Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kalb Asks Attorney General to Look Into HS..and other interesting reads for the weekend

You can read more about Mr. Kalb's letter to Steve Carter in today's News-Sentinel and on several blogs across the area..

To sum it up... it ain't over til ...... (insert funny phrase here)....

People underestimate the fight the public has against the tyrannical government in place not only across the city but the state and nation.

Here's some reading for you as I am off for the weekend to the Region 3 Convention for the Libertarian Party and training from the Leadership Institute in Dayton, OH. Don't know where everyone else is this week...probably walking neighborhood and talking with people...See you next week!

Article on Mr. Kalb:

Jeff Pruitt's posts about HS:

S.T.O.P. Stop Taxing Our Property:

Tim Pape's rebuttal to email about smoking ban //er I mean regulation...:

And finally, a great read from the Indianapolis Star I meant to post earlier this week:
"There's too much wrong to do anything but fix it" :


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I think someone has a thing for Mike Sylvester.

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