Thursday, October 18, 2007

It is a sad day for the Kelty campaign.

Yesterday, Jeff Pruitt predicted that the Kelty campaign would go negative. Unfortunately, he was right...

Please read his post today:


Please take the time to listen to the MP3 that Jeff posted on his blog.

It is an extremely disappointing ad that is quite offensive and inappropriate.

I am extremely disappointed...


This ad reminds me of some of the ads that Congressman Mark Souder ran when running against Dr. Hayhurst this year. Those irritated me as well.

While I think it is fair to bring up Henry's voting record on issues like gay rights; this ad goes significantly beyond that.

I imagine that several Libertarians who were going to vote for Kelty no longer will... I know that Kody Tinnel over at <> has changed his mind due to this ad...

Good Grief...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Mike, say it isnt so, you mean he was less than truthful about going negative?

Mike, this commercial will turn people off and will result in a net loss of votes.

This race is over.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

I certainly think this ad will result in a net loss of votes...

It is going to turn off about every Libertarian who supports or supported Matt Kelty...

MIke Sylvester

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

I just spoke with Matt and he had no idea about the ad content he will be issuing a response within the next day or so. Keep in mind it was not issued by Matt Kelty for Mayor Campaign.

Fr Fozy

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

I just spoke with Matt and he had no idea about the ad content he will be issuing a response within the next day or so. Keep in mind it was not issued by Matt Kelty for Mayor Campaign.

Fr Fozy

Anonymous said...

Its amazing.

No idea about the loan
No idea about the cake
No idea about the ad

Does this guy have any idea?

steve said...

This may finish his campaign. If Kelty does not refute the message of the ad, he is supporting it.

It seems Kelty's people had to know the content of this ad. And if so, they are directly trying to campaign on a anti-gay agenda.

Rachel said...


I'm glad you are able to see this ad for what it is: an unjustified and disappointing attack on Tom Henry's voting record on city council and citizens and voters in Fort Wayne. Matt's advisers seem to be political novices. This campaign was really his to loose and he seems to be doing just that, especially in the court of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Until this ad, I really thought there was no way that Kelty could go below 30%, but he may well do it.

I think "High Twenties" are now squarely within the realm of possibility for the K man.

Lets see,

Cake Gate
Souder Repudiation
Hate Ads

I am not sure whats left, but this Quadfecta of campaign buffoonery leaves him on the brink of something special.... twenty something percent.

Souder's biggest fan said...

Kody, Mike... etc.. how does this make you any different than Souder?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Kelty is so bad.... Then again Matt Henry getting a cut of the money going for ads is so above board.

Tom Henry is a decent man. Maybe that is why Jerry and his clown friends had to push him into the race.

Why not ask the people at Manco Motorsports how it is to work there for Jerry? Oh, that is right no raises in the entire time he owned it. Then he sold it off at a nice profit. Then all the workers where gone outside a few in the front office.

I guess those blue collar workers just did not fit into the new FORT WAYNE MASTER RACE!

Maybe some you should be looking behind Tom to see who is pushing him along.

Anonymous said...

You do have a point, anon 10:26, that Henry seems kind of reluctant to be running. He seems to be a decent man. What do you mean about the push? Keep it on target and not mean, because that only convinces people the other way.

Anonymous said...

Nice ridiculous swipe about Matt Henry. The thing to remember (and I know this is kind of novel for Kelty supporters) is Henry actually DISCLOSED who was getting paid on his campaign forms.

Its amazing how a little honesty will work for ya.

Kody Tinnel said...

Souder's Biggest Fan,

What point are you trying to make?

Gloria said...

Sometimes I think the people who want to be politicians the most are the ones you really have to keep an eye on. Henry seems to not be as gung-ho about the mayoral race as Kelty seems to be, which seems to be the mark of a humble man.
And whoever is running Kelty's campaign seems to be living in another universe and not informing Matt as to what's going on. Unless Kelty is that clueless about what his people are doing, which really does not bode well should he become elected. Can you imagine? A gay pride tax levied on everyone who is "out." A fat tax on those with alarming BMIs. A tax for "bad Christians." Kelty's response: I had NO idea!
I never was for Kelty in the first place, and I think I was right.

Anonymous said...
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