Friday, October 12, 2007

Libertarian interviews at 6:00

Several Libertarian candidates for City Council in Fort Wayne were interviewed today and that information will air on WPTA Indiana News Center at 6:00 PM tonight.


Anonymous said...

I think the story went very well.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Yes it did indeed

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

I would like to share with you how this process can work.

I've been trying to fit in quite a bit lately and was planning on catching up on some needed sleep. I didn't have to be at work until 2PM this afternoon so sleeping in was the plan of the day.

At 11:07AM my cell phone started going off. I almost didn't answer it as I could call back later. It was Nicole Pence calling to ask if I could gather up all of our candidates this afternoon for a television interview.

I need not tell you how quickly I woke up and began moving. I called every candidate I knew was available and began organizing who I could.

The only candidates I didn't try to reach were Bill Larsen (he works in Warsaw) and Gloria Diaz (she works out of town).

After about 20 minutes of hurrying I was able to call Nicole back. The next issue we had was where to shoot. We don't have a party headquarters and she didn't like the idea of a studio shoot. I suggested Lakeside Rose Gardens. Nicole didn't see a problem so our shoot was scheduled for 12:15PM.

Doug showers, shaves, gets out his Sunday finest and zips in his Focus over to pick up Robert Fuller.

Robert & I arrive early at Lakeside when Jon calls with car trouble. Doug again to the rescue.

I left Robert Fuller at the park and while enroute to Jon called Nicole to let her know what was happening. This worked well as she hadn't even left the studio yet.

Jon & I arrived at the park only to see both Bobs. A minute or two after Jon & I arrived Nicole and her cameraman showed up.

We found a beautiful backdrop and shot our footage.

Everyone leaves happy and I stop at the gas station on the way back w/ Jon. My Focus had been giving me the low gas light ever since I first left home to pick up Robert.

It is always good to get your message out. What you watch on the news in 60 - 120 seconds can sometimes take a bit of work to make happen.

I firmly believe that the positive image our candidates are showing and the strength that our message holds will affect this election and the balance of power in Allen County for years to come.


Doug Horner
Candidate, City Council at Large

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting both parties could have demanded the Libs be part of the process. They hate it when they are shutout of the process and wonder why no one is going to bat for them. Yet, here is there chance to stand up for all ideas and they fold up their tents and run.

So the next time I hear the right or the left claiming how they where not included I will remind them of this. If you demand to be included then you damn well better make sure all others are.

Anonymous said...

Wow doug. One interview and now you and the Bobs are going to effect the balance of power for years to come? dont think so.

Robert Fuller said...

I think it well. Doug was great at getting us together. Oh anonymous you dont think we are going effect the balance of power. Im not sure where you get your info. I firmly believe a libertarian will be on city council this election. You might want to check your data again.

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...


Anonymous is like many folks who cannot see beyond the length of his nose and appreciate the bigger picture.

If you look at the 2003 election, which he obvious hasn't you would see some very interesting numbers.

In the At Large race for the city council the Highest amount of votes went to Dr. Crawford w/ 25,866. The lowest amount of votes went to M. Johnson w/ 17,898. This is a difference of 7,968 votes total. This is out of 53,191 voters. Can we combined pull 7,968 votes? Maybe...Maybe not. We shall see.

However, the better example of how we will obviously affect the balance of power comes not from the extremes but rather from the guy who "just missed it". In the case of 2003 this was T. Freistroffer who lost by a mere 643 votes to John Shoaff.

Another interesting example is how the #2's compared. That is, the guy who got more votes than Mr. Shoaff and the candidate who "lost" to Freistroffer. In this case you would be comparing Mr. Talarico to Ms. Ravine. Mr. Talarico won by a whopping 2,747 votes. Wow & Golly Gee Whiz! Mr. Anonymous has a hard time grasping the reality that all it would have taken to shift 2/3 of the At Large seats was a whole 3,390 votes. That is an extremely small percentage of the voting public.

You can also look at a close district race. In 2003 that was the 3rd district w/ a whopping 172 votes making Mr. Didier beat Mr. Henry.

Absolutely nothing I have said takes into account the publics growing dissatisfaction with the current status quo. Nothing I have said takes into account the growing popularity nationwide of the Libertarian Party. Finally, nothing I have said takes into account the publics growing acceptance of the idea of a third party.

So Robert, don't get too distraught about Mr. Anonymous sticking his head in the sand. He is just one poor ignorant soul who cannot understand that it would have only taken 815 votes to affect 2/9 of our sitting city council. That is only 1.5% of the voters in 2003.

Given these numbers I am absolutely certain that we WILL affect elections and the balance of power for a very long time.

The largest tree began as a small seed.


Doug Horner
Candidate, City Council at Large

Phil Marx said...


Congatulations, I thought the news segment came across well.

