Monday, July 09, 2007

What is Tom Henry doing?

Tom Henry is running in a two way race to be the Mayor of the 70th largest City in The United States.

Today is Monday July 9th.

Tom's website has been up for quite awhile.

I keep checking out his website because I want to know where he stands on the issues.

Please check for yourself:

Believe it or not, Tom Henry still has not posted any of his positions...

I imagine Jeff Pruitt is about to have a seizure... It looks like Tom Henry may be planning on running a "stealth campaign..."

Let's hope that he starts letting voters know where he stands on issues the affect the voters of this City.

Mike Sylvester

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Kody Tinnel said...

I have been checking his website week after week for the past few months. I have noticed no changes at all. Same lack of information there was from the start.