Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tax Protest in Fort Wayne

PRESS RELEASE~ for immediate distribution

Local Libertarians and Hoosiers For Fair Tax host old fashion Protest regarding Property Taxes
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

The Libertarian Party of Allen County and Candidates for City Council with supporters are joining together with Hoosiers For Fair Tax and many citizens Saturday the 13th of October 2007 at Frieman Square between 11:30 and 1:00 to hold an old fashion Tax Protest and Tea Party at the bridge near the Old Fort north of Superior Street. Citizens are encouraged to bring their property tax slips to add to the tea bag. The event will kick off with general organization and speakers then proceed from Frieman Square north on Clinton and east on Superior Street to the Governor Samuel Bigger Memorial Bridge where a tea bag with everyone's property tax slips in it will be ceremoniously thrown asunder into the river. Come out and join the protest and the collective action. There are no worries about littering we will have a rope tied to the tea bag to pull it back out after the protest.

Who: Hoosiers for Fair Tax & Libertarian Party of AC

What: Property Tax Protest and Tea Party

Where: Freiman Square (Clinton and Main Streets) across from the City County Building

When: Saturday, October 13th 11:30AM-1PM

Why: Protest rising property taxes

Contact Info:
Hoosiers for Fair Tax, Ron Heilman 432-7999 (Work #) Libertarian Party, Doug Horner 704-4698 (Cell #)


Dan Turkette said...

Mike, as I'm sure you're aware protests do nothing more than give the media something for the evening news and have little or no effect on our lawmakers.

You misspelled tied.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan - Is it a rip tide or an ebb tide? (Coming in or going out?)

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Actually that was my homonym dyslexia kicking in sorry

Anonymous said...


The key words are "media" and "evening news".

This is a great chance for libertarians to get their names out there and let people know they can organize.

ROACH said...

so to make sure it gets top billing on a slow news day, will the participants dress up like indians? or is that India- ns?

and did he say "tea-bag"? thats a sophomoric drunken fraternity gag played on the first man to pass out at a Delta keg party.
what this city needs for tax relief is a good 5 cent slot machine (apoligies to Thomas Marshall)

Anonymous said...

Vote for Bob

Sam DiFilippo said...

bob who?

Anonymous said...


I think you might be surprised at the media coverage. Tax protests in recent months have been popular with the local media.

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