Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Interesting way to advertise your campaign for City Council

I am the Treasurer for the Oak View PTO. My daughter goes to Oak View (1st Grade).

We have a large number of parent volunteers who run the various programs the Oak View PTO supports. One of them turned in some checks to be deposited and he gave me a large white "stickie" that has a heading as follows:

Vote McBride
3rd District City Council

I imagine that the candidate is handing out small pads of these to her supporters. Her supporter used it and gave one to me as part of a note...


I am a little surprised it does not have contact info for her campaign; however, it is an interesting way for her to get the word out to voters in her District. She is not in my district; however, I was in the 3rd District last year and I am close to the dividing line!

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

At least it doesn't say vote for Bob.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame. If not for Enders and Fuller, McBride would have definitely won the aware for worst yard sign of the election cycle. Her sign is horrible. You can only read it if you are traveling at less than 1mph and if you have 20/20 eye sight.

However, "Vote for Bob" will take the award for this election cycle.

Anonymous said...

This is coming from the same camp that has a "Vote for Bob" sign.

Come on Mike, you are better than that

Parson said...

I don't think he was saying it was bad, just interesting. Just like the "Bob" signs, it gets your name out there and hopefully people will remember it when they go to vote.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Actually as some one who is in the 3rd District let me tell you what happens:

You receive in your mail box a graduation style invitation envelope approximately an ounce or so in weight as it was mailed first class with only one stamp. And you are thinking to your self, "Who is this from?" and "What am I invited to?" and "How do they know me?"

After all of those questions rummage around your hamsters wheel, you try to open it carefully so as not to rip the delicate fabric envelope you hold in your hand that is heavier than that hamster that just fell off the wheel inside your head. As you break it free from its casing you see a bouquet of flowers printed in a fake embroidery pattern with the some words on it but you are more interested on what is inside causing this thing to bare so much weight. As it flops open in your hand you read (in perfect personally loopy cursive) the following text: "It would be my honor to serve as you representative on the Fort Wayne City Council. I hope that you will consider voting for me on November 6th."

As you stand their in amazement of the political ploy you have just experienced your curiosity is focused again to the weight of the matter still brushing across your hand, your eyes glance up to the top part of the inside of the invitation you have just received only to find two sticky pads with the text: "Vote McBride 3rd District City Council Democrat". Your head is hung in utter embarrassment for what you thought were an indication of great honor was merely a mass mailer sent out by a Candidate for City Council.

You shake your head in shock and try to figure out whether or not to keep the sticky pads or throw them in the trash where you already threw the envelope. Suddenly then as you are picking them up as they are the weight barring load of the invitation the front of the fine fabric style paper flips over and you read in between the flowers: VOTE MCBRIDE

With disgust you go online and write a story about your experience with a campaign marketing scheme that took a lot of guts and class to pull of to bad you were disappointed after receiving such a beautiful invitation.

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