want people parking, retreiving, fornicating in, or otherwise messing with automobiles in an unattended dark empty garage in the middle of the night?

MichaelK said...

I managed to leave my car in there once after closing this summer. :(

(I was sitting outside the coffee place playing games with a friend, and there was a band playing out there.)

The security guy was cool about letting us go down and get out, though.

gadfly said...

Do the same signs exist in the surface parking lots and garages?

If not, this is absurd.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


No just the udnerground garage...


ROACH said...

Its because someone might actually gasp park free downtown, and someone in govt might not get that money, to spend, on some other stupid boondoggle.
and what are you some kind of racist? sure- lets herd al the illegals( and other "undesirables" into cattle cars, and ship them via rail car to concentration camps- oops- detention camps, where we can identify them, and properly "dispose" of these dangerous lawbreakers. So sylvester is a Nazi? the "ender" soultion?
how about ferriting out all the businesses who are hiring these illegal employees, and are therefore guilty of hundreds of Acounting/tax laws- tax evasion, fraud, failure to properly withold earnings, etc. and what of the banks, and financial institutionas who are all happy to ignore banking laws, and let these illegal aliens engage in illegal banking transactions, and accounts.
why punish poor juan valdez, for trying to achieve the American dream? and support his family in a foreign land. Xenophobes! Terrorists disguised as beaners- give me a break. These illegals have the most to lose, from an unsafe america- they are victimized, exploited, and have no legal recourse.
of course- as Phil collins(?) once sang "Its no fun being an illegal alien".
Imagine if we went to many foreign countries, illegaly, and tried to live, work, and exist there- what is the "current best practice"- the "generally accepted immigration principle"?what does the rest of the world do?
And why do our politicians allow businesses to break the laws?

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