Friday, October 19, 2007

Guest post from Robert Fuller

Hey Mike, I agree with you on the money raised for a campaign.

Campaign finances were due today. I spent 300 of my own money. I owe Robert Enders campaign 139.

But its not always about money.

I have had a lot of good experiences with my neighbors here in the last few months. I feel I know this district better than anyone. I have done the best I could with what I have. People in the district have been real supportive and I thank them a lot.

-- Respectfully --

Robert Fuller
Libertarian Candidate
5th District, City Council of Fort Wayne


Anonymous said...

This is why Fuller is liked. He is honest. I have alot of respect for him.

Anonymous said...


You could totally blow all that respect you've earned from your district by publicly claiming you loaned yourself the $139, carry on like an incompetent fool for the following 6 months, have a birthday party where someone brings a cake with a figurine of a dog peeing on pictures of Sylvester, Enders, Jefferies et al and then feign ignorance when they publicly dress you down.

I suspect you're quite a bit smarter than that though.

Robert Fuller said...

Everyone is going to see the campaign finance forms anyway. This campaign wasnt about money for me. It was the issues that effect my neighbors and myself. I was just agreeing with mike about money. I was just being honest about what I gave myself and what was loaned to me by Mr Enders. If im wrong for that so be it.

Anonymous said...

go robert, he has a point it shouldnt be about money and no your not wrong. your the first to post finances, i thank you. dont believe everything you read you are well liked in the district keep doing what your doing

Anonymous said...

It amazes me on how the sunglasses are worn. Everyone jumped Kelty on the Zogby poll, who paid for it, and so on. But now it means nothing because someone is asking about where the money came from for the person you support.

Robert Enders said...

Our campaign committees agreed to split the cost of the famous "Vote for Bob" signs. Since Fuller had not raised any money yet, I agreed to cover the full cost and his committee would pay my committee back. It's legal because we reported it.

Anonymous said...

Pape needs to shut Fuller down. Fullers support is growing. I saw him earlier today when he visited my home. Nice guy he's almost got me convinced to vote for him. If im considering voting for him. imagine how the rest of the district feels.

Robert Enders said...

By "shutting Fuller down", do you mean going negative? That is a dangerous thing to do in a three way race. When Candidate A attacks Candidate B, Candidate C ends up winning.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't meaning negative. He is just the only canidate in the district that everyone is talking about. It's good for Fuller bad for the other canidates. I just thought they would try something to curb his popularity. Fuller has a good message and it shows in his popularity.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that Bob only owes Bob $139.... $149,861 less than Matt owes Fred.

Phil Marx said...


It sounds like everyone who meets you likes what they hear. If you don't win, it will be largely due to the fact that not enough people have heard of you. It's unfortunate that you have to be a major party candidate to get significant contributions or even a fair shake by the newspaper.

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