Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mayor requests a $10,000 raise for next year

Please read this story:


City employees get a 3% raise, our current Mayor wants the next Mayor to get an 8% raise.

I actually think the Mayor should make a fair amount of money. I think the $120,000 the Mayor currently makes is sufficient.

I have one question about this that you will not hear from the press...

Why did our current Mayor wait until AFTER the election to announce this request?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Mike Sylvester


bobett said...

What inquiring minds would like to know is...

Why is the current Mayor requesting a pay raise for the Mayor's office?.

How is it the Mayor may request a pay increase?

A pay increase for any government job should come from an impartial commitee? At the very least, the process should be fair.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Well the council does have to approve any pay raise so it doesn't really matter if the request comes from the mayor or anybody else...

bobett said...

Thank goodness!... their is an impartial committee left in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

So really the pay raise or tax increase for this job comes by way of what department?

Just wondering? ...

Bobby G. said...

Don't know what "department" that would be...maybe King Richard can garner ANOTHER TASK FORCE to figure that one out, eh?
(turn those pockets out ONE MORE TIME)



Charlotte A. Weybright said...

Didn't Tom Henry say he wouldn't take the raise?

Robert Enders said...

He said he would be happy with whatever the city council decides.

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