Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This takes the cake...

So what is the biggest story right now? A cake.

Matt Kelty's birthday party and a cake. Big deal.

I was talking with several people over the past week about ISSUES in the campaigns in every race and had to take note that few people knew anything about where candidates stand on more than one issue.

The media is icing their pages about a cake, but not a press conference or digging into issues.

Bloggers are cutting into a cake, and not into issues.

Could you defend your candidate over more than one issue? If not, go find out and find something useful to talk about.

The real cake will be done November 6.


Anonymous said...

The cake debacle, in my mind, is inexcusable. How could anyone think it was a good idea to get within ten feet of that cake, much less have your picture taken with it and post in on your website? Unbelievable.

david said...

I think the cake thing is absolutely stupid and unwarranted to attract so much media attention, but why couldn't Matt just say it was a bad idea instead of denying he knew about it when there were pictures on his website with him in it ? If Matt would just not try to skirt things, he would be much better off and no one would care.

If Matt would have just said "Yeah, it was a joke" - no one would have cared. This just ends up playing into a noticeable track record of skirting around things. My advice for Matt is "tell the truth - don't skirt things" and keep hammering on the issues. He'll get the most traction there and will avoid these absolutely ridiculous flurries.


david said...

I'll leave one last comment which is the following:

The only gap between a vote from me to Matt Kelty is the fact that he has deceived or skirted around numerous silly things that brings up the issue of trust. I like many of his positions on issues, but how can I as a voter trust that he is not paying us lip service to get votes ? That trust is what separates me from voting for Matt.


Jeff Pruitt said...

If I may defend myself a little here. I agree that this isn't a big story and I was surprised to see it on the front page of today's metro section (with no source to Fort Wayne Left of course). But it is a story worth blogging about. People read these political blogs because they're likely political junkies and they want the backstories and/or inside information that the media might miss or inaccurately report...

Anonymous said...

I disagree (about not being a big news story, I agree about being worth blogging about). This is a legitimate news story.

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Dave are right. A cake, in and of itself, is not a major issue. A candidate who constantly blurs and obscures the truth in an effort to abdicate culpability is every bit as much an issue as the smoking ban, Harrison Square or whatever.

"Well, Kelty may lie every time his lips open, but look where he stands on the issues!"

Uhhh, how about, NO.

Zachary said...

I think the potential of a mayor that has proven a habit of poor decision making, lying and/or immense immaturity is an ISSUE all unto itself. And a fearful thought.

Anonymous said...

The issue is Matt Kelty misleading the public on everything, including a cake

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure he can help himself. He wants this mayor's job at all costs. Look what it's cost him already. His dignity and his familys ability to hold their heads up. He's shameful

Anonymous said...

I'm still voting for Matt Kelty - I trust him more than Tom Henry. The biggest lie of all is that Tom wants to be mayor.

Tom fails to inspire because it's obvious he would rather be doing anything other than running for this office. Tom's a nice enough guy, and probably a man of character and integrity, but I can't trust him to be the Number 1 salesperson for Fort Wayne -- He'll let those who put him up to running run the city for him. And that scares me more than anything Mr. Kelty has remotely been accused of doing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22-

I agree. Tom will probably go back to sleep on November 7th, grateful that he didn't need to keep pretending.

Wendy said...

I agree that a cake alone is not newsworthy. It's the poor judgment and lies that are the problem. It's not as though this was a private birthday party where pictures got leaked out. It was a political fundraiser, and at some point someone on Kelty's team thought it was a good idea to post these photos on his campaign website. Kelty doesn't just make poor decisions, he surrounds himself with others who make equally bad moves, if not worse. Is that really who you want leading the city?

I too would like to see a campaign full of talk about issues rather than silliness, but Kelty is campaigning on the merits of his honesty and integrity. So when his integrity gets called into play over and over again, that becomes the issue.

Anonymous said...

You said it Wendy!

david said...

This may be a good year to be on an independent ballot. I would think a candidate would have as good a shot at mayor this year as any other.


Rachel said...


I couldn't have said it any better myself.

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