Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Council To Discuss Smoking Ban

More to come, but in short form, after the official meeting where no one had the guts to say they were wrong, 5 council members agreed to bring it to the table to at least re-discuss the tyranny of the smoking ban.

I just don't understand where these elected officials think they can take our rights away.

So.. we just pay the price. All the tax money and blood and sweat and tears for how many years? Just to make these politicians feel better.

"Dr. John Crawford/(R) Ft. Wayne Council At-Large: "It is possible some business will lose business. But economic considerations do not trump the health issues of a law designed to improve public health. It is possible Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the most resistant place to change in the entire world."

He doesn't care. They don't care if the people who built this city lose money.

Is this the kind of elected official we want?


Anonymous said...

If economic considerations do not trump public health concerns, why isn't the speed limit 5 miles per hour?

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Good point.

I think there could be a lot of examples of this.

Why are the tobacco companies still in business at all? Economics and Power.

This City Council took the economy and power away from the people who built this city.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Crawford just wants to seem like a hero to his other doctor friends. Of course at the same time he is basically making himself into a liar because he promised to support less government.

It's a good thing for him that he has so much money to pour into his reelection campaign. I think that is the main reason he made it past the primaries.


Taking the "smoking BAN-WAGON" to United States Senator Evan Bayh, he has this to say;

"Our nation is based on the principle of SELF determination, in which the citizens govern themsleves".

The board of health has "asked" for the smoking ban not to be lifted-
Has anyone else noticed the people "asking" for this to remain a BAN on adults have nothing invested in keeping a business open? Where does it say the "board of health" has a device to monitor second hand smoke-when there is no scientific way to prove the dangers nor is there any scientific proof to back up this claim. It's smoke & mirrors-period. Television grandstanding!

Who's standing to the right and left of ANY "elected" government official stating this is "bad"-how are those people being funded? By BOGUS lawsuits brought against the tobacco companies.

The Mayor of Ft Wayne, has said he will VETO any attempt to lift the smoking ban on businesses that cater to adults-
This comes from the same person who built a WALL on the highway obstructing businesses "free view advertising". Businesses complained of buisness loss-the "quick fix" wall that cost tax payers how much?, is coming down!
His plan to tear down the existing baseball diamond in ALLEN county is to build another one in the CITY & keep all profits.
By the way, the ALLEN county baseball diamond is to be paid off this year?? By tax payers!
There is NO parking downtown, it has been argued by the citizens of Fort Wayne as a "hair brain" idea-to no avail-who cares if there is NO parking available-his damage will be done and taxpayers will be left with HIS bill when he leaves office in January!

Ft Wayne's theme..."Room for Dreams"-An attempt to lure new business owners to build here-
What a joke-refer to the top of this comment, the MAYOR is going to VETO the smoking ban on businesses that cater to adults. Forcing local business owners to close their door & the community to drive just outside the city limits where they are welcome to choose, taking their business with them.
Build here, this is your heads up to how YOU would be welcomed as a new buisness.
Open your buisness here-put YOUR hard earned money into it-& the "ELECTED" Government will step in & tell you HOW to run it.

ADULTS are capable of reading a sign posted at a business & choose on their OWN to enter or not.
The small group of people who think this is a good idea can not support all the businesses affected-nor do they.
Government Nannyism is out of control in America!

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Very well said.

It is SO wrong to have government in a position where they think they have the right to legislate morality and change the social morays of a society.

We are supposed to be in charge of our own destiny.

Jeff Pruitt said...

The no parking downtown argument is 100% wrong. Come downtown any day of the week and I guarantee you will find a spot.

And are we really still arguing about the effects of second hand smoke?

I would stick to the economic argument as that provides a much more compelling case....

Anonymous said...

About that wall they are building around the highway.

My house is right by I69. As I type this inside my room with no windows open I can't help but listen to the delightful sounds of cars rushing by only a few hundred feet away.

Now if I am not mistaken this wall was intended to block out sound to make the lives of people living or working around the highway more pleasant on the ears.

