Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And so the bills go out...

Since property owners got their "YOU OWE US" bills from the government, I thought it was fitting to pass on this bit of information from Hoosiers for Fair Taxation...Maybe the LOCAL politicians will take notice and FOLLOW a lead... What do you think will happen?

The Indy Star reports:
Gov. Mitch Daniels today ordered a full reassessment of all residential and
commercial properties in Marion County and appointed State Supreme Court Justice
Randall Shepherd and former Gov. Joe Kernan to head a panel to find solutions to
the property tax crisis. Sources close to the governor's office told The
Indianapolis Star that an outside vendor will be hired to reassess commercial
and industrial property, and local assessors will handle residential
property.For now, residents will be asked to pay their 2006 amounts, and after
reassessment is done, updated bills will go out.Marion County property owners
have seen average increases of 35 percent in their tax bills.The reassessment in
Marion County apparently ignored commercial properties, pushing homeowners'
bills even higher, Daniels said Tuesday.
"Overwhelmingly The People want all property tax in Indiana repealed. We will continue to rally until elections in order to gain support of our legislators to make it so. Once law makers are elected, The People are committed to making them accountable to make tax reform and the abolishment of property tax a top priority."

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Governor Daniel's actions are constitutional. Though they are well intended.

Its my understanding that the state constitution only allows the governor to institute the tax assessment proposal on a statewide level. He cannot levy it in a specific region.

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