Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Election Results

Libertarians should hold their heads high this morning. We ran eight candidates in our first City Election. On average our candidates garnered 6% of the vote.

That is a lot of votes for our first City Election. We will grow and improve on this total. In the 2003 City Election there were no Libertarians on the ballot.

The Libertarian Candidate (John Bartels) had a large effect on the 2nd District Council Race. Karen Goldner (D) leads 9 term incumbent Don Schmidt (R) by 13 votes and that race is likely to go to a recount. John Bartels (L) received 580 votes in that race...

Don Schmidt (R) said "the Libertarian Party fielding candidates in all the races hurt Republican vote totals."

I expect to see the local Libertarian Party grow and run even more candidates in the future and run larger and more active campaigns as we grow.

It will not happen overnight; however, as long as our local elected officials keep growing government at twice the rate of inflation, as long as local wages keep dropping in relation to the average national wage, and as long as local officials support projects like Harrison Square that almost 70% of the voters oppose we will grow quickly!

If you want to learn more about the local Libertarian Party please contact us. We need your help to fight the growth of government in this area!

Mike Sylvester


Mike Kole said...

Comments like "the Libertarian result hurt GOP totals". What a crock. The votes Libertarians collect are in favor of smaller government and lower taxes. Republicans- or Democrats, for that matter- can pick up some of these votes any time they want by showing any hint of an interest in actually cutting taxes and making government smaller. Unless and until the GOP gets serious about this, they can expect to experience the feeling that Libertarians took their votes.

nonothing said...

i actually gave you a vote in my district and at large the 2 parties in this town are both blue blood parties that dont listen to the folks that make up this great city. it seems they have merged neither really stands for anything any more.

im still keeping my republican card however =)

Kevin said...


I will congratulate the Libertarians for doing much better than I expected.

However, I will take exception to your claim that you helped defeat Don Schmidt.

In my estimation, a vote for Bartels or Goldner was a vote for change. I think having a libertarian on the ballot actually costs Karen votes.

But, overall, good election for the Dems and Libertarians. Not so good for the GOP however.

Robert Enders said...

Kevin, a vote for Bartels or Schmidt was a vote against Harrison Square. I probably would have supported Schmidt if I lived in the 2nd and Bartels wasn't running. Who really knows who would have won if Bartels wasn't running?
I still congradulate all the winners on a clean victory. And I will point out that we do not "steal" votes. The votes do not belong to any party or politician, but to the voters themselves. They have the sole descretion on who a vote is cast for, or even if a vote is cast at all.

nonothing said...

gop still remains in control of city council do they not? election looks like more of the same except the left leaning crawford is gone that will help the gop in the next election

Anonymous said...

Libertarian fantasy world.

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