If this is the intent then why would they build walls to block off sound for random open fields long before they put them near residential areas that could actually benefit from them?

At the moment there are plenty of unoccupied patches of land in the area that are a lot more quiet due to the wall, but not here in my large neighborhood. Apparently we take the back seat to grass.

Robert Enders said...

There is parking downtown, but some people would rather burn up an extra dollar worth of gas on their way to Glenbrook or Jefferson Pointe than pay a quarter to park. But I think more people will come downtown if they knew that you do not have to feed the meter after 5pm.

Robert Enders said...

I do not dispute that 2nd hand smoke is bad for your health. What I dispute is the Surgeon General's claim that there is no safe level of 2nd hand smoke. It is now claimed that even a tiny amount can cause cancer. One puff of smoke is not going to give you cancer anymore than one Twinkie is going to make you fat. It's when you breath the stuff on a daily basis that it is harmful.

If it was as dangerous as they say it is, al Qaida wouldn't bother with bombs or even boxcutters. They would simply sent one guy with one cigarette into a crowded NYC subway, and then BOOM: everyone there has cancer.

Tim Zank said...

Robert! Touche'! I love your last paragraph!

Jeff Pruitt said...

I think it's technically 6pm and after that you don't have to feed the meters but I could be wrong...

Robert Enders said...

It used to be 6pm, except all the meter maids went home at 5pm. But the city generously decided to let people park for free after 5pm, even though many people already did so.

But not many people seem to know that. If more people knew that, then more people would come downtown.

Anonymous said...

"The Mayor of Ft Wayne, has said he will VETO any attempt to lift the smoking ban on businesses that cater to adults-
This comes from the same person who built a WALL on the highway obstructing businesses "free view advertising". Businesses complained of buisness loss-the "quick fix" wall that cost tax payers how much?, is coming down!"

Not true- the "WALL" was built by INDOT- if you do not like it, call Mitch Daniels.

Anonymous said...

Robert, clever and funny comparison with the Twinkie. However, you miss the point. One cigarette cannot give you cancer, but it is very clear that exposure to cigarette smoke (one exposure in a restaurant) can elevate blood pressure, present breathing problems for people with asthma. Nobody ever said one exposure would cause cancer.

Robert Enders said...

Sex causes elevated blood pressure as well. But I understand that there are laws against that in public places as well. Now that I think of it, anything exciting can elevate blood pressure. If you are suseptible to high blood pressure, stay out of strip clubs.

My brother-in-law has asthma, so I know that a lot of substances commonly present in the enviroment can trigger an attack, including perfume, body odor, deordorant, pet dander, car exhaust, etc. I really can't think of anything that has any kind of an odor at all that doesn't trigger attacks for some people with asthma. In fact, Tim Didier has asthma, and he voted against the smoking ban. I respect him for that, even though my girlfriend is running against him.

Jeff Pruitt said...

When did Tim take over for his brother Tom on the council? Just kidding...

Anonymous said...

I am working with a company that is trying to help the bars/clubs succeed after the smoking ban took place. I am concentrating on their menus and ways that they can improve their business in the aftermath. I agree that the city of Fort Wayne, or at least most of its officials have taken it into their own hands to play cops and robbers. First they take away cherry masters, which have helped in the success of many smaller restaurants and bars stay afloat. Then they take away smoking. First off, restaurants should be pissed at the amount of money they were forced to spend on their "smoking sections." While having to remodel and rebuild such rooms so that "smokers" and "nonsmokers" would be seperate beings, officials were behind thier backs planning this awful attack on them. I think that if a bar wants to be smoke free that should be thier choice, not a government choice. Whatever happened to this free country? If a person chooses to go out and have a good time, he or she should either stay home or deal with a bar atmosphere! Many restaurants, who had smoke-free environments, offer drinks and bar atmospheres without the smoke. These people should be checking this out instead of complaining about smoke. On that note... was there anyone complaining? Or is this just a chance for the state department to get a big head? I'm off my soap box, but if anyone has any suggestions to the local businesses out there let me know!

Thanks, anonymous blogger

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