Friday, July 06, 2007

Property For Sale---due to high taxes

Came across a new blog today....

If you scroll down you will see a great sign a hardware store is stocking there:

From their blog:
"Hats off to Pat Sullivan and Jay Snyder of locally owned Sullivan Hardware Stores who just placed an order for 500 yard signs. They will be on sale at both stores about $3.50 each. They should arrive sometime on Wednesday, July 11th.

They told us that they will order more if all 500 sell. Their stock of regular 4-Sale By Owner signs sold out in minutes when news of the Governor's Mansion Press Conference got out.

Please make sure you shop for all your hardware and garden needs at Sullivan Hardware and thank them for their generous help with this effort.

Sullivan Hardware
4838 North Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, 46205


Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

An Update...

Seems as though our own ingenious Allen County residents have started this on their own.

If you drive North on S Lafayette (coming from Petit) towards downtown, on the left you can see our local version.. The first of many I am sure.

I'll get a pic tomorrow..nearly got hit by a dump truck trying to get one today.

Anonymous said...

But we have a one year reprieve - except for the downtown baseball boondoggle - so we don't need to sell out and move to the "out of town" burbs, yet. John B. Kalb

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

State Property Taxes...gas taxes.. cigarette taxes....its adding up! A lot of people won't wait another year before they leave.

And this isn't an exclusive Allen County issue, either. The signs created were from Indianapolis that I was originally referring to.

Someone has to get a clue they can't get blood out of a turnip.

Anonymous said...


I was surprised to see you refer to the Downtown Baseball stadium as a boondoggle. I have never seen you use this term before. Is this a new description that you have come up with?


Anonymous said...

Sam - Where have you been the last 6 months? I really thought you were paying attention - I'm disapointed. John B. Kalb

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