Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Local media proves to be pathetic

I am sure that you have read about the infamous "cake" at a recent Matt Kelty fundraiser. If not, you can read more at:

or at


This story is all over the local news.

Why on Earth is this considered a leading news story? I have some issues that SHOULD be leading local stories:

1. The City of Fort Wayne pension Funds are almost a quarter of a BILLION dollars underfunded.

2. Currently the City of Fort Wayne discharges raw sewage into the rivers 100 days per year. Due to Federal mandates it is likely that the taxpayers of Fort Wayne will have to fund a project that will lower the number of days we discharge to the river to about four days. This will likely cost the taxpayers about half a BILLION dollars to fix.

3. Wages in the City of Fort Wayne have plummeted from 103% of the National wage to 80% of the national wage.

Why doesn't the media cover these items each and every day?

Good Grief...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...


I'll tell you why its a major news story. Taken in a vacuum, the story is a nonstarter. But this is a candidate for Mayor of the second largest city in the State of Indiana who has a problem with being truthful and who has a problem acting professionally.

I would love nothing more than to vote for Matt Kelty. If you line up my beliefs with those of Kelty, they would be close to a 100% match. I made excuses for the Zogby poll. I made excuses for the "my wife and I have been very frugal" statement. I made excuses for the reporting of the loan. At some point, I can't do it anymore and for me, the cake was the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's stupid, it's trivial, I wish he would have said, Yes, I knew about it, I thought it was funny, it's a joke, lighten up. But again, according to accounts I've read, he said he wished someone brought it to his attention so he could have it removed, it was so hectic he didn't realize it was there - but he posted pictures of the cake on his website and there are pictures of him with the cake! If this was a Democrat, conservatives, including myself, would crucify him. That's why its a major news story.

J Q Taxpayer said...

I pretty much agree with Anom. Matt is not stupid but you wonder about the people around him.

A canidate for a major office (which I consider Mayor of Fort Wayne is) has a ton of things on their plate. They can not do everything. Which includes checking out a cake or being the first to a birthday party and check every detail. That is what the hell a campign manager is suppose to be doing. They "manage!"

Watching her on TV with some smirk smile was too much for me today. I even yelled at the TV, "Lady this is not a game. You are killing him!"

It has gotten to the point that you start wondering when the next Kelty mess up will happen. Not if, but only when.

Anonymous said...

its a story when the person running for mayor has a truth problem. its a story when the people surrounding such candidate have such a disdain for the candidates own party and a lack of respect for the legal system (see elected prosecutor dressed up as wicked witch of the west). Its a story when the person running for mayor is juvenile and not up to the job. Mike, can you see the forest through the trees?

Anonymous said...

Kelty's pattern of lying is catching up with him. He lies BIG, he lies little. He lies all the time. This is just one more example. Glenna just brushed off the whole problem. I guess she's getting use to it. But it was delicious!

Anonymous said...

Glenna stated: "why are we talking about birthday cake, lets talk about the real issues"

Is Good Glenna referring to the 9 indictments?

Robert Enders said...

I just had a thought. If we charged politicians with felonies every time they lied, we would have to move the capital of the United States from Washington DC to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

TRUTH said...


I am amazed you actually came up with one.

You're so enamored with Kelty it has crossed over borderline fanatical. I'm not going to go into all of Kelty's 'missteps' over the past several months, as I don't think you have enough bandwith to hold it all. All I can say is Kelty has handled his ENTIRE campaign like a teenager would run for student body president. It has been immature to say the very least. No matter what Kelty has done, or will continue to do, you and all his FOLLOWERS will make excuses for him. It is time that he steps up to the plate and acts like a man! It is EMBARRASSING to admit I'm a republican with someone like Kelty running. This nonsense has got to stop. I'm tired of Kelty and his blind followers pointing fingers at everyone for all of his woes. Kelty, and Kelty ALONE has got himself into the mess he finds himself in. That ridiculous cake was newsworthy because he and his campaign were more than demeaning good folks who work very hard for this community. And the real kicker is, THESE FOLKS ARE IN HIS OWN PARTY. It was also newsworthy because he flat out LIED (again) and stated he didn't even see/know about the cake until it was cut up and served! All the while there is a photo on his website of him holding and laughing at the outhouse. My guess is the "Good Old Boys" didn't back him in the primary because they didn't want a 15-year old running the city!

Please, by all means, continue to make excuses for him, you're only embarrassing yourself.


Anonymous said...

"Work" and "Government Welfare" are two seperate issues. I find it appalling that McGauley and others keep wanting a 'welfare' check, rather than finding a real job. Yes! I said it! I have been multiple times to McGauley's office, and he is ALWAYS goofing off! When he does his, he is so painfully so, my great-great-deceased grandmother could beat him! And, yes I can find brighter kindergarters that could lead the public office than the Good Ole Boys!

Truth said...

Anon 8:10 pm:

You're an idiot.

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