I think that it's likely that no Libertarian candidates will win this year. That's not necessarily an idictment against any of you, but rather a recognition that it takes time for people to change their habits. This doesn't mean you're wasting your time though.

A respectable outcome, even absent a win, for Libertarian candidates will change the outlook of voters and politicians in future races. The idea of running, voting and thinking outside of the Republican/Democrat paradigm will not seem so unusual as a result.

Also, after the election, I think a lot of people may begin to question why the Journal Gazette chose to ignore these candidates. This could help cause a reaction towards our local media that is probably necessary in order for meaninful political change to be affected in the future.

Anonymous said...

The libs will not come close in any race. You guyd live in a fantasy world. SYLVESTER!! Is you only chance at winning anything and he came in last place for NACA Schoolboard.

J Q Taxpayer said...

What some are missing is the Libs may not win but they may well effect the out come. The loser may have won if they would have reached out to more Lib thought processes.

So you do not need to win the vote count to win. Think about it. The winner did not loose votes to the Lib party. The loser lost the votes to the Lib party. So the winner was closer to the Lib party then the loser. Now does anyone understand the thinking process.

Oh, when you look at vote numbers you take the dif betweein the winner and loser. Then divide it by 2 and add 1. That is all the voters you needed to have gone from not winning to winning.

ROACH said...

the Libs may win one district seat, by a slim margin, or make a respectable showing. I dont know where that might be.
However, the 3rd party or candidate usually provides the 2-5% margin of victory, and definitely has an effect on the outcome.
If the bar owners can wake the drunbks,a nd get them to the polls, then we will have another unknown factor.
furthermore, there may be some unhappy GOPhers that may vote libertarian, because they dont like to voet for the "kool-aid drinker faction of the GOP.
So yes, the "Libbys" wil definitely have an effect.
their worst opponent is the JG- editorial staff- the so-called 5th column- and some theatrics may be needed- hey, its halloween- have some relevant fun- or pay someone( like me) a few dollars, and I'll happily schill for anybody in costume, to make the evening news.
Yes- I'm a political prostitute- will work for strippers ,and beer!
but seriously-
the JG is your biggest opponent.
fiscal conservative, socially liberal- within the confines of the avg. FTW conservative mind set.
best of luck- you'll need it!

Robert Enders said...

I think we can win a seat. But if we can show what we can do with the few resoucres we have available, the big dollar contributors will send some money our way.

J Q Taxpayer
In a three way race, you do not need a majority of the votes to win. You simply need more than the other two. You can win with as little as 33.4% of the vote. And the at Large race is where it will be really interesting.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

The other things to factor in is one the city had a population boom due to annexation and the second is where the extra population is located and what they have suffered because of annexation (exorbitant amount of property taxes). That alone may shift the vote to candidates whom are for less government and lower taxes.

J Q Taxpayer said...

What I was talking about is a two way race.

In a the at large race there are 9 people, so 11.11% each would equal a nine way tie.

The bashing on the blogs means very little in the voting booth. Considering how few people read the newspapers or watch local news their impact is dimishing everyday.

Believe or not Kelty may gain by the Cake deal. People are talking around the water coolers and break rooms. People hear the name Kelty. So when they go to the polls they see the name Kelty and think they know something about him.

The sign law killed the Libs. It was the only way they could, in a low cost manner, get their names before tens of thousands of people.

If I was a Lib and could get my hands on voter list I would be knocking on doors of what looks like the independents and voters who switch back and forth. Which in Fort Wayne, is a good size number.

The turned off hard liners will set the vote out or have already decided if they are going Lib or flip totally over to the other party on one or more offices.

Well I have carried on enough. I need to bail.

Phil Marx said...


The Libertarian party could have requested a list of all registered voters in Allen County. This list would have included the person's name, address, and which party they chose in the last primary. As a minor political party in Indiana, they are entitled to access such information. I do not know if they requested this though.

J Q Taxpayer said...

I thought that was true but was not sure.

Some of the Libs have a great message, think like the average income person, and believe we can not do everything.

I am working on a list of who I will not vote for over on my blog. My point will be more of a take-a-way process.

Anonymous said...

Horner. You will get less than 500 votes and they will come equally from all other candidates. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Horner. If you do not recognize that you will do nothing but help the incumbents hold their seat by taking away a few votes from the challengers, then maybe you have your head buried in something worse than sand.

Anonymous said...

douglas horner. do you not understand that a 2,700 gap in an at large race is 3 x harder to create than in a one on one race? apparently not.

J Q Taxpayer said...

Anon 7:42 makes a point but the reverse is also true.

Hang tough, keep knocking on doors and let the VOTERS decide. If they want a change from what we have then they will vote for new people. If they are content with what they have then they will return the same old people.

Win or loose there is a bright spot offered by the LIBs. They give the voters an additional selection. No matter what the turn out they will send a message even with only 500-700 votes.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Yep. We have the list.

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