Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are kidding me???

Mike, I have to take serious issue with you on that ad you mention below. And I mean the utmost respect, but I am appalled at this type of thinking in several camps. I am posting this on both Jeff Pruitt's blog and here.

What is unbelievable is that when they go negative on cake and take it to national news NONE of the spin doctors for the Democrats want to take responsibility for any of the negativity you have done yourselves.

BUT when someone steps up to defend Matt Kelty around issues important to that one part of his constituency who disagree with you, you can't wait to cry foul.

Will Mr. Henry tolerate THEIR perspective? Doubtful.

Get a grip. Go look at an issue or something.

Is any of this part of Mr. Kelty's platform? Has he SAID ANYWHERE that he is going to exclude anyone? Any of YOU EVER go and talk to him about this? Sheesh.

Matt Kelty talks about the issues. He talks about economic growth, he talks about changing government to make a more free market and level playing field. He stands on issues and vision, not on other people's "legacy" which has gotten us in this mess of a deteriorating downtown in the first place.

Tom Henry SAT on Council for ?20 years? and was VOTED OUT OF OFFICE for a good reason.

This is one Libertarian who won't change their mind based on a piece of cake, or some ad, or some slanderous bloggers. This is one Libertarian who will be voting on issues and on the idea based on principals of change of status quo....because we have been fighting for this very ideal for several years.


steve said...

You said nothing about the ad, Jennifer. Are you supportive of the ad's contents. Kelty presumably is. And the ad is offensive.

Chatter about a cake is not the same as an public ad supporting a candidate.

Mike should not be shamed, but commended. I disagree with Mike, but he seems to maintain a thought-out position. It is commendable that he would note the negativity and offensiveness of this ad.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

This has nothing to do with one ad from one group any more than it should have on an ad from the GBLT community or whoever else, should they support Mr. Henry.

The next question is probably "did you eat the cake?"

Jeff Pruitt said...


I think Tom Henry has put forward his positions on numerous nuts and bolts issues regarding city government. Typically the difference between the candidates' stances on these issues would be the deciding factor.

However in this election the biggest issue for some voters is character/integrity/honesty. Let's not even discuss this in absolute terms, if nothing else I believe voters perceive that Matt Kelty has a problem in this area.

So the question is will this ad help or hurt that perception? I argue that it will hurt it but everyone will eventually make up their own mind and I think we both know that it won't be determined by what you, I or anyone else writes on a blog.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...


If you want to talk about perceptions....egads.. :) Seriously though, I do understand where you are coming from in that response.

Those people who listen to that station is who that ad was aimed at, just as other people microtarget audiences for any purpose.

No, what we say here won't make a difference if we do or don't say it. It's what we take from here to the people who we talk to that matters.

At the very least we can all gain perspective from each other and that make us more knowledge about the whole spectrum of politics and life.

Phil Marx said...

If Mike had run for Mayor as a Libertarian this year, we wouldn't be having all these problems.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


This is one we will definately have to disagree on...

I do not like negative campaigns. I have never liked negative campaigns. I will never like negative campaigns.

Campaigns should be about issues. It is certainly fair to bring up Henry's voting record; however, this ad goes far beyond that.

The radio ad that was run is offensive for many different reasons and it was unnecessary and it will cost Matt Kelty votes in the General Election.

You can argue that his campaign did not run the ad and did not know about it. If the Kelty Campaign holds a press release today and annouces that they do not agree with the ad and that it is "over the top" that will mitigate some of the damage.

This ad is unnecessary and it will hurt the Kelty campaign.


Mike Sylvester

Sheri said...

Wow. And you're the chair?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Kelty camp already have these voters as a "lock" on election day?

Why should they be worried about losing this market?

They only thing that has happened now is they lost more moderates.

Wendy said...

Yes Jennifer, I have talked to Kelty about issues, and the message I received is one of exclusion. His vision of FW is for married Christian families with children - everything he talked about came back to that. Frankly, it seemed as though he's not even aware of the fact that not everybody is Christian, let alone straight. And if you're not married, it sounds like he thinks you should go away until you are.

It sounds like you're suggesting that simply by representing the GLBT community that Henry is disqualified from representing...I don't know what words to use...we'll just call it the other side. Henry's message is one of tolerance and acceptance and that is what I want in my leadership.

Anonymous said...

My main problems with the ad.

1) It is very negative. I agree with Mike that negativity in campaigns is ridiculous.

2) I strongly disagree with the messages that "family values" groups are always putting out. I was willing to ignore Kelty's conservative Christian background if he didn't put much focus on it, but the fact that there is an ad based around that really turns me off from Kelty and his supporters. I understand that it was a separate group that made the ad, but Kelty should have known about it and therefore should have stopped it.

Anonymous said...

Kody -

Think Mr. Smith had decent values at South Side High School. I think you seemed to enjoy them. Now, you can't take Kelty? Get a life! No wonder why you went IPFW - the land of idiots, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:36,

Why would the principal of South Side HS have anything to do with this issue?

If you are going to get negative with your comments at least have the balls to use your real name.

Good luck having anyone take someone like you seriously.

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