Saturday, July 14, 2007

Open Thread Saturday

Last week, our open thread was on a Thursday. I want to make this a regular weekly feature, but my schedule is changing again. Bear with us untill things get settled.

Once again the standard rules apply. Talk about anything, but keep it clean. If you can't think of anything, let me get you started with a topic that is probably already dated:
Does the success of Code Blue Schools in fact reflect a groundswell of opposition to recent spending projects in general? Or are there in fact a number of people who support HS but signed the blue petition? Are these in fact two seperate and distinct issues, or was Nelson Peters just trying to garner public support when he signed blue? Please discuss.


Kody Tinnel said...

In my opinion I think most of the people in this area are willing to spend money as long as it is done responsibly and on projects that will really make a difference. When the numbers get too high or the projects are too ridiculous the people get angry because after all it is our money that is being spent. We would like a say in where it goes.

Kody Tinnel said...

Also, I was wondering if any of the Libertarian candidates plan on putting up campaign websites.

Robert Enders said...

Right now, all I have is a links page:

I will soon convert it into a campaign website, then on my CFA-4, I will report it as an inkind donation.

While blogs are free, websites cost money. Whether or not some candidates put up websites is contingent on how much money they raise.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Byron Peters will be putting up a campaign website...

Mike Sylvester

Kody Tinnel said...

Thank you both for the info.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

We will have them linked on our website, as well.

fairplaybeach said...

What are the 9 or 10 bars that have closed?

Jeff Pruitt said...

Fenders closed yesterday

fairplaybeach said...

ok.. so its:

Elco Tap
Northwood Inn

plus 4 or 5 more...

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