Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big Government Democrats on City Council

I contacted Councilman Shoaff about the McDonalds Tax abatement. I asked him why he voted to give a tax abatement to a business that is already operating and one that pays less then 150% of the Federal minimum wage. He answer is frightening...

From Councilman Shoaff:

I’m sorry Don and I disappointed you on the Southtown new McDonalds vote.

Having walked neighborhoods in that area, I know how desperate some people are for jobs, and many need jobs that don’t require specialized skills or training. For them, any legitimate jobs represent economic development. Their district representatives on council feel this strongly, and I respect their opinion.

With respect to your concern that the restaurant is already operating; it is new, in a newly expanding area, and I think there was a strong and legitimate sentiment that further encouragement for expansion in this area by incentives for new businesses is in the city’s best interest.

Wow. It is official, even the most conservative members of our City Council feel that low paying jobs at McDonalds are worthy of tax incentives which let the rest of us pay taxes for the McDonalds franchise...

Economic Development in Fort Wayne is doomed unless we get some new people in office.

WalMart and McDonalds are not Economic Development.

Also, we do not need more strip malls in Fort Wayne either!

Good Grief...

Mike Sylvester


J Q Taxpayer said...

While I understand his position I just wonder how you control not seeing this become the norm in the future.

How do you tell someone they don't qualify.

How many bars are they going approve who purchase a building downtown, improve it, purchase a bunch of equipment and want a tax abatement?

They opened a bottle that they may have a hard time getting the cork back into.

Anonymous said...


I hope a libertarian is elected just so I can hear you say "Big Government Libertarian" some day.

Sam T.

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