Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I cancelled by subscription to the JG this afternoon

I cancelled my JG subscription and I sent the below email to several poeple at the JG including their fearless leader Richard Inskeep and Editorial page editor Tracy Warner.

I am appalled that you have decided not to interview any of the eight Libertarian candidates for City Council.

The purpose of a newspaper is to inform its readers about local events. No one can remember the last time eight candidates from outside of the two major parties have ran for public office in a City election. In case you do not realize it; that is news…

One of the Libertarian candidates has walked and talked to more voters in his District then any major Party candidate with the exclusion of Karen Goldner. Some of the Libertarian candidates for City Council have raised more money then some of the major Party candidates. Each public forum has been attended by numerous Libertarians.

I have cancelled my daily subscription to the JG as of ten minutes ago.

I will be encouraging everyone I know to cancel their subscriptions as well.

Mike Sylvester


Karen Goldner said...

Thanks for the kudos, Mike. This weather shift is very weird from a campaign point of view - over the weekend I was dragging out the summer clothes and bottled water to walk door-to-door; tonight I need to decide which coat to wear. I guess that is the lot of a candidate in Indiana :-)

I have been really impressed by the campaigning of a number of the Libertarian candidates. A couple of Sundays ago there was a nice event at Union Baptist Church during their social hour where people had a chance to talk with the candidates, both individually and in an informal forum-type setting. For a pretty strongly (but not exclusively!) Democratic venue, I was impressed that Horner, Bartels & Larsen all attended. They represented the Libertarian party very well, I thought.

Kody Tinnel said...

By ignoring our candidates it shows that the local media is scared that people might actually vote for Libertarians.

Anonymous said...

Kody you are right on. The media is scared the the Libertarians are going to win so they don;t write about them. When did you become so smart?


Anonymous said...

What is the over/under on the most popular Libertarian candidate (to be determined by percentage vote, after the election), 5%, 7%?

Phil Marx said...


I don't think JG's lack of coverage for the Libertarian candidates is some sinister plot to influence the elections. I think that it's simply laziness.

When I ran against Souder in the '96 primary, I was interviewed by a group of five reporters from Fort Wayne newspapers. They seemed overly focused upon the fact that many of my views were not in step with the (then) current trends of the Republican Party. I was constantly interrupted with "That doesn't sound very Republican." I finally had to explain to them that the Republican Party had taken a major shift on many issues during the past two years, and that disagreeing with this particular Congressman, or with the general trend of the '94 Republican revolutionaries, did not necessarily mean that I rejected all the principles of that Party.

It seemed that they needed me to be either a hard-right Republican or a hard-left Democrat, in order to understand what I was saying. The fact that I held a moderate position on many issues seemed overly taxing to their minds.

The truth of the matter is that many voters hold this same paradigm. They can understand (but not necessarily accept) a candidate who is in step with the extreme views of his party on most issues, but differs on one or two. I believe that most voters feal a real need to be able to peg a candidate as "He's a Republican/Democrat, except...", in order to feel that they understand him.

Now, regarding the Libertarian Party, I think that most people don't have a real good understanding of what the party stands for. If the JG were to cover these candidates, they would first have to do a story on the Libertarian Party in general. This would give context to the individual candidates within the party, thus allowing people to feel as though they have some understanding of them.

But, this would require a lot more effort than simply saying "He's a Republican/Democrat, except..." That, I believe, is the reason that the JG hasn't covered this election - because it's just too much work.

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