Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Benefit of Libertarian Candidates

To All,

I don't think that many folks have truly contemplated the repercussions of our growing ability to run candidates.

I would like to draw your attention to an old but seldom used political term: Gerrymandering.

If you Google this word you will find: "is a form of redistricting in which electoral district or constituency boundaries are manipulated for an electoral advantage." (Wikipedia)

Gerrymandering has been actively done for quite some time. The two old parties have had quite a time loading the dice against public dissension. Even with an outraged public on any topic it is hard to unseat most candidates as the power sharing status quo has quite neatly insulated the parties with the abuse of gerrymandering.

Behold, however, that whatever behind the scenes haggling, wrangling, and plotting has occurred to date will be wiped clean with our new party entering the ring.

It is easy to gerrymander with two parties, but with three? Not likely.

A major but little seen benefit that you will all gain from is the fact that no longer will the old parties be capable of deviating from their alleged values. No longer will they be certain of reelection or holding on to their control. What was once gerrymandered to nearly guarantee power sharing and abuse will be washed away in one fell swoop. That swing of the sword begins its descent on the head of gerrymandering this year, 2007.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County is growing in all ways: strength, public support, public interest, and stability. We will continue to run candidates and increase the number of positions our candidates will challenge. Let us not forget that next year is also an election year. The seeds of peaceful political revolution have been planted today in the rich soil of public outrage. Over the coming years these will grow into a movement that will come into its own and benefit all of the citizens by presenting a new and vibrant party that truly supports the people by holding fast to the simple olde philosophy "that government is best which governs least".

Imagine four years from today: Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans...Oh my!


Doug Horner


Anonymous said...

Very well stated.

Doug, you really do have a way with words. And you make very good points

The public can only benefit from having more choices in elections.

Greg McClain said...

If we could just get people to wake up and take not the LP is a solid and straight forward solution to the fixed corruption of the two party system we would all be better off.

ROACH said...

bla bla bla.
It dont mean a thing, if you aint got that bling.
no cash- no credibility. unless and until the local "Libbys" can raise substantial amounts of moola, you , and all other non-funded camapigns, and parties will all continue to be "farts in the wind".
I say this after many years of raising, and spending no money to try to get elected to prove this very point.

Although Idealism, and patriotism are all noble virtues, greed, and corruption trumps them every time.
The golden rule is "he who has the gold; rules.
Show them the money, and then people will wake up.
till then, you are merely perennial gadflys, and will be tagged as such in the local media.

good luck- I hope the INCAS cough up some dough- they are seriously connected. Capiche?

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Kelty outspent Peters... money ISN'T everything...

(I know that is a dangerous leap, but it certainly isn't the first time the winner WASN'T the one with all the money)

I am sure there are other groups who will endorse.

If we could put a value on the time spent so far by us, it would definitely outweigh the competition.

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