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Liquor Licenses lose value due to City Council

Please read this article:


Yesterday the owner of the Northwood Bar and Grill had an auction. He sold off most of his assets; however, he could not sell his liquor license. The highest bid was only $65,000.

Not only did City Council pass a law that has had a drastic effect on local bar owners; the liquor licenses have also plummeted in value.

I personally know people who have purchased liquor licenses for $100,000 and $115,000 in the last couple of years.

Yesterday the highest bid at the auction was $65,000.

We need some new people on our City Council.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...


Andrew Kaduk said...

That would actually be pretty sweet if the average cost for a liquor license in Fort Wayne finally got down in to the realm of "reasonable" rather than the "absolutely preposterous" levels at which they have been selling for years.

I would think that most libertarians would see quite a virtue in this, since the government has been holding the license prices artificially high for way too long by way of ridiculous ordinances and restrictions.

Robert Enders said...

The price of gasoline would go down if the government limited the amount you can buy to 8 gallons a week. That doesn't make rationing a good idea. Ridiculous ordinances and restricitions can have the effect of reducing supply, driving prices up; and reducing demand, driving prices down. The smoking ban has driven down the demand for alcoholic beverages served in bars.

Liquor licenses are regulated by the state, so there is nothing we can do about them while on the city council. But if I had my way, I would eliminate the license requirement and grant current license holders a tax credit equal to the amount that they paid for their license.

Flip said...

Maybe there just weren't any competitive bidders? erroneous!!

Jeff Pruitt said...


That is the right way to solve the problem. There's absolutely no need for the state to regulate how many liquor licenses a community receives. If you want to sell beer out of your trunk then you should be able to do that along as you're not selling to minors...

Anonymous said...


Robert Enders said...

And if we did that, it would actually be possible to make a profitable non-smoking bar. Smokers could still have their bars, non-smokers would be able to drink their virgin daquris undisturbed by secondhand smoke, and all will be well in the Summit City.

Bobby G. said...

Gonna just toss this out there...if the STATE handles the liquor licenses, then make all liquor stores STATE-RUN stores and hire on the people working there as state employees.

It works damn well in PA, and the number of robberies is practically non-existent.

Liquor would be sold there, as well as wines. Beer can still be had at groceries and beer distributors.

Like I say..works well in PA.


Robert Enders said...

Should there be state-owned bars as well? Somehow I think a state-run bar would lack the atmosphere of a private bar.

What about state-owned strip clubs?Picture this. A well-endowed blonde government employee wearing the state seal as pasties, gyrating to the tune of "On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away".

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

It does make sense to get liquor license control OUT of government hands and have the market run the value. Yes, Mr. Kaduk, we can agree. However, having the small business be sacrificed in the name of cit council is what is wrong. Because of the actions of city council, this is one indicator of the wrongness of government.

Libertarians do recognize there is some form government needed in relationship to specific things. Their initial interference into how small businesses are run and how far they have destroyed our rights, are the issues.

Anarchy isn't the answer. The council is interfering, yet again, where they never should have been in the first place.

The answer would be to curtail government spending (get rid of the fat, etc..), get out of the small business' lives and our lives in general; keep our roads in check, have a well run and respectable police force. Period.

ROACH said...

82 pages!!!!
so if i had a cooler full of beer at main and clinton, and sold cold beers for $2 each- how fast would i get arrested? but not by libertarians- if the GOP "less govt" lie was true.

next- this year- the city public safety unions contracts come up for negotiation- fire, police, ambulance, and others.
so if we did like they did in INDY, and merged the FWPD out of existence, how much $$$ would that save us, the taxpayers.
finally- are your property taxes too high?
heres a gaping hole in state tas laws-

Thes little "bombs" will truly frick up things-
So study your city budgets- available at the city controllers office- pat roller- the controller- for about $15. you need to be a budget analyst, or cpa because the first thing you will be asked by the status quo- "what vital, necessary services that we cant live without will you cut?
will you freeze govt employees wages, benefits, pensions, days off, and other perks of partisan/neoptism patronage?
let the streets turn to rutted ruins? let the garbage pile up? shut off the water works? the sewer works? foul the rivbers? let the crooks run rampant? the houses all burn down?
see- the stuff gets deeper. but you better be prepared to ask the citizens "how much government do you want, and how much are you willing to pay for it?; and what do we the people want to do away with, or change the way of doing business to curb the outrageous tax burden.
I would suggest total disannexation- by petition- 51% according to election law code book rules. pull the plug, and create a crisis. dump it all on "my Man Mitch", and the county govt, and let them sort it all out. eliminate 1 layer of govt.

ruminate these amusing musings, and report back to the populace. The Corporate council and john Stafford have studied these recombinant govt theories for decades, and would surely support a truly reform minded agenda in accordance with their long- standing "wish list".
happy to help, and thank you.
a fellow citizen.
"BUG" the status quo. "Roach" the Govt.
whew. I need a beer. but dont drink and drive. .08- its the law.
anybody want to buy a liquor license cheap? lots of sites available soon to open downtown.
fort wayne- and all-aMafia city

Bobby G. said...

The bars would REMAIN in private hands....I'm referring solely to liquor sales in bulk (bottles, casks, whatever).

Any liquor licensing for THOSE venue such as bars, VFW posts, American legion, etc) would (or should) drop significantly.

It was just a thought.

((now, those state-owned STRIP CLUBS idea has merit...LOL))


Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

I believe my Libertarian view of the state limiting and selling liquor licenses is that it should never have been done in the first place.

If I had my way I would probably like to find a way to phase out these licenses entirely with the minimal impact on business as possible.

However, I do not always get my way. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, the fact is the State has for many years burdened bars and restaurants selling alcohol with this giant gorilla on their backs.

The only saving grace was the fact that the gorilla had some value. A high demand in an area where the quota had been reached could cause the gorillas value to soar. Regrettably this is no longer the case.

Local bars and restaurants that were forced to pay for this burden now see the value of the burden depreciating at a fantastic rate. This is unfair and it is unconscionable.

I hope that the city council will see the error if its ways and repeal the smoking ban entirely. I am afraid that I will not get my way.

Unless I am elected...


Douglas E Horner
Candidate, City Council at Large

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