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Bars and Restaurants and Legions STILL NEED HELP!

Tonight was a meeting, yet again of bar and restaurant and Legion owners who are STILL mad as HELL about the government tyranny called the Smoking Ban in Fort Wayne.

Pictured above are two Libertarian candidates for City Council--Jon Bartels in the foreground and Doug Horner to the back. Many Libertarians showed up to listen to the people whose lives are being destroyed by the current city councilmen from the traditional political parties and to report to them what we are doing to help. They are mad STILL.

The meeting, held at Piere's, was mainly led by a man from Indianapolis who represented the bars statewide and made promises of getting an amendment to the ban.

This wasn't unlike the meetings previously---lots of people yelling and two current city councilmen standing up there trying to say "we did the best we could." Credit given to Tom Didier who did say something needed to change about it.

I stood in front of the crowd on stage and told the people what WE have been doing since February to change the way government is run in the city of Fort Wayne and why WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY SMALL BUSINESSES ARE TREATED!

1) WE SLATED 8 CANDIDATES for them to finally have on the ballot for City Council in Fort Wayne.
2) We post, we blog, we reachout to the community to let them know what is happening.
3) We list their businesses on our website and are trying to drive business BACK to the BARS to help keep them open because we have something to fight for-our freedom!
4) We are planning benefit concerts to GET THESE BARS BACK OPEN and STAY OPEN.

Did you know at least 5 bars have already closed? Did you know MORE ARE GOING TO???

What can YOU do?
Show up to the City Council Meeting tomorrow at 5:30 at the City/County building.
Show up to the next City Council meeting next Tuesday.
GO to the bars listed on our web page ( and tell them you support their right to be open!
Come to the next meeting of the owners at Piere's on Wednesday July 25 at 7:00.

**I am sure you won't hear this information on the "old news media"...they packed their cameras after a few minutes, came in and out and headed to find a couple of snippits for their 15 second newscasts.....If you want the whole story on the continuing saga check our blogs and websites...**
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Tim Zank said...

Jennifer, which 5 have closed?

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

I was told the following closed:

Elco Tap
Northwood Inn

Jon has the list...I will confirm.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Gateway Inn is the other.. their sign said temporarily closed.

Tim Zank said...

That really sucks. Elco has been there for 50 years or more...Northwood since the mid 80's..The nightclubs will survive, but these one man, family owned places are gonna fold....

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, if you get any more information about events like this could you please email them to me. I would really like to attend meetings on the subject but my schedule can be kind of crazy and I never find out about them until a day or so later.


And by the way I am going to make sure I have my dates right for the next monthly meeting.

ROACH said...

I spoke at the meeting- I said Drunks dont vote. go to the "proud to be your Bud" Meeks (IN )justice center, any monday, or tuesday morning, when dui court( weekend stupids) is in session- and try to register voters- drunks, potheads, misc minor offenders- and they will say- "no way, man. I'm not registering to vote- then I might have to serve on jury duty".
try to explain to them that maybe they might get to vote on a jury to aquit someone just like themselves- subvert the courts- they look at you stupidly- like a deer in the headlights. try to tell them to request a jury trial to clog the courts- blank stupid glazed look.
then they sheepishly( like sheep) pay the courts, bankrupt themselves, then whine and cry in their beer at the bar/saloon, vets club.

then the MC started on a triade about how INCA, and ILBA have done so much for the bar owners.. I commented to Loren Fifer, afterwards- and said the same thing- "So loks like th ILBA, and INCA hsa really done a lot for you- let you get run out of business..
Mike sylvester sang the praises of Matt Kelty- then I spoke up that Matt Kelty wants to shut down all strip clubs. (sorry mike..)but true.
And Tom Henry has operated illegal rackets in his bar.

The Bar owners in town are about as organized as a herd of cats. try to get a bunch of drunks to agree on anything- its futile..

They just dont understand that money talks- Mona butler- of Showgirl enterprises- said there's 381 bars, clubs, and 11 strip joints. So if they all managed to pull 1000 out of their collective asses, then the city council, and politicians might listen. The bar woners fail to understand the role of money and credibility, and its an institutionaized evil- greed, and politicians go hand in hand.

So there are 5 available liquor licnese, and many many more to follow? Imagine that. So it seems that some wealthy local speculators, and moneyed individuals will be able to snap up these distressed liquor licneses at discount prices, and sit on them, as an investment- cornering the market , and creating a monopoly on the bar business- juse like al capone. Illegal? No. passes the smell test? something smells fishy to me.

But not only that- people are going to all the weekend festivals- drinking alcohol with their children- no family rooms- exposing their kids to air pollution-second hand smoke. loopholes in local and state liquor laws. Or going to the lakes for the weekend- bet the lake county bars are making a fortune..
poor crybaby local bar owners. sorry about your luck- but he stupid die out, and the smart survive- money talks, bs walks. it dont mean a thing, if it aint got that BLING.
sad but true. Someone will make a killing on the market, and own all the liquor licenses. Market forces. If the bar owners wont pony up $1000 a head, and get organized, if they dont hang together, they will all hang separately.

Same with the Libbys- no campaign finances- farts in the wind as well.
just factual political reality.
any way, its a lost cause- they are outnumbered by non-smokers. out-financed by MADD, Liquor Licenses speculators, Local Prohibitionists, downtown developers( free liquor licenses for all downtown); and drunks dont vote. At the meeting, I admitted "I'm a 'drunk'"; as anybody who drinks is automatically labeled, by AA, and the authorities..
theres a lot of us in town- 381 saloons, clubs, 13 belmont beverage stores. 12 cap-n-corks- about a dozen s/v, and misc smaller stores. Kroger, Meiieir, wal-mart, CVS, etc.
I once tried to find out how much tax money Allen county rakes in from alcohol related taxes- its a mega- business-
I was Stonewalled at every turn. The Helmke dynasty made their fortune by arresting bootleggers, and shaking downn bootleggers during prohibition; and the liquor service industry continues to be a political profit center- if it wasnt for the police aressting everybody, the courts system would collapse from little to do; the dui lawyers would go bankrupt- no arrests, no clients; The rehab clinics would go belly up- lack of forced clients9all owned by the GOP, cops, lawyers, and judges.

Trust me when I say the man or men who can hi-jack the local saloon business will all be very wealthy.
Sounds like a caper worthy of Danny Ocean? and another Oceans 19 movie?
trust me when I say I unequivocally know what i'm talking about. foolish short sighted local barowners- only see till next week. join or die..- didnt Sam Adams- Brewer/Patriot say that?
sorry about the length- its not a sound byte explanation...I didnt fall of the wagon or canal boat yesterday..

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

One good note is that we Libertarians ARE getting financial backing. And we are spending our OWN money more than ever to make this statement for the future.

Of course we want more to get our voice louder.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Kody (et al),

The meeting wasn't give to us with much notice. There is, however, a scheduled meeting (so far) for the 25th at Piere's again.

We will post about our next meeting soon--contemplating the 3RF impact.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the information.

By the way I was wondering if the Libertarians had any events that corresponded with the Three Rivers Festival. It seems like a great time to get the name out there more to the people of Fort Wayne.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Yep. We have had discussions. What we need are some people to head up certain events.

Due to several meetings during this week, not only for my businesses, but also because of other community involvement there was little I could help organize or participate in.

Many people have community involvement this week, so it was a natural to have that continue and we would approach some other events, as well.

We WILL be at Pride Fest and some other events during the rest of the summer.

We are looking for volunteers for those events, and to with the IPFW and other college events we have planned.

Also a Tax Rally and several fundraising concerts need volunteers.

Shoot me a line at my email below!

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