Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Right to Work"

"Right to work" laws have a misleading name. It's a given that everyone has a legal right to work in this state. Everyone has a legal right to get married too, but the reality is that not everyone who wants a spouse or a job will actually find one. You can't just hire or marry anybody who answers your classified ad. People have to meet certain requirements that vary greatly between potential employers and mates.

Employers have a right to require an employee to join a union, just as they have a right to insist that a worker receive training or attend certain classes. Admittedly, many now wish to give up this right and have lobbied the state legislature to that end. This is obviously intended to weaken unions.

The government has been used as a weapon by both labor and management against each other in disputes. It's wrong when either side does it.

It's my opinion that government should not interfere with either companies or unions. Our current economic state is the result of government interference. Asking for more interference is the wrong way to correct it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mideast protests and uprisings

If it were not obvious before, perhaps it is now: Not even the most powerful nation can ever force people to be free. It's a decision that they have to make for themselves.