Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Harrison Square financial information is still hidden from the Public

I got the results from my second set of Information Requests I filed with the City.

The City has done everything that it can to hide the financial information behind the Harrison Square Project. The only financial information available is the summary information posted on the City website. All of this infomration was prepared by The City and they refuse to allow anyone to see anything other then a summary prepared by The City Controller.

The City is bascially daring me to take them to Court.

The information I have requested is public information and should have been provided to me a long time ago.

This last response does have a couple of useful pieces of informaiton in it:

1. The City states that there are no Benchmarks in place to measure the success of The Harrison Square Project.

2. The City is still claiming that the financial information I am requesting is "proprietary information" of Acquest Realty.

3. The present projected hotel occupancy rates of the new Downtown hotel are as follows:
First year = 58%
Second year = 63%
Third year - the end of the bond = 67%

I sent a letter I posted on this blog to the "powers that be" in the City and to all of the members of City Council. I expect one or more of them to help me get the public infomration that I have been trying to get for four and a half months.

If none of my elected officials will help me get the infomration I have requested then I will most likely take my City to Court. The Mayors Office is leaving me no choice...

I am disgusted...

Mike Sylvester


B.G. ((Semper Paratus)) said...


Don't feel bad...at least you're in good company (and lots of it)!


Anonymous said...

Mike - I also have been waiting for copies of eight documents that were produced in the purchase of four properties in the HS area. I received a written notice from councilor Manges saying that I would be receiving what I requested, but, after two weeks, haven't seen anything. I wonder what would happen if I stopped at Pat Roller's office and just asked to view these documents? Have you tried that approach? John B. Kalb

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I have not tried that approach.

Mike Sylvester

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