Tuesday, July 24, 2007

City Attorney says the law doesn't apply to them, Mr. Kalb.

The City attorney Tim Manges said at Monday's meeting that the statute does not apply to Fort Wayne and that nothing illegal was done during the process.

See Mike Sylvester's posts below on Mr. Kalb's letter about Harrison Square.

Does it surprise you?

Anyone? Anyone??


Jeff Pruitt said...

I believe Tim Manges is right when he says that the statutes Kalb cites do not apply:

IC 5-23-1-1
Applicability of article
Sec. 1. This article applies to the following:
(1) The state.
(2) A political subdivision in a county containing a consolidated city.
(3) A political subdivision in a county where:
(A) the legislative body of the political subdivision; or
(B) if the political subdivision does not have a legislative body, the fiscal body of the political subdivision;
adopts the provisions of this article by resolution or ordinance.

Fort Wayne falls under (3). I searched the city code and there doesn't appear to be any ordinance that adopts this provision...

Anonymous said...


I know you despise this project BUT cant you at least take a small defeat once in a while. Kalb has this all wrong.

Sam T.

Anonymous said...

Kalb has a lot of things all wrong. This is just the latest in a long, long list. He lost all credibility with his public rant about how Fort Wayne needs more heavy manufacturing operations. Anyone espousing that kind of viewpoint is obviously suffering from some strange mental condition that conveniently blocks out things like logic and reason. I for one have basically disregarded everything that has come from the Kalb camp since that unfortunate tirade.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Kalb cannot interpret statutes but Andy Downs can.

James Fitch said...


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