Wednesday, October 03, 2007

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Kalya Louise Sylvester (my six year old daughter) made her first basket today. Better yet she made it in the middle of a basketball game.

I coach my daughters Little Shots team at Oak View Elementary.

She is pretty excited; however, her mother and I are even more excited...

Mike Sylvester


James Fitch said...

Good Job Kalya

From Godfather

Kody Tinnel said...

Tell her I said Congrats.

Tim Zank said...

Nice job Junior Jordan!

Phil Marx said...

Last year I was bowling with my niece, Amanda. I stepped up for my turn and got my third strike in a row. Then I looked at the screen and realized that I had accidently taken Amanda's turn.

I told her to bowl my next frame to make up fir it. She said she didn't want to because she'd mess up my good score (she probably averages 2-3 pins per frame). I told her we we're here to have fun, not to win. Amanda rolled for me, and got her first strike ever!

I can't help but think that my coaching skills had something to do with this. - Congratulations coach, and to your young protege.

Karen Goldner said...

As short as 6-year-olds are, I am always impressed when one of them scores a basket. Nice job!

That also gives you a legitimate excuse for missing the candidate forum, Mike :-)