Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IPFW restores its ROTC program

The JG has a good piece that talks about the fact that IPFW has re-started its ROTC program:

I am glad that IPFW has revived its ROTC program!

ROTC is a great program and programs like these help young people get an education without going significantly into debt and gives them a good job and work experience.

I would like to see more young people join the military and earn their education!

Mike Sylvester


ROACH said...

click on ulc.org. get your ministers credentials. sign your draft card/selective service registration with conscientious objector- pacifist- available for other laternative service- peace corps, missionary work. anything but the US torturing, criminal military industrial complex.
ROTC and the army isnt the boy scouts. Its a tragedy that so many hoosier young men, and women feel that they cant afford a college education without joining the army, to go get blown up by iranian ieds in iraq in a war for our blood for oil.
join the army- money for school.
indiana guard/army reserv- one weekend a month, 2 weekends a year?
what a lie. more like an endless sandy desert hell with no end.
modern "bush-wars" are fought like vietnam- no clear victory.
We won WW@ by relentless strategic, and terroro bombing by the 8th air force, and ended it with nuclear weapons.
There are not enough nations in the world, who appreciate our generousity, and fear our nuclear wrath.
war is stupid. joining any form of the military is stupid. joining while there is a current illegal war for oil is stupider still.
there is nothing heroic in coming home dead in a box, PTSD, TBI, etc- getting your pecker shot off by some miseraqble islamic extremist.
yet sylvester supports a religious extremist, and his extremist followers for Mayor?
mike.. mike.. mike...for someone who is so smart...did all that radiation bake your brain? uranium in the cranium?

Robert Enders said...

We won that war by dropping a dot-com on the Japanese!

Sorry folks, it's been a long week and it's only Tuesday. Another week and we can all go back to being human beings again.

Tim Zank said...

Roach, would you do us all a favor and just write a simple coherent post? Trying to decipher your riddles is giving me a headache.

James Fitch said...

ROTC program will be great for IPFW.

gadfly said...

Back when the Army wore brown boots, your choice was to take ROTC in school and serve with bars on your shoulders or be drafted and wear out the brown boots with guys named Kilroy.

I am proud to say that I was an officer and a gentleman by act of Congress.

Bartleby said...

"I am glad that IPFW has revived its ROTC program!

ROTC is a great program and programs like these help young people get an education without going significantly into debt and gives them a good job and work experience.

I would like to see more young people join the military and earn their education!"

I'm sure this guy is also glad. No doubt this one would be too, if he was still alive.

Ah, you big-L Libertarians. If you didn't exist, we'd have to invent you.

Anonymous said...

Im glad to see a ROTC program. I just dont think now is the time to be offering it. There is war going on.

Anonymous said...

Roach those troops keep you all nice and safe. Your complaining about rotc. They could always restart the draft. Then maybe you could get blown up.

Tim Zank said...

Nice job Bartleby, you running low on paint for that big wide brush you like to paint with?

That's a hell of a leap from IPFW ROTC to Abu Gharib (sp?)...Nice to know you and your hysterical brethren are alive and bitchin'! (courtesy of the United States Armed Forces of course)

tiny tiny minds.......with
big big emotions does not common sense make......

Anonymous said...

Our troops out there are not keeping us safe. With no decisive action for so long, they created a sense of opportunity among our enemies.

Becoming a cannon fodder when your parents are not wealthy enough, to fillfil your basic right to get educated, is a savage concept of the mercenary army with low moral.

Its so easy tosuddenly become impoverished, you are just one car accident, incapacitated illness or lawsuit away, and your kids will be in this bandwagon as well. I wonder if your opinion changes then?

Reducing ridiculously high cost of monopolized services in USA, such as education (but medical, legal, etc), is better through an efficient legislation, like in most european countries, reducing red tape and direct government subsidies.

Tim Zank said...

Anon 8:11...I'm not sure I understand, you don't want a military? or..you don't want a voluntary military? or what? Who is or is supposed to protect us?

By the way, I don't recall anyone have a constitional right to a college education either.

As for the European model of government efficiency, surely you are joking?

Parson said...

I hear Blackwater USA is hiring, They probably have some type of tuition assistance program.

gadfly said...

Our left wing patriots are easy to spot.

The wonder is that they and their ilk like to call war supporters who never served in the military "chickenhawks."

It follows then that liberals ducking the military must simply be "chickens"

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