Friday, October 19, 2007

Micah Clark has a post you just have to read

Her post is over at Fort Wayne News. Please read it in its entirety:
Note, a reader pointed out Micah is a "he!"


Micah Clark is the head of the AFA IN PAC. She points out in her post a couple of interesting things:

1. She claims that the ad is not negative and attempts to "brainwash" the readers on what a negative ad is. Give me a break Micah. Most of us are well aware what constitutes a negative ad and this qualifies. I would not be surprised if the AFA IN PAC runs ads of this nature for Congressman Mark Souder as well. This ad really reminds me of some of the negative ads Congressman Souder has ran.

2. She correctly points out that the ad was run by her PAC and not the Matt Kelty Campaign.

3. She falsely claims that those people who think the ad is "negative" are all "lefties." This is drivel; I do not think you could consider myself or Kody Tinnel as "lefties." Heck most elected Republicans in this City and County are to the left of me on most issues...

The AFA IN PAC has paid for and ran a negative attack ad that will HURT the candidate they are trying to support. This looks like a PAC that most candidates would be better off without having "on their side." (Kind of like

Matt Kelty should come out in the press and publicly state that the ad is inappropriate and that he has asked AFA IN PAC to immediately pull their negative attack ad.

Mike Sylvester
Supposed "Lefty Blogger"


Anonymous said...

Micah is a "he"

But still wrong.

Jeff Pruitt said...

According to Micah, John Good should change the name of the blog to Fort Wayne Far Left.

I believe hindsight will show this ad as yet another example of Kelty supporters hurting their own candidate...

Eric White said...

I thought Micah was female when I first saw the name as well.

At any rate, Mike, I agree with your statements. The fact that Micah has assigned labels (lefty bloggers) to those offering criticism indicates his lack of ability to responsibly address the points being made.

jim t said...

I'm just amazed that Kelty is still claiming that not only does he know nothing about this, but he also has not heard the commercial. In his interview with Pat White he even said we need to be concerned with what Henry did. Guys, we need to wake up on this - Henry helped pass a non-discrimination bill - I don't know how you can be against this unless you are intolerant - which Ft Wayne does not need.

Joe said...

I am a HUGE republican and yet I find myslef unable to vote for Kelty. There are way too many shananigans surrounding his campaign and the response is always the same "I didn't know anything". It is just unbelievable! I also cannot find myself to vote for Tom Henry.. Is there possibly a third party candidate out there?? Or is it too late to enter the race?? If not, I will probably not vote for mayor on voting day. PLEASE HELP !!

Anonymous said...

I am a female-straight women with a disability, and I have yet to find a decent job in the 10 plus years I have lived in this community. (I HAVE TRIED TO MOVE MULTIPLE TIMES.) I find no matter how I try, I get bet out by the AA that can not add 2+2 or the lesibian that can write. Yet, I have a Master's Degree, and can 2+2 and write decently.

Robert Enders said...

I sincerely doubt that any business has a policy to hire lesbians over straight women. Do they have a box to check off on the application? Is there a testing room where you have to prove that you aren't just a straight woman in plaid and hiking boots?

If you do think that you are being discriminated against because of your disability, you can sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

truth said...

Well said. I was going to answer this lady, but I think you said it well enough.